Lineage 2M is the latest entry into the popular series of MMORPGs, taking the players back to Aden, Gludio, and all the other places of the popular game, but with a revamped story, graphics engine, and many different gameplay mechanics. The result is a worthy entry and sequel to the Lineage we all know and love; one that will keep us glued to our screens for months to come as we work to unlock the different class cards, level up and transition to stronger classes, and blaze our way through the main storyline and unlock everything the game has to offer.

With that being said, Lineage 2M is one of the most ambitious titles in the franchise, barring the original Lineage 2, of course. As such, it might be a little intimidating for new players to start, what with all the different races and classes, as well as the many mechanics that they will have to learn in order to progress. Luckily, we’ve covered most of the basics in our beginner’s guide for Lineage 2M, and this time around, we’re going to share a few useful tips and tricks for progressing and leveling up quickly.

Let’s begin.

Play the PC Version if Possible

Mobile games offer the convenience of being able to play them on the go, simply by booting up the game on your phone. However, this comes with several drawbacks, including rapidly draining your phone’s battery, overheating your components and accelerating their wear and tear, and getting subpar performance unless you have a good expensive phone. And even if you have the best phone currently available to the public, you would still be playing on a small screen and with awkward touchscreen controls.

The Best Lineage 2M Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Fast Leveling and Quickly Progressing

Luckily, NCSoft lets all its users enjoy Lineage 2M on PC through Purple, a gaming platform that lets you download and run many games. Through this app, you can play this MMORPG on your computer, on a much larger screen, and with the absolute best performance and graphics—we’re talking about a stable 60 FPS and with a visual quality that leaves nothing to be desired. And the best of all is that you can also play the game using your mouse and keyboard, just like with any other MMORPG for PC.

The Best Lineage 2M Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Fast Leveling and Quickly Progressing

We strongly recommend playing Lineage 2M on PC since setter performance makes progressing through the game much easier.

Make Ample Use of the Auto-Quest Feature

And speaking of progressing through the game, Lineage 2M offers an auto-questing feature that, with a single click, can make your character navigate automatically towards the corresponding quest objective, and even attempt to complete it if possible.

The Best Lineage 2M Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Fast Leveling and Quickly Progressing

The versatility of this automation feature makes it one of the most important aspects for progressing through the game. Particularly if you’re playing on PC, you can simply activate auto-questing, minimize the game to the background, and let your character work through the quests on their own. And you would only need to check the game every now and then to ensure everything’s going fine.

If You Have to Go AFK, Leave Your Character Auto-Fighting

However, when it comes to automating your progress, there will come a time when you will run into a difficulty wall—when the content might be a bit too tough for you to complete at your current level. And while powering up your character is often as simple as completing a few daily quests and purchasing a couple of upgrades, you could also opt for grinding to slowly increase your level.

The Best Lineage 2M Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Fast Leveling and Quickly Progressing

Just like with auto-questing, Lineage 2; has an auto-hunt feature that will set your character to engage and defeat nearby enemies until it’s turned off. This is effectively a way to grind for experience, which will come in handy whenever you’re on your PC but don’t have the time to play. In this sense, you could boot the game, place your character in an appropriate hunting area for their level, and leave them grinding while minimizing the game to the background. And once you come back after a few hours, you will find that they have increased several levels, or at least made significant progress in their current level.

How to Obtain Arrows as an Archer

One of the most frequently asked questions about Lineage 2M is actually very basic: “How do I get more arrows as an archer?” This is because players who play as Archers actually need ammunition in order to fight, and once they run out, they won’t be able to keep shooting with their bows, effectively rendering them completely defenseless in the field.

The Best Lineage 2M Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Fast Leveling and Quickly Progressing

Luckily, the answer is as simple as the question: You can purchase arrows of all grades in any town, by speaking with the “General Merchant” NPCs. Make sure not to buy too many surplus arrows if you’re low level, though, as these items have weight and can hold you back if you exceed a certain weight threshold. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend leaving town with no fewer than 10 thousand arrows. This should last you for a few hours of grinding and questing.

Storing Excess Items

Lastly, and speaking of the weight limit, there will be a time when you will pick up lots of gear and items that could be useful, but that you might not be able to use just yet. In the case of the items that you don’t want to discard, but also don’t want to be clogging up your inventory and adding weight to your load, you can always go to the “Stash Keeper” NPC in any city or town. These NPCs let you deposit any item in their vaults for absolutely free, letting you shed some weight from your inventory.

The Best Lineage 2M Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Fast Leveling and Quickly Progressing

Keep in mind, however, that while depositing items is always free, you need to pay a small fee of 1,000 Adena for every item you want to withdraw.