The new MARVEL Future Revolution has been launched and we couldn’t be more excited to take control of our favorite superheroes and embark on adventures throughout a new and interesting world. In contrast to other games in the superhero genre, though, Future Revolution is an open world MMORPG in which players of countless dimensions each command a squadron of Earth’s greatest superheroes in order to bring peace to Primary Earth and prevent the villains from taking control.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

Netmarble has done quite an interesting job in designing this game, particularly in the way they justify having multiple iterations of the same character at the same time. After all, there are only eight playable characters at launch, and with the millions of players accessing the game, it’s inevitable that you’re going to see countless Doctor Strange, Spider Man, Iron Man, and other duplicate heroes gathered in the same hub. And the explanation behind this phenomenon is that, since all the different versions of Earth in the multiverse are at peril, the respective heroes from each dimension must rise up and contribute to the cause by lending their aid to the Omega Flight group. 

As a player, you’ll need to choose which heroes to add to your squad, which will serve as your fighting force for the entire game. Your choice is important because, once you add a hero to your squad, they can’t be removed by any means. You have to be very sure that you want to add a hero before committing to it. Furthermore, while there are eight heroes to choose from at launch, you only get four slots in your squad, unless you purchase additional slots using real money, that is.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

With that being said, in this guide, we’re going to give a brief overview of all the heroes in MARVEL Future Revolution and give our thoughts on each. If you’re looking for guidance on which characters to pick, then read on.

Spider Man – Agile Attacker That can Deal Devastating Blows

Starting off with what could be one of the ideal characters for the game’s PvP mode, Spider Man combines swift moves with powerful attacks, allowing for a play style that revolves around dodging and counter attacking. And since NPC enemies don’t really require too much speed in order to dodge, this makes Spidey ideal for fighting against other players in the PvP modes.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

If you choose Spider Man as your lead hero, expect a fairly average leveling experience, but slower clear times as you progress. However, it will be well worth the effort of leveling him if you plan on doing some PvP in the future. We don’t recommend him as a first pick, though. Instead, choose another hero better suited for PvE and only start leveling Spider Man once you have a few Squad Ranks under your belt, which will make his leveling experience much better.

Iron Man – Late Game Attacker 

Similar to Spider Man, Iron Man specializes in PvP thanks to his shields and high mobility, coupled with powerful attacks. However, in contrast with Spider Man, this hero can also excel at end-game PvE, though he requires a lot of upgrades to do so. 

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

It’s worth mentioning here that, in terms of difficulty, Iron Man is much easier to play as than Spidey since he doesn’t rely too much on dodging, as well as due to the fact that he’s a ranged attacker, unlike his arachnid colleague.

Storm – Slow Yet Fantastic AoE Capabilities

When it comes to PvE encounters, what you want the most is fast clear times. And to achieve these fast kill times, you need to be able to target and destroy multiple targets at the same time. This is precisely what Storm excels at, as she features some of the most devastating AoE skills, combined with decent CC capabilities. This skill set lets her not only obliterate hordes of enemies with ease, but also to keep the survivors crippled and defenseless.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

Some of Storm’s attacks can be a bit slow, however, so you need to get used to her cast times. Nevertheless, once you learn when to attack and when to dodge, you’re set for dominating the PvE scene with her.

Doctor Strange – Powerful Crowd Control and AoE Damage

Stephen Strange is similar in play style as Storm, featuring mainly AoE skills as well as some CC. However, we felt that Doctor Strange was a bit faster, but not as damaging, which leads to a safer play style as his attacks don’t require quite as much time to go out than Storm’s.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

Regardless of who you choose, both Doctor Strange and Storm are definitely the best characters for PvE, hands down. They both offer the fastest leveling experience, which makes them good first picks for those who are just getting started in MARVEL Future Revolution.

Black Widow – An Excellent Attacker With a High Skill Ceiling

Natasha Romanoff is an interesting character, combining a play style similar to Spidey’s, but with slightly stronger single-target attacks. This makes her quite fast and strong, but also lacking in the same departments as Spider Man, which makes her ideal for PvP. However, her strong attacks could also be useful for the tougher boss encounters where the enemy has tons of HP.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

Overall, Black Widow isn’t very useful except in niche PvE situations. Nevertheless, she’s as good a choice as both Iron Man and Spider Man for PvP.

Star-Lord – All-Rounder That Doesn’t Quite Excel at Anything

Despite looking pretty rad, Peter Quill is an example of what NOT to do when it comes to designing a character. His skills are quite weak, his stats are average, he moves somewhat slow, and he’s not very useful at all. The only good thing he might have is his appearance, which he pulls off just as nicely as always.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

While Star-Lord isn’t terrible by himself, he doesn’t stand out very much when compared to the rest. Regardless, it’s quite possible to clear content with him despite his shortcomings, so don’t let this stop you from picking him if you’re a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain America – All Rounder That’s Competent at Everything

In stark contrast to Star-Lord, Captain America is a hero that excels at absolutely everything. It doesn’t matter what you throw at him; he’ll probably be good at it. This is because his skills are not only very hard hitting, but they also include defensive alternatives and abilities that boost his survivability while also letting him dish out significant damage.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

However, don’t let his overpowered kit fool you—Captain America is quite difficult to use correctly. In order to dominate with him, you’ll probably need some practice, as well as some upgrading. In this sense, we’d think twice before choosing him for our first pick.

Captain Marvel – Unparalleled Single-Target DPS

Carol Danvers is another interesting pick as she doesn’t quite excel particularly at either PvP or PvE, except in certain situations. Specifically, she offers near-unmatched levels of single-target damage, which makes her excellent for melting away bosses and other difficult enemies. In this sense, if you can get past her slower kill speeds when dealing with lesser enemies, you’ll probably have a lot of fun with Captain Marvel whenever you’re fighting against bosses.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

The Best Heroes for Every Role

To summarize everything we explained in this guide, here’s a tier list of all the characters in MARVEL Future Revolution, for both PvE and PvP:

For PvE

  • S Tier: Storm, Doctor Strange.
  • A Tier: Captain America, Captain Marvel.
  • B Tier: Black Widow, Spider Man, Iron Man.
  • C Tier: Star-Lord.

For PvP

  • S Tier: Spider Man, Iron Man.
  • A Tier: Captain America, Black Widow, Captain Marvel.
  • B Tier: Storm, Doctor Strange.
  • C Tier: Star-Lord.

Regardless of what we mentioned in this guide, all the heroes in MARVEL Future Revolution are quite serviceable in every game mode. There aren’t really any challenges that you can’t complete with any specific character. The only things that vary depending on your choice is the play style and the speed at which they can clear trash and defeat bosses. Nevertheless, if your satisfaction comes from clearing content as fast and efficiently as possible, or to completely dominate other players in the arena, then by all means choose any of the S Tier characters for the corresponding game mode.

MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Play Style

Just remember that if you play MARVEL Future Revolution on PC with BlueStacks, you won’t have to settle with just four characters; you can use our Instance Manager to play with two accounts at the same time, and have access to all eight playable characters. Check out our setup guide in our blog to learn how to get started.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts about the best characters in MARVEL Future Revolution in the comments below!