Talion: A Beginner’s Guide to Classes and Character Customization

Talion: A Beginner’s Guide to Classes and...

In Gamevil Inc.’s new MMORPG Talion, you can choose between four unique classes with specific playstyles. Unfortunately, the classes are still gender-bound, which is a bit of a disappointment for a game that offers so many other character customization options. Still, in terms of combat mechanics, the warrior, assassin, mage, and gunslinger are distinctive enough to be called different names, which is a big plus in this niche.

Each class comes with a distinguishing auto-attack, 8 basic abilities, of which 4 can be equipped at a time, and 4 special abilities. There’s little to no information about the latter on the character selection screen, though, which is why we’ve put together this guide to classes for beginners. The points mentioned here should help you decide on the hero that you will enjoy the most, but also teach you how to play it effectively.

Kyle – The Warrior

In Talion, each class is actually a character with a unique background story. Kyle, for example, is a mercenary warrior who lost his comrades in battle and who is now poised to avenge them. In terms of playstyle, this warrior is qualified as “easy” to play and focuses on a combination of high HP/DEF and massive damage.

Kyle’s gigantic sledgehammer is super fun to wield in combat, particularly due to its wide attack range. In addition, the warrior also boasts a few CC abilities that can be used successfully in PvP encounters.

Although your selection of basic abilities should also depend on whether you play predominantly PvE or PvP, we recommend the following four:

  • Penalty – AoE frontal damage with a guaranteed 50% reduction of enemy DEF stats.
  • Foresee – AoE frontal attack guaranteed to knock down enemies and restore 50% of damage as HP.
  • Overwhelm – Gap closing ability that quickly moves Kyle to a nearby enemy and deals additional damage if the latter is already knocked down.
  • Dark Dragon Fang – A large frontal cone AoE with massive damage.

Velletrin – The Assassin

Velletrin grew up in the slums and became an orphan at an early age. In order to survive, she was forced to hone her skills as an assassin and eventually became a formidable foe. The assassin is qualified as “normal” in terms of difficulty and represents an alternative melee hero with lesser defensive stats, but much higher ATK Speed and Crit.

Velletrin uses twin blades to deal most of her damage and, unlike Kyle, she is very fast to maneuver. Aside from massive Crit damage, one of the most significant advantages for the assassin class is her ability to apply Bleed effects to enemies.

For a balanced PvE/PvP build, we recommend the following four basic assassin abilities:

  • Punish – AoE frontal attack with 100% chance to stun enemies.
  • Shadow Slash – AoE frontal attack guaranteed to apply bleeding to enemies.
  • Dazzling Move – AoE frontal attack with massive damage on targets that are already stunned.
  • Flash Bomb – long-range AoE frontal attack with massive damage and 100% chance to apply an additional DoT to targets that are already bleeding.

Pell – The Mage

Pell is a battle-mage who has sworn relentless vengeance on all humans for their destruction of Holy Elementals. A queen of her people, the mage is the only consistently long-range hero in Talion, as well as the only character qualified as “hard” to play.

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Pell uses spells in order to deal massive AoE damage from a distance and apply numerous debuffs/DoTs to her enemies. She is the fastest character in PvP matches (particularly useful in Team Battle and Occupy RvR) and can turn the tides of a battle if played properly.

We recommend these four basic mage abilities for Pell:

  • Gust – AoE frontal attack with a 2 seconds channeling time and a 100% chance to force damaged enemies to move to the initial location of the mage. Excellent for kiting.
  • Ice Thorn – AoE frontal damage that knocks back and slows targets.
  • Earth Dragon – AoE frontal attack that pushes the mage forward and deals damage to all enemies in her path. Guaranteed to knock down damaged enemies.
  • Freezing – close-range AoE damage to all surrounding enemies. Slows attacks by 50% and silences targets.
  • For even more AoE damage, you can replace Freezing with Blaze, an AoE attack that also applies a Burn DoT.

Aizen – The Gunslinger

Aizen lost his lover, wealth, and most of his vitality in an evil scheme of the Black Moon. After wandering the desert for days, he stumbled upon the Dragon Blood that saved his life and turned him into a Talion. Having sworn to avenge his lover, the gunslinger now wields a set of guns and swords to cut down his enemies at long- and close-range. Aizen is qualified as a “normal” hero in terms of difficulty.

Unlike the other classes in Talion, Aizen is both a ranged and a melee hero. His auto-attacks alternate between gunshots and sword slashes depending on the distance between him and his enemies. His forte is precisely his ability to get in and out of range in order to confuse his enemies.

Aizen is extremely versatile in terms of ability setups, but we recommend the following four basic abilities for beginner gunslingers:

  • Sprint Shooting – A long-range AoE attack followed by a roll back or forward (depending on the distance between Aizen and his enemies) and a second attack. Can be used to leap back from sticky situations.
  • Trample – A close-range AoE attack that repositions Aizen to the back of his target. Can be used to avoid a big incoming hit.
  • Chase – A long-range attack and gap-closing ability that deals AoE damage, then moves the gunslinger closer to the target and does further damage.
  • Punish – A close-range ability that deals AoE damage and knocks down enemies. Aizen’s only CC.

Creating the Perfect Character

You’d think that choosing the right class is the toughest part of starting a character, but not with this MMORPG. Talion has taken character customization to a whole new level and, although a few presets are provided for lazy players, you’ll likely spend a bit of time getting your character to look just right.

Think about it. You’ll spend days trying to farm the best-looking armor for this hero and when you finally get what you’re looking for, it could all be ruined by his or her ugly face. You don’t want to see that. Nobody on the entire server does.

Now that we have established just how serious of a task this is, you can look through the many appearance customization options made available in the character creation screen. Among the most significant, we mention that you can change your character’s facial features, body build, hair color and style, eyes color and appearance, and, why not, their make-up.

After a good hour of assiduous work, our assassin is finally ready to brave the world of Nar. Demons will be struck by her beauty and forfeit their preposterous cause. Maybe… Probably not. But still, at least we’re playing Talion on BlueStacks, so we have a fantastic, full-screen view of just how gorgeous the character is.

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