Soul Crush: Kong Fu World has a multitude of content so it is quite easy to miss out on things that may actually greatly benefit your character. This fact becomes truer once your character reaches a very high level because by then, you will have gained access to many new features – to the point where it all becomes overwhelming. In this tips and tricks guide, we’ll detail some of the features that you should look into in order to either gain more resources or make your character more powerful. 

BOSS Treasure Hunt Rewards

The rewards from defeating boss fights are not only limited to basic resources like EXP and new gear. In fact, you can acquire much better rewards from the BOSS Treasure Hunt. 

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

In the BOSS Treasure Hunt, you can obtain (done in random order) up to five upgrade resources like elixirs whenever you expend an item called a Treasure Hunt Key. After unlocking all five resources, the next use of the key will grant you a new mount, which is essentially your character’s “horse”. What is cool about the mounts that you can obtain from these hunts is that they are quite powerful beings, who have high ATK, Armor Pen, and DEF stats.

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

Treasure Hunt Keys are attained by completing a variety of challenges from the menu. There is a set of challenges for Infinite Bosses, World Bosses, and the like. The challenges themselves are quite easy because it just requires you to kill a boss for a certain amount of times. If your character is formidable enough to take down about more than 10 Infinite Bosses in a single session, then expect garnering a wealthy supply of Treasure Hunt Keys.

Activity Rewards

Activity Rewards are another way to gain more resources for doing many of the multiple tasks available in the game. 

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

Clicking on Event on the main screen will bring up the menu of the Activity Rewards. Once there, a list of all of the in-game activities that you can do to acquire Activity Points is displayed. Completing one of the activities in the list will fill up a progress bar found at the bottom of the screen. 

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

Every time that you reach a certain amount of Activity Points, you receive an Activity Chest. The contents of the Activity chest vary depending on how far it is on the Activity’s progress bar. In other words, the chests that need more points are the ones with the best and most rewards. Rewards include: a million Copper, elixir for upgrades, and Personal BOSS Passes (an item used to enter a Personal BOSS fight).

Elf and Mount Training

Throughout the entire journey, your character will be accompanied by two creatures called the Elf and Mount. The Elf is a tiny creature that helps in defeating enemies; on the other hand, the Mount – as mentioned previously — is your character’s “horse”, which they ride to battle whenever the on-ground destination is too long. Both creatures have their own stats like ATK, DEF, HP, and Armor Break so it is important to treat them with the same care as your character.

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

Like your character, the Elf can also be trained to have their base stats increased. Moreover, the Elf unlocks new combat skills once they reach a certain level. Unlike your character, training the Elf utilizes any of three resources.

  • Basic Elf Upgrade Elixir – gives 100 EXP to the Elf. It can be bought with B.D Ingots or with the other special currencies in the game like Renown and Ingots. Additionally, they can be obtained for free by either completing a dungeon known as the Lost Herbal Garden or by completing the Silver Cave dungeon.
  • Medium Elf Upgrade Elixir – gives 600 EXP to the Elf. It can only be obtained from the Golden Cavern dungeon (a more premium version of the Silver Cave variant).
  • Advanced Elf Upgrade Pill – gives 3000 EXP to the Elf.

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

Training the Mount is very similar to training the Elf with the only major difference being the resource used to do so. The three resources that you can use to upgrade the Mount are:

  • Demon Forbear Mount Elixir – gives 50 EXP to the Mount. It can be acquired from the 1v1 PK Arena, Mob Treasures, and Quiz Events.
  • Demon Prime Mount Elixir – gives 300 EXP to the Mount. It can be acquired from the same sources as the Demon Forbear Mount Elixir.
  • Demon Sage Mount Elixir – gives 1500 EXP to the Mount. It can also be acquired from the same sources as the aforementioned. 

Consciousness Phase

By clicking on Consciousness Phase, you gain the ability to increase not only your character’s CP but also their HP and ATK stats through a process known as Cultivation (not to be confused with A.F.K Cultivation).

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

A resource called Normal Elixir is used to progress through the cultivation base. This can easily be acquired defeating Infinite, Personal, or World Bosses.

Cultivation has a total of 12 phases that it can upgrade to. Note that the first four phases each have five sub-phases while the remaining eight have ten sub-phases. The 12 phases of cultivation are:

  1. Normal Phase
  2. Rare Phase
  3. Super Phase
  4. Super Rare Phase
  5. SSR Phase
  6. SSR1 Phase
  7. SSR2 Phase
  8. Martial Ancestor Phase
  9. SSSR Phase
  10. Martial God Phase
  11. SSSR2 Phase
  12. SSSR3 Phase

Mysterious Spirit and Guard Spirit

Two of the most useful items that you can use in the game are Mysterious Spirit and Guard Spirit. These two items essentially give you passive boosts that will make defeating enemies and farming EXP much easier and more efficient. 

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

The Mysterious Spirit grants your character an additional 100 points in DEF and increases EXP yield when killing monsters by 30%. Additionally, it also boosts your EXP gain whenever you are farming in the Underworld Trial dungeon. Mysterious Spirit costs 468 Ingots and lasts for 25 days.

Tips and Tricks for Soul Crush: Kongfu World

The Spirit Guard boosts your character’s DEF stat by 50 points and also gives a 20% damage reduction. The damage reduction stat is particularly useful for when you are fighting in the Arena or when fighting strong bosses. Spirit Guard costs 358 Ingots and lasts for 14 days.