The new MARVEL Future Revolution, quite literally, opens up a world of possibilities by giving us a brand new way of enjoying superhero games. Despite the franchise’s track record of beat-em-ups and RPG titles, this brand new Marvel game actually features open-world elements, giving players free reign to explore and fight as much as they want, using a varied roster of eight popular characters, including Black Widow, Spider Man, Iron Man, and others. 

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

However, even though the extra liberty granted by the game’s open world design is definitely a welcome addition to break the monotony, it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming, particularly for the newer players. This is why we’ve created a handy beginner’s guide so everyone can get started on the right track. However, if you’re still looking for more guidance on how to progress in MARVEL Future Revolution, including how to obtain and use crystals, the game’s premium currency, then check out our awesome tips and tricks down below.

How to Obtain and Use Crystals in MARVEL Future Revolution

Let’s start off with the obvious: Future Revolution is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. One of these purchases includes Crystals, the game’s premium currency, which can then be traded for other goods and benefits within the game. This model is often known as “Freemium” since the players who spend money can often gain certain advantages over the rest. MARVEL Future Revolution, unfortunately, is not an exception as players can easily get a leg up by purchasing Crystals with real money and then trade them for things like costumes, which give stat bonuses when equipped.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

Keep in mind, however, that this doesn’t mean that free players can’t progress normally—it’s still completely doable, but it might be a bit more difficult and take a bit longer than, for instance, if you purchase some gear with money. 

Nevertheless, if you’re serious about getting into the game and want to invest a bit to get an edge, the best way to obtain Crystals in MARVEL Future Revolution is by purchasing the bundles on the store. Specifically, the best bang for your buck is with the Alpha and Omega Future Membership packages. The former gives you a total of 1,645 Crystals and 28 Alpha Supply Boxes that can each contain 1-3 star costumes for $4.54, while the latter gives you a total of 5,850 Crystals and 28 Omega Supply Boxes that can each contain 3-5 star costumes for $30.83. Both packages, however, have a drawback that if you miss your daily Crystals and boxes, they’re gone forever. In this sense, you must remember to log in at least once a day if you buy them.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

The Omega bundle is definitely worth pointing out since it gives well over a hundred dollars of prizes for a third of the price. However, the Alpha counterpart is the best in cost-benefit since it gives well over $30 of prizes for a tenth of the price.

Expand Your Inventory ASAP

Now that you know how to obtain and use Crystals, you should know that one of the best ways to spend them is by expanding your inventory size. This is because, whenever you’re not going on missions or actively playing, you should always be AFK grinding in a level-appropriate area to farm for materials and level up. However, you’ll quickly find that, despite it being quite easy to farm with auto-combat, there will always be one main problem: Your inventory size.

At the beginning, your inventory can hold up to 100 slots of items that can get filled relatively quickly whenever you’re grinding, after which you’ll stop getting new stuff. This effectively prevents you from obtaining important upgrade materials while grinding as the main objective is not just to get good battle badges from drops, but to recycle duplicates and unwanted items to turn them into other valuable materials.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

To ensure that you’re always getting the most from your farming trips, without having to check up on your progress every few minutes, try to upgrade your inventory up to at least 125 slots, which will cost 100 Crystals in total. This is one of the best investments you can make early on.

Choose the Right Starter Hero for Your Play Style

There are a total of eight playable heroes in MARVEL Future Revolution, all of which feature a different play style, skills, and stats, which in turn make them ideal for different purposes and play styles. Not all heroes excel at farming; not all heroes are good at PvP, and not all heroes are great at melting bosses with a few powerful attacks. Because of this, it’s a good idea to know what each hero can do before choosing your starter character.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

The tutorial in this game lets you play with a handful of characters at advanced levels, though it doesn’t cover them all. And while you can get a feel of what these test heroes can do, the mission is quite easy and impossible to fail, so it’s not a good indicator of their full potential. If you want to get a better idea of the best characters in MARVEL Future Revolution, we recommend checking out our guide we wrote on the topic. 

Regardless, check out this brief overview to give you a quick rundown of the roles that each character can fulfill:

  • Spider Man and Iron Man: PvP and, in the case of Iron Man, high-level PvE.
  • Black Widow: Single-target PvE, and PvP
  • Captain Marvel: Single-target PvE.
  • Captain America: All-rounder that, in the right hands, excels at everything.
  • Star-Lord: All-rounder that doesn’t quite excel at anything.
  • Storm and Doctor Strange: They are the best farmers that can level up the fastest in PvE.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

Check Your Records Logs Often for Unclaimed Goodies

MARVEL Future Revolution has a LOT of content to explore—so much that it’ll probably be a few weeks of gameplay before you run out of new things to discover. Most of these enemies, locations, and other points of interest are recorded in your Logs, and are conveniently divided by region. These items include records of enemies, challenges, collectibles, and tasks, all of which are progressively filled as you play the game.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

These records are important since, after fulfilling certain tasks in every area, you can claim free rewards in their corresponding menus, which you can then use to enhance your power. In other words, by grinding and playing the game, you not only level up by eliminating enemies, but you’ll also progressively fill out your records, which in turn grant even more rewards.

Focus on Upgrading Your Squad Rank

Despite being able to add up to four different heroes to your squad for free, you still need to progress individually with each one in their own personal stories as if you’re starting a new game with each. In other words, adding a hero to your squad is essentially like creating a new character in any other MMORPG.

Starting off with new heroes means that you need to upgrade each and every one of them individually in order to get them up to speed. However, there is one upgrade that’s possibly more important than the rest: Squad Rank.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

Your Squad Rank is important since it grants permanent bonuses not only to the character you’re controlling, but also to all other members of your squad. In this sense, if you have a high Squad Rank and start over with a new character, you’ll begin your journey anew but with better stats, which will make it much easier to progress.

Use Semi-Auto Mode for Best Results in Combat

Despite featuring real-time action combat, most of your time in MARVEL Future Revolution will be spent farming in auto-mode. The same applies to progressing through story missions as most of the lesser enemies can be easily dispatched using auto-combat, which makes this setting the most effective at tackling every type of content, except PvP, for obvious reasons. However, when it comes to fighting against challenging enemies, including tough mini-bosses, or even proper boss foes, you definitely don’t want to rely on auto-combat. 

Despite doing a good job at engaging and attacking enemies, the AI that controls your character during auto-combat is very bad at evading enemy attacks. And at higher levels, all it takes is a few mistimed dodges to leave you face down on the dirt. Luckily, when it comes to fighting bosses and other difficult enemies, you can use semi-auto mode to stay safe and dodge enemy attacks while also keeping up the pressure.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

The way semi-auto works is that, by activating auto-combat, your character will fight and use abilities automatically. However, this setting doesn’t actually block you from inputting commands manually, which effectively lets you freely evade and move whenever a dangerous attack is incoming, and then letting go of the controls after evading to return to auto-combat.

Proper use of auto-combat can make short work even out of the toughest enemies in the game.

Use Your Med-Kits Wisely When Auto-Farming

One important factor of AFK grinding in MARVEL Future Revolution is your access to Med-Kits. Even if you’re overleveled, enemies will slowly but surely chip away at your HP. And if you don’t have Med-Kits to get back up to full health, there’s a good chance that you’ll come back to find your character defeated and your farming session cut short.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

To optimize your farming, we recommend not only finding a place where your character can grind easily with auto-combat, but also to adjust the rate at which they use Med-Kits. You can adjust this parameter in the “Settings”, specifically in the “Game” tab. We recommended adjusting the “Automatic Recovery Item Use” to 25% when you’re auto-farming to extend your supply of pots and ensure that you don’t run out.

Another good tip for auto-farming, at least to ensure the longevity of your phone, is to play MARVEL Future Revolution on PC with BlueStacks. In this sense, you can easily leave your characters farming automatically without the risk of overheating your phone, draining its battery, or accelerating its wear and tear. 

Always Take Enough Med-Kits on Your Travels

As we mentioned just now, there’s nothing that can cut a farming session short faster than not having enough healing items. In this sense, this tip is a quick reminder to take as many Med-Kits as necessary to ensure that you can stay farming and grinding for a long time.

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend taking at least 100 Med-Kits of the appropriate level, though you might want to take at least 200 units if you’re planning on farming for a long time, which is definitely viable if you’re playing on BlueStacks.

Save Your Best Pieces of Gear for your Additional Characters

While the benefits of your Squad Rank can be enjoyed by all the members of your squad, this is not the only thing you can share between different characters on the same account.

The extra gear you pick up along your travels, that isn’t quite as good as the one you’re wearing at the moment, doesn’t necessarily have to be dismantled. If you find a decent piece of gear that you think would be great for another character, stick it in your Storage area so that your additional characters can pick it up and equip it. 

MARVEL Future Revolution - Guide With the Best Tips and Tricks

You can access your Storage from the Squad section of the main menu, by clicking on its corresponding button. In this new screen, you’ll find your current inventory items on the left, and your stored items on the right. To transfer objects, simply click on all the items you wish to move, and then click on the red button on the bottom of the screen; if you’re storing, it’ll say “Store”, and if you’re withdrawing from your Storage, it’ll say “Retrieve”.

And with that, we close our guide with tips and tricks for MARVEL Future Revolution. Did any of our pointers help you out? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!