The possibilities are endless in Tap Tap Heroes considering that the game has over 200 heroes whom you can deploy to battle as well as individually tweak with upgrades. Building an army is the cornerstone of this game and it is paramount to build a strong one to be able to stop Freya from exploiting a powerful sacred sword. Moreover, a powerful army is much more important if your goal is to climb up the global leaderboards of the game’s PvP.

In this article, we’ll show you some general rule of thumbs to follow that will help you in developing your army of heroes. We’ll be discussing factors such as hero classes, factions, and how to use their interconnectedness to build an unstoppable army.

Five Classes in Tap Tap Heroes

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

Not all heroes in Tap Tap Heroes are the same. Aside from being differentiated through factions, heroes within that faction are separated into different classes – which indicates what they specialize in during combat. To check any hero’s class, go to the Heroes page and click on any hero to bring up their specific page. Their class is indicated right below their name.

There are five classes in Tap Tap Heroes and these are:

  1. Assassin – specializes in dealing devastating attacks
  2. Cleric – heals heroes and also does non-lethal moves to make enemies vulnerable
  3. Mage – can deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time
  4. Wanderer – designed to attack first in battle
  5. Warrior – can withstand enemy damage due to their high HP

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

In order to maximize combat effectiveness, it is important to have your army consist of various classes. This is simply because classes have unique specialties and capabilities that allows them to help other classes – in a symbiotic and unified manner – in defeating enemies.

Class Interactions

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

Heroes were designed to be part and parcel of a team since the abilities dictated by their class can go hand in hand with other heroes. A perfect example of this are the Clerics – the support classes. For instance, one of Forren’s clerical skills is to heal an ally (91% of their attack stat) with the lowest HP for one round.

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

In battle, Forren’s skills can help a warrior like Tiger King regain his lost health, considering that Tiger King is meant to be the first hero to take hits from enemies and thus is meant to lose the most health first. Aside from that, Forren also has a 26.5% chance to temporarily freeze two frontline enemies and this can help attackers such as assassins and mages to conveniently damage the frozen enemies.

This is not the only way how heroes interact with one another. There are plenty of hero class combinations to experiment with. For instance, mages and wanderers can also work well with each other. Wanderers can deal the first wave of damage to enemies first, while the mages will finish them off with their multi-target attacks.

When planning your army, don’t forget to take into account their faction since the game also packs some incentives regarding this.

Benefits of Factions

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

Each hero will have a faction and their class. Through the game’s Faction Advantage system, a hero from a specific faction can deal 30% more damage at 15% accuracy to another specific faction. For instance, the Elf faction will give more damage to enemies from the Undead faction; meanwhile, the Undead faction will deal more damage to the Alliance, and so on.

When fighting enemies through idling, boss battles, or PvP, always take into account what faction makes up most of the enemy team. With this, you can deploy heroes whose faction will deal more damage to the enemy’s predominant faction. An enemy with a predominantly Undead-based team may falter more easily when you mostly deploy Elves to your team.

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

Furthermore, Tap Tap Heroes also has an Aura system in which having multiple heroes with the same faction in your main lineup can give cumulative boosts on HP and attack. The Aura system does not apply when idling but it does when fighting bosses and other players in PvP, where rewards are high.

An ideal team consists of heroes whose classes are evenly distributed and whose factions are capable of benefitting from the Faction Advantage system.

If you want to read an in-depth guide to the six factions in Tap Tap Heroes, you may do so here. We recommend reading it if you want to know more about how to empower your army.

While the advantages of your heroes’ classes and factions are valuable in the battlefield, upgrading your heroes’ stats is still the most optimal and most guaranteed way to truly make your army powerful.

Keep Upgrading Heroes

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

In order to prosper in Tap Tap Heroes, you need to spend resources on upgrading heroes. Moreover, you need to spend it on the right ones.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to automatically keep your five-starred heroes and upgrade them. However, don’t recklessly spend on upgrading them. We recommend browsing through the hero’s class, faction, base stats, and also their skills – which are displayed on the three boxes below them – to determine which hero deems fit for your army and is deserving of being prioritized for upgrade.

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

Aside from that, equip your heroes with equipment since these will give additional boosts to their stats. We suggest giving your best heroes the best equipment (the one with the most stars) in order to maximize their combat effectiveness.

Highly-upgraded heroes, along with the advantages of classes and factions, will make up an unstoppable army in Tap Tap Heroes. With this, make sure to be meticulous in upgrading your heroes, especially since you’ll gain more heroes as you keep playing.

Strategy is Key

Strategy Guide - How to Build an Unstoppable Army in Tap Tap Heroes

The information aforementioned in this article will more or less be put to waste if you don’t utilize a proper strategy.

The first step to coming up with a strategy is by first determining what your goal is with regards to your team. What kind of team do you want your current team to end up as? Do you want to have a more attack-oriented, defense-oriented, or neutral (balanced between attack and defense) team? There really is no kind that’s better since the power of the team will rely on how the things aforementioned in this article were executed. A properly developed attack-oriented team will beat an average defense-oriented team and vice versa.

After deciding your goal, then start building your team from that goal. Focusing on an attack-oriented team means investing on attack heroes like assassins, wanderers and at least one cleric to ensure that the fairly low-HP attackers won’t go down easily. Focusing on defense means upgrading and placing high-HP warriors on the front-most position (the bottom slot of the front-line) where they’ll absorb plenty of damage first to give room for attackers and or supports to hurt enemies.

The Tip to Building a Great Army

The key to building a great army in Tap Tap Heroes is not by copying other players’ setup. Rather, it is all about scrupulously deploying and upgrading heroes based on specific goals while also taking into account the advantages provided by the game.

If you want to experiment with different strategies, you can do so with the BlueStacks Multi-instance tool to reinstall and replay Tap Tap Heroes in an entirely new and separate Android engine (called an instance). Using Multi-instance will not affect your main account whatsoever. Moreover, you can even play more than one instance at the same time, effectively saving time in grinding your army.