TapTap Heroes boasts over the fact that it has over 200 you can deploy to battle. What’s interesting about the myriad of heroes in the game is that they’re categorized into six factions. Each faction has their own theme which gives aesthetic diversity to the game. But more than that, each faction also has their enemies.

The interconnectedness of the factions in Tap Tap Heroes is what adds to the beautiful complexity to this idle RPG. In this article, we’ll show you the six factions you get to play as in the game as well as how exactly these groups interact with one another in the game.

The Six Factions

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

Tap Tap Heroes has six factions and these are:

  1. Alliance – noble knights represented with BLUE
  2. Horde – cave-dwelling brawlers represented with ORANGE
  3. Undead – ghostly spirits represented with GREEN
  4. Elves – forest mages represented with PURPLE
  5. Heaven – the holy entities represented with YELLOW
  6. Hell – the fiery forces of the underworld and home of Freya, the game’s antagonist, represented with RED

Note: Oddly enough, the Hell faction, along with Freya herself, is playable throughout the game despite being the antagonists.

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

If you want to check which factions your heroes belong to, then click on the Heroes icon on the bottom of the main screen and this will bring up your full roster of heroes. Per image of your hero, there is a small insignia of their faction – that’s colored according to the designated color of said faction – on the top-left.

What connects these six factions together is the Faction Advantage System.

Faction Advantage System

In Tap Tap Heroes, the Factions Advantage system allows a faction to deal 30% more damage at 15% more accuracy against their specific enemy faction. Conversely, they will also receive 30% more damage at 15% more accuracy from a specific enemy faction. The complete details of this system are show in the table below:


30% DMG w/ 15% Accuracy



30% DMG w/ 15% Accuracy


Alliance Horde Undead
Horde Elves Alliance
Elves Undead Horde
Undead Alliance Elves
Heaven Hell Hell
Hell Heaven Heaven

As an analogy, let’s use the concepts of predator and prey. For instance, the Alliance gives more damage with accuracy to the Horde; therefore, the Horde is the prey of the Alliance. Meanwhile, the Alliance receives more damage with accuracy from the Undead; therefore, the Undead is the predator of the Alliance.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry since the game has a visual guide for this system.

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

To better understand the guide, just take note of where the arrows land. The arrows indicate who the enemy of a particular faction is. For instance, the Elves’ arrow points to the Undead and this entails that the Elves’ enemy is the Undead and will therefore deal more damage to them in battle.

The only factions that are independent from the rest are Heaven and Hell. They only affect each other and cannot affect or be affected by the four other factions.

Use the Right Factions in Each Battle

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

Given the benefits of Faction Advantage, it is optimal to use this to your advantage when deploying your heroes to war. When idling, you’ll be fighting against enemies from the different factions so make sure to observe who your enemies are. You can find out the faction of your enemy by looking at the small icon of their action beside their health bar. Alternatively, you can also tell their faction just by looking at the dominant color of their appearance. Elves will don mostly purple colors, Undead will have many shades of green, and so on.

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

Once you identify the faction of your enemies, make sure to deploy troops whose faction will deal 30% damage at 15% accuracy to the enemies. For instance, since we were fighting the Undead while idling, we deployed three heroes from the Elves faction since they will deal more damage to said Undead, according to Faction Advantage.

Use Factions to Gain Aura during Boss Fights

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

Aside from Faction Advantage, factions can also benefit you during boss battles through the Aura system, In the Aura system, you accumulate health and attack boosts depending on how many heroes with the same faction are deployed. For instance, if you’re going to approach a boss fight with an all-Horde army, then you will receive a 20% boost in HP and 8.5% boost in attack simply because you filled all six slots with heroes of the same faction.

Deploying heroes from either Heaven or Hell will also grant you an additional 1.5% attack boost and 4% more ControlResist (which not only boosts HP but also reduces the effects of stun attacks).

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

Make sure to take Auras into consideration when fighting boss battles since this will be a huge help in-game. Auras are also present in the game’s PvP mode so we recommend being serious with Auras when it comes to competing with other players.

While it may be tempting to just fill all slots with heroes of the same faction, you still have to consider the attributes of each hero. You certainly don’t want to have an army with heroes of the same faction but are weak one-starred heroes who will get annihilated in PvP.

Moreover, you also have to consider whether or not your heroes are Warriors, Mages, or are a particular class since these will matter in battle. You can read more about hero classes and how you can properly build an army here.

Taking advantage of the faction benefits in Tap Tap Heroes requires having a diverse roster of heroes. Therefore, it’s important that you invest time and resources in getting more heroes.

Invest in All Factions

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

It is a smart idea to invest resources in upgrading heroes from all factions so that you’ll have a wide arsenal to use for combat. We suggest having at least two, heavily-upgraded, five-starred or four-starred heroes from each faction. With this, you’ll be able to benefit from Faction Advantage as well as Auras regardless of the faction of the enemies you’re fighting.

A Guide to the Six Factions in Tap Tap Heroes

In order to get more heroes, always open hero chests when you receive free keys. The Grand Summon chest is the best for farming heroes since it’s the only chest capable of giving out 10 heroes in one-go, given you have 10 keys to begin with.

Do Not Underestimate the Factions

Tap Tap Heroes incentivizes players to take advantage of the game’s faction system by giving passive buffs that are extremely useful in battle. Fully understanding the benefits of factions in the game – such as the Faction Advantage and Auras – is key to defeating your enemies so always take into account the things mentioned in this article to win every round.