Weapons are a major part of PUBG Mobile and there are a lot of guns to work with. These guns can make you come out on top in most situations, but there are situations where the guns are not enough. There can be multiple situations where this might be the case.

The game has multiple maps based on multiple terrains and the game sense for every map needs to be different. There are 4 constant maps in PUBG Mobile and all of them are of them require a different game plan and strategies to have a good result in the match and progress upwards. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

Apart from the guns in the game, there are melee weapons and sidearms that can come in handy from time to time. These sidearms and melee weapons can be reliable in certain situations, but when the situation is tight and compromising, these are not reliable equipment. However, there is a certain category of things that can be very effective and helpful in getting out of compromising situations. That category of things is Throwables. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

While playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we realized that throwables in PUBG Mobile have multiple uses and great potential to get you out of situations that are very hard to get out of. There are different kinds of throwables that are crucial and effective in different situations.

Types of Throwables

There are 5 types of throwables in PUBG mobile. All of these have different uses and properties that, if used properly, can bring good results.

1. Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade is one of the most used throwables in PUBG Mobile. It is one of the most reliable non-ammunition equipment in the game and has multiple uses and advantages. It is the only throwable that has the capability of doing instant damage. Furthermore, it is also the only throwable that has blast effects.

How to Use Frag Grenade

  • While Rushing

Rushing on your enemy exposes you to the enemy and if you are aware of the enemies’ position or just want to check if the coast is clear, throwing in a frag grenade is a good idea. If the enemy is there, then throwing a grenade will force them to move. It is also a very good way to spot campers. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

Throwing a grenade is always very helpful to avoid getting into crossfire when rushing into rooms and buildings. Cars and vehicles can not enter rooms and vehicles, therefore, it is best to throw a grenade, unsettle the enemy a little and then rush to take them by surprise. This is a good way to break camping. 

  • While Camping 

If you are camping and have been spotted, then there is a solid chance that an enemy rush is coming your way. If you are inside a building, and you hear the enemy rush, it is best to throw an uncooked grenade in the staircase or the hallway. An Uncooked grenade takes time to explode and by the time the enemy reaches your house, it is very likely that they will take damage from the grenade. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

You can then come out of cover and fire at them. If you are lucky, then your enemy might even die or get knocked out because of the explosion, giving you an upper hand.

  • Cooking the Grenade

When you throw a frag grenade at your enemy, it alerts them, and they can move away from it. In order to take them by surprise, you need to cook the grenade. Cooking the grenade means holding it in your hand unti the last seconds and throwing it at your enemy at a time when it instantly explodes on reaching them. The ideal time to throw a grenade is 3-4 seconds depending on the distance of the enemy.

2. Smoke Grenade

As the name suggests, a smoke grenade is a throwable that creates a cloud of smoke allowing you to hide behind it or escape through it if you are in a tight situation. There are multiple different uses of the smoke grenade. 

How to Use Smoke Grenade

  • While Looting Drops

Airdrops are sought after by every player in the game as it brings with it good weapons and gears. However, the drop is used as bait a lot of times too. So whenever rushing towards the drop, throwing a smoke grenade will make the enemy unable to spot you if the drop is being baited. You can hide behind the smoke, loot the drop and then leave.

  • In Combat Situations

If you are in a combat situation and one of your teammates gets knocked, throwing a smoke grenade at them would be very helpful. This will create a cover even if they are in the open, and you can revive them. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

The wall of smoke will help them move to a cover without being traced or shot at, increasing the chances of being revived than killed.

  • In the Last Zone

There can be times when the last zone is in the open and there is nothing to use as cover. Using a smoke grenade can be a good idea in that situation. Smoke grenades can make help you create a temporary cover and move around the map with ease. It can also blind your enemies allowing you attack first if you know their position.

3. Stun Grenade

A stun grenade is used very little by players because they don’t realize its uses. The stun grenade can be a very useful tool. It can be used in multiple ways and can help you make a difference in the gameplay. The stun grenade, when thrown at an enemy, can blind them for some time creating an opening for you to attack.

How to Use Stun Grenade

  • While Doing Third Party

Third partying means jumping in an already ongoing fight as the third team in that situation. To make sure that you pick maximum kills in the situation, you can throw the stun grenade at enemies and blind them. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

Capitalizing on the opening, you open fire at them and take all of them down. Make sure that you are at a safe distance from the stun grenade because being too close can blind you as well and then it will be of no use.

  • Attacking Vehicles

Taking enemies down from running vehicles is a very satisfactory feeling. If a vehicle is approaching you, and you are not very confident with your aim, you can throw a stun grenade at the vehicle. This will be blind the enemy and might even result in the vehicle getting out of control. You can then attack the enemy.

  • Tackling Bridge Camp

Bridge camp is one of the deadliest and most effective camping techniques in PUBG Mobile. To break this camping, you can throw a stun grenade at every place where you suspect the enemy to be. Blinding them will allow your squad to spread out and surround them in order to take them down.

4. Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail is the only throwable in PUBG Mobile that does not need to cooked before throwing. The Molotov cocktail is a petrol filled bottle on fire that explodes and spreads flames when thrown. This is a little slow in taking down enemies but does damage constantly as it sets the enemy on fire for a good 5 seconds.

How to Use Molotov Cocktail

  • While Experiencing a Rush

If the enemy is rushing at you, Molotov Cocktail can save you in that situation. If you are aware of the direction of the rush, just throw a Molotov cocktail in that direction and wait for the enemy. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

This can go in two ways; one the enemy walks right into it and burns and the second that the enemy waits for the flames to go out. Both these instances will give you openings to either attack or relocate.

  • While Rushing Towards High Ground

You can knock enemies down on a mountain, hill or a tower, but sometimes it is very difficult and time consuming for you to reach that place and that can give the enemy enough room to get revived. After you have knocked them down, throw a Molotov cocktail at them. The flames will spread and even if they are trying to escape, the flame might get to them and finish them.

Best Throwables Combinations In PUBG Mobile

There are multiple combinations of throwables that you can use in certain situations.

  • Smoke Grenade and Molotov Cocktail

This combination is ideal when a player in your team is knocked down, and you know that a rush is coming. Throw a smoke grenade in the distance to cover your teammate, then throw a Molotov Cocktail in the smoke. The smoke will hide the flames and the enemy might run into the flames. You can attack them as the flames will be taking the health already.

  • Smoke Grenade and Frag Grenade

Two of the most used throwables in the game. These can be used together while you are rushing in multi-storey houses. If you are sure that the enemy is on the floor above, then you can throw a smoke grenade to cut their vision and then throw grenades in all the rooms on that floor. This can work very well with squad houses. Throwing grenades in the smoke will prevent the enemies from spotting it and make them unable to dodge it. 

Throw and Watch’em Burn: The BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in PUBG Mobile

Throwables in PUBG mobile can be game changers and all of these things, if kept in mind, can change the course of the game for you in a positive way. The guns and weapons in PUBG Mobile are very useful but the potential of throwables should not be underestimated.