Nexon’s V4 is a fantastic mobile MMORPG released in July 2020 and that shines mainly due to its intricate combat style, which revolves around real-time battles where players can string a variety of powerful attacks to form combos to cut a path through swathes of enemies at a time. Though it varies little from the typical “auto-navigation, auto-questing, and auto-combat MMO” formula, it’s actually quite exciting and has tons of eye candy. This is definitely a game that excels in the visual department, and it can also be quite fun in the times you decide to turn off auto-combat and take control.

At the time of launch, there were only six classes available in V4,  but this roster has since expanded to nine playable classes, giving the players tons of variety when it comes to the actual progression and gameplay. After all, the more classes available, the more a game can pander to a different playstyles.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

However, class variety in an MMO often comes at a price, namely that players might have a harder time knowing which to use. If you’re anything like us, you probably spend inordinate amounts of time sitting in the hero creation screen, staring blankly at the roster of classes and not knowing which one to choose. And in V4, specifically, all the classes have lots of awesome attacks and animations, which further complicates the decision.

In this sense, we’ve decided to create a guide giving a brief rundown of every class in V4 and talking about their recommended playstyles, so that we can hopefully help you come to a decision about which one to choose.


For the players who love eye candy when fighting, this class is definitely for you—and we’re not just talking about the beautiful waifus you can create; the Enchantress’ animations are fantastic and create tons of particle effects; you can actually feel the spells hitting the enemies in bone-crunching fashion.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

Visuals aside, the Enchantress is the dedicated caster class of the bunch, with low defenses, but with the ability to dish out tons of damage in AoE, while also inflicting debuffs like stun and bleed on the enemies. They’re a bit squishy so they might be a bit too complicated if you’re new to mobile MMORPGs, but this class definitely packs a punch in the right hands.


A class that is all about one thing and one thing only: Dealing massive amounts of damage with his mighty hammer and gauntlet combo. You really can’t get much more straightforward than this class as it’s mostly about swinging his blunt weapon at the enemies until they stop moving. Simple, easy, and to the point. However, this class is quite slow so it can get a bit tedious when moving from enemy to enemy in the late game.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

Still, if you want to keep things simple, this class is for you.


A highly versatile class that can alternate between swift strikes using a one-handed sword, and crushing blows with his two-hander. The Slayer can be a bit of a handful to use, especially when it comes to knowing when to switch between his fighting modes, but he’s also highly-rewarding as he can make short work of just about any enemy in the right hands. Plus, he’s also very fast, with a playstyle revolving around mobility and dodging enemy attacks in order to unleash powerful counterattacks.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

The Slayer is recommended for players who enjoy a more technical playstyle combined with the brutality that only his powerful two-handed sword can provide.


The standard sword ‘n board class in V4, equipped with, you guessed it, a sword and shield. The Knight leans heavily towards a defensive playstyle, with skills that allow her to withstand inordinate amounts of damage and keep her allies safe. Though she performs better in a group setting, her superior defenses means that you’ll rarely have cause for concern even in solo play.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

If you don’t mind slower kill speeds than the rest, and like to be the ultimate tank in your MMORPGs, then definitely go for the Knight.


A highly-mobile ranged class specializing in dishing out tons of damage via critical hits. While not the fastest of the bunch, she has abilities that help her to keep her distance from the enemy at all times; not that they’ll be able to get close enough, anyway, since they’ll be dead in seconds.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

Just like the Enchantress, the Gunslinger is a bit squishy and requires you to keep moving and dodging constantly if you want to survive against the toughest enemies. If you can get this down, then you’ll probably be able to dominate everyone with this class.


A hybrid class offering both melee and ranged capabilities. Just like the Slayer, she can be a bit difficult to use at first, since you need to switch between her different modes as the situation demands in order to unleash her full potential. Nevertheless, she’s also one of the most versatile classes due to her abilities to engage enemies at any range.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

She’s also powerful against groups of enemies thanks to her many AoE skills that her axe-mounted cannon can afford.


Like the Gunslinger, Archers are all about engaging the enemy from a distance. However, unlike the Gunslinger, Archers value speed over damage, offering one of the lowest skill cast times in the game. This speed allows them to seamlessly string several skills back to back, turning enemies into veritable arrow-filled pincushions.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

Archers are like Slayers in relation to their speedy playstyles, except with a bow instead of a pair of swords.


One of the newest classes to arrive in V4, the Assassin is the fastest melee class in the game, which gives them one of the highest skill ceilings as players will sometimes need to rely on dodging and counterattacking instead of dishing out pure damage with brutal attacks. Assassins are all about nimble, calculated strikes to the enemies’ weak points to end the battle in mere seconds. They can also use their multiple shadows to daze and confuse enemies, as well as to move around the battlefield.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

Not recommended for beginners, but extremely fun to play, the Assassin was an excellent addition to the roster.


Last but not least, we have the Maestro, an adorable penguin creature beneath who’s lovely exterior hides a ferocious and deadly beast. Equipped with his enchanted rapier and magishot pistol, this class can inflict ranged damage to any enemies that get in his way, though he’s also one of the more complex choices out there due to its dual stance system. The Maestro can switch between Indignant and Composed stances, which lets him either deal devastating and brutal attacks to the enemy, or switch to a more precise and calculated playstyle, respectively.

V4 Class Guide -  The Best Classes for Every Playstyle

This is definitely one of the most unique and interesting options in the V4 class roster, and we wholly recommend the Maestro if you’re up for a challenge, or if you’re a veteran of the genre and are looking for something new and unique.

If you’ve been spending ages trying to figure out which class to play in V4, we hope this guide helped you to make a decision. The bad thing is that you must now proceed to customize your character, which will probably set you back another two or so hours. Good luck!