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AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

The equipment in Alliance VS Empire is pretty important for your characters. Well, equipment is important in all action MMO games, but Alliance VS Empire prefers to use different mechanics on acquiring them and if you want to min/max your character, you should definitely try to get a full item set. These require you to know how the equipment system works and that’s what we will talk about in this guide: Below, you can find everything you need to know about the equipment in the game.

AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

The Basics: How Equipment Works

All characters have 8 equipment (gear) slots and they are unlocked at the beginning – you don’t need to reach a certain level to gain slots. Each piece of gear gives you a different bonus: They increase the basic stats of your characters.  For example, a sword can give you bonus attack points or a chest piece can improve both your defense and XP rate. The possibilities are limitless: As a general rule, the rarer the equipment is, the higher the bonuses you will get.

AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

You can see the equipment slots in this screenshot.

AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

An example of a stat increase that shows how gear can affect your character.

As a general rule, all of your equipment slots must be full at all times. At the beginning of the game, you will be missing some slots and this is normal. However, once you reach level 20, you will obtain enough loot to fill every slot. After that, you will focus on improving your gear and hunting item sets.

Where To Get Equipment

All gear in the game is divided into 6 grades: normal, fine, rare, epic, unique, and mythic. As a general rule, you will obtain equipment as a reward of completing quests and other activities in the game. However, the gear you will obtain via quests won’t be that rare or powerful – they will allow you to participate in end-game activities, but you cannot reach the full potential of your class with them. To get the best equipment in the game, you need to “summon” them. Alliance Vs Empire uses gacha mechanics to get new gear and you must participate in this system if you really want to get better loot.

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AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

Loot crates that award equipment. Take a look at our Tips and Tricks guide to see the drop rates. You can open free loot crates too.

Upgrading Your Equipment

Just like everything in Alliance VS Empire, gear can be upgraded too. This system also uses gacha mechanics: You can change the rarity of equipment and increase their levels. These are separate systems and let’s explain the process with screenshots.

AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

To raise the level of equipment, you can use other gear of the same category. So, for example, to increase the level of a sword, you need to “sacrifice” other swords.

AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

By combining two gear of the same type, you can increase the rarity level. So, for example, it is possible to turn a normal item into fine. You can also use “upgrade stones” for this process but if you don’t have any, combining will still give results.

After you clear Chapter 2-16, you will be able to enhance your equipment too – this will further empower your gear. For now, know that even right after starting the game, you can increase the level and rarity of your equipment with these methods, which will be quite useful during leveling.

Getting Item Sets

Alliance Vs Empire has lots of item sets, which means a set of gear that can fill more than one slot. If you manage to obtain all gear in a specific item set, your character gets additional bonuses. Some item sets in the game can give you enough power to turn you into a “living god”, so you will spend most of your time during the end game chasing after these sets. You can get pieces of a set from end game activities (such as raids) or from loot boxes.

AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

You can see all of the item sets in the game from this screen.

AxE: Alliance Vs Empire Equipment Guide

Once you collect enough pieces, you must “activate” the additional bonuses from here. We managed to collect two pieces of a rare set, wish us luck for more!

Chasing after better equipment and item sets will be another activity you can do in the game – may be the most important one. Don’t forget that by using the multi-instance feature of BlueStacks, you can play with different accounts and increase your chances! After reading our other guides about Alliance Vs Empire and learn more about the game, join us on BlueStacks and let’s play together!

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