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Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

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We liked Second Galaxy game and keep playing it for a while – no other game offers you the chance to become a soldier, trader, scientist, pirate, and explorer at the same time. This is a big universe and you can really play the game any way you like. Thing is, a game offering so many things also has lots of things to learn. And if you don’t know how to ease your adventure, it can be unnecessarily long. Well, worry no more: We are here to help you. Below, you can find the most useful tips and tricks for Second Galaxy game and rule the universe much easier.

Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

Join To A Corporation As Soon As Possible

Corporations are “guilds” of Second Galaxy and they are very important in a sandbox game. Basically, they create the real content: Corporations can create alliances, go to war, or conquer an entire sector, attacking every other ship in sight. Corp vs Corp wars can be quite fun and challenging: The infrastructure of the game allows 1.000 players to play at the same time, so these are really big events. In short, do not play this game as a lone wolf: Just like the real world, you need friends in Second Galaxy game, but more importantly, you need the extra firepower. Joining a corporation will also let you access to a special store which contains lots of rare materials. In addition, you can claim weekly rewards in exchange for Intel points, which will give you lots of combat boosts. When you have the chance, join to a Corporation immediately and make sure it is part of a big Alliance.

Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

Your weekly Corporation rewards can be claimed here.

Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

And this is the special store you can use.

Remember That There Is A Daily XP Limit

Second Galaxy game is not an action-MMO: Grinding is not the answer. There is a daily XP limit and once you reach it, questing becomes useless – you won’t get additional XP points even if you complete the tasks. So, before accepting that new quest, make sure you did not hit the daily limit. Otherwise, it will be a futile effort. You can see your XP limit and daily quests from this screen and find out how close you are reaching it:

Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

We cannot win more than 30.000 XP today. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Purchase Your First Ships From The Mall

As you may remember from our Ships of Second Galaxy guide, we recommend keeping four different ships in your hangar at all times. Basically, you must have a destroyer, a cruiser, a battleship, and a battlecruiser. Unlike gacha games, there is no need to wait to create the “perfect” fleet: You can purchase all of these ships from the store right at the beginning and with in-game currency. To give you an idea, we had enough money to purchase them all after playing the game 2 days. Sure, their ranks will be low and they are not the best ships you can use, but having access to all the ships at the beginning is a big plus. If a mission is particularly challenging, you can always switch to a different ship type and try your luck again. Instead of chasing after that rare and super-awesome ship, purchase the basic ones from the mall and focus on upgrading them: This will be much more efficient.

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Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

Dozens of ships can be purchased directly from the store and with in-game currency. There is no need for a “summon”.

Daily Missions Are The Best Way To Get Shiny Things

The main story missions are fine but you are not forced to follow them. If you like, you can complete different daily tasks to get more XP and items; including new implants, blueprints, production materials, and all other kinds of shiny things. Basically, completing daily tasks is very important if you want to empower both your pilot and ship. As we mentioned above, there is a daily XP limit but you should still complete them within this limit. Each daily task can reward very rare items, which are usually sold for real money. So, make sure to complete them every day and collect rewards: Doing so will also give you galactic points, which can be used to unlock various other rewards.

Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

Completing this mission will give us an R5 quality implant – it does not get any better than this. Just make sure you don’t exceed the daily XP limit.

Complete Your Challenges To Get A Free Loot Box

Challenges are like achievements and most of them are very easy – they can be completed even during the normal gameplay. For example, logging in for 3 days is an achievement, which you will complete without even knowing. But knowing what these challenges are and focusing on them will make things easier, and let you claim a free loot box faster. From your “badge” screen, check what your challenges are (they reset every 3 days) and complete them. For every 4 challenges completed, you will get a loot box for free.

Second Galaxy Tips And Tricks To Rule The Universe

Three more to go – then, we will open this beauty.

We share more tips in our other Second Galaxy game articles, so make sure to take a look at them too. This is a big game that offers lots of things to learn and explore, but after reading this guide, you know where to start. The rest is up to us: Let’s explore and conquer this galaxy together on BlueStacks!

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