Say you want to play a good MMORPG on any platform. Your first choice will likely be PC since this is where the vast majority of the most popular RPGs are found. However, if you don’t want to foot the entry fee of World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, then you’d need to find alternatives. Sadly, the free MMORPGs that are available on this platform are lackluster. While they offer some entertainment to certain users, they lack general appeal. So then you turn to mobile gaming.

How to Get Started in World of Kings

In contrast to PC gaming, there are many, many free-to-play games on the mobile market, some of which are actually quite decent in terms of content and quality. However, most of them don’t quite scratch the “MMO itch” like some of the original PC games do. Luckily, if you’re agreeing with us, so far, then you’ll be happy to know that the newest mobile MMORPG, World of Kings, offers some of the most complex mechanics and deep combat combat systems available for mobile devices. And the best part of all is that it’s completely free and can be played on your PC using BlueStacks.

Now, if you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know our thoughts on this game: We absolutely love it and are stunned by its mechanics and graphics. Nevertheless, we feel we’ve dedicated too much time to praise the game for its many merits. On this occasion, we’re going to explain how to begin your adventure in this game, starting from how to find and install it.

How to Get Started in World of Kings

Installing World of Kings on BlueStacks

World of Kings launched globally just a few days ago. However, like any other high-profile game, you can find it in our App Center and install it with just a few clicks.

If you’ve already installed BlueStacks, then feel free to jump to the next paragraph. If not, just head on over to our website and click on the “Download BlueStacks” button that you’ll find front and center. Through this link, you will always find the latest version of BlueStacks so you won’t ever have to worry about any compatibility or performance issues. Once installed, you’re now free to download any and every game imaginable!

How to Get Started in World of Kings

As we mentioned above, you can find World of Kings on our App Center, which you can access via the search bar on your BlueStacks home screen. Just type in the name of the app you’re looking for and press Enter. You’ll then be taken to a screen with the app you searched for, as well as several related programs. To install the games, just click on the title, and then on “install” in the Google Play screen that pops up. The game will then be downloaded and installed, and will be ready for launch after the process finishes.

How to Get Started in World of Kings

Now, let’s get started!

Understanding the Combat

In contrast with most other MMORPGs on the market, World of Kings has a deep combat system that encourages resource management instead of mashing your skills as soon as they come off cooldown. Specifically, there are 3 main types of resources that the classes use to power their spells, and their availability will depend on the class, in particular. These resources are rage, MP, and energy.

How to Get Started in World of Kings

Play World of Kings on BlueStacks 4

The first of these resources, rage, is used by Warriors and Fighters to power all their skills. This resource is generated with every auto-attack as well as through certain abilities. The next resource, MP, is just your standard mana bar. Used by most spellcaster classes including Wizards, Mages, Dark Sages, and Paladin, MP restores slowly over time in battle. Lastly, energy is a special resource used by Rogues and Archers. Energy is quickly spent by using several skills back-to-back, but regenerates just as quickly.

Depending on the type of resource you use, your combat playstyle will vary greatly. For example, Warriors are all about landing those heavy hits and gathering enough rage to unleash several devastating attacks. Meanwhile, Rogues specialize in delivering fast attacks and accumulating malice, a special resource exclusive to this class, and then using said malice to unleash powerful combo finishers. Casters, on the other hand, are all about maintaining uptime by casting spells back-to-back while managing their MP.

How to Get Started in World of Kings

Starting Your Adventure

In our World of Kings review, we mentioned that this game is somewhat of a World of Warcraft clone in many ways. For starters, it has many classes—much more than your run-of-the-mill mobile MMORPG. Your choice at the beginning will greatly affect your gameplay style as classes seldom play the same. Furthermore, there are 4 races to choose from. However, as far as we know, your choice of race will only determine your starting point and backstory, and doesn’t actually affect your stats or performance in any way.

How to Get Started in World of Kings

There are currently 9 classes to choose from in World of Kings, all of which cater to different play styles. You can find the tough warriors and paladins, the nimble Rogues and dextrous archers, and even the wise and powerful mages and wizards. We understand that, with so many choices, deciding upon a class is somewhat difficult, especially if you’re new to the genre. Feel free to take a look at our guide on the classes in World of Kings if you wish to learn a bit more about each of these.

Once you’ve created your character, the story begins. We won’t actually spoil anything because we believe the story here is much better than in most mobile MMORPGs. However, regardless of your choice, the outcome is similar: You’ll move from your hometown, into the Kingdom of Embria, where your real journey begins.

How to Get Started in World of Kings

The good part about having so many options is that there is likely something for everyone in this game. In this sense, most players can choose the class that fits their play style from the very beginning, without having to progress far into the game to earn a specialization or another type of class transfer to achieve the gameplay that they desire.

And you? What do you like most about World of Kings so far? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section. And if you want to get started, just click on the link below and start playing!

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