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  1. A Sprawling World 
  2. Play World of Kings on PC
  3. Superior Controls With BlueStacks
  4. The Classes in WoK
  5. Guides for WoK

When it comes to MMORPGs, the PC platform has always reigned as king in the genre, featuring some of the biggest contenders such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, and Guild Wars 2. Granted, consoles also feature some great MMOs, though PC is arguably still the go-to platform when it comes to this type of online gaming. Nevertheless, with the advent of mobile gaming and the proliferation of devices of increasingly powerful specifications, phone games are getting more complex, with some of these titles even closely resembling some of their counterparts for PC.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

Nevertheless, even though some phone games are starting to resemble PC titles in terms of graphics, their gameplay still leaves a lot to be desired, mainly due to the restrictions of touchscreen controls, as well as the inherent design of the said games. Specifically, while you could definitely do it, phone games aren’t meant to be played for long sessions. These games are designed so that gamers could take out their phones during downtime and have something to do while passing the time.

However, some titles blur the line between phone and PC game design and offer much more than other mobile games in terms of gameplay, graphics, and content. World of Kings is one of the most engaging MMORPGs we’ve ever seen to date, featuring some of the best visuals in the market, reminiscent to that of WoW’s art style, while also offering very engaging combat mechanics and gameplay. In fact, you could say that World of Kings is, in a way, the mobile version of World of Warcraft, even featuring a sprawling narrative and an expansive world with lots of zones to explore, quests to complete, and gear to gather.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

One fun fact about this game, which furthers relates it to World of Warcraft, is that the original composer for Blizzard’s hit MMORPG, Russel Brower, was hired to work on the music for World of Kings. Brower is widely renowned for collaborating with Blizzard in most of its biggest franchises, including Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and, as mentioned above, World of Warcraft.

A Sprawling World for You to Explore

The standard gameplay in World of Kings is quite straightforward, consisting of mainly exploring the world and completing quests to level up your characters. However, while there are numerous sidequests that you can pick up and complete to score some extra loot, the main overarching story is what will take you across the world and into the many vast zones that this game has to offer.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

Furthermore, while the main narrative is quite similar for everyone after the tutorial, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing your origin story since the events leading up to traveling to the main hub city varies by race. Luckily, choosing your preferred race is quite easy since, despite them having different origin stories, all classes are available for every race. In this sense, you can simply pick whichever one catches your eye since the gameplay is virtually the same across all races.

The same can’t be said about the classes, though, as your experience will vary greatly depending on the class you select. Your choice of class in World of Kings is doubly important since it also determines the roles you can fulfill in a group setting.

There’s quite a lot to consider when it comes to playing World of Kings and, while we’ve covered the basic aspects of this game in our blog already, we wanted to provide a compilation of some of the best guides and tips for this MMORPG in this article. In the following paragraphs, you will find an overview of the game’s basic aspects, as well as numerous tips and tricks for beginners that are playing it on BlueStacks for the first time.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

If you’re interested in learning more about a specific topic, feel free to click on the links that we’ll be providing in the text to learn more about it.

How To Play World of Kings on PC

There’s quite a lot to be said about the graphics in World of Kings. In short, this game has some of the best visuals we’ve ever seen in this platform, bar none. However, its visual quality goes beyond just simply “looking good.”

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

The game features stellar particle effects, amazing animations, and a gigantic world rife with surprises and nooks and crannies for you to explore. However, despite being developed as a game for mobile devices, most of the details in World of Kings are lost if you’re playing on anything other than the best phones on the market. And considering the prices of the most powerful devices, it’s a fact that not everyone would have access to them.

However, if you already have a PC at home, then you could just be in for a treat because, with BlueStacks, you can enjoy World of Kings with the best possible performance, and with the graphics cranked up to the max setting, without issues of any kind.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

Installing World of Kings on PC with BlueStacks is quite simple. By downloading and installing our emulator on your PC, you can then search for the game in our App Center through the search bar on the home screen. After that, installing the game is just a matter of clicking on its pic on the results page and then on “install” in the Play Store page, just like you would with any other Android game. Once installed, you will see World of Kings’ icon on the home screen, which you can simply click to launch the game.

If your PC meets BlueStacks’ recommended requirements, which isn’t really hard in this day and age, you’ll enjoy World of Kings in all its uninterrupted glory, with the best graphics, and without any type of lag or slowdown. This is made possible due to our emulator being faster and stronger than even the most expensive phones on the market.

Superior and Authentic MMORPG Controls With BlueStacks

However, awesome graphics and performance aren’t the only things BlueStacks has to offer when it comes to playing World of Kings on PC.

As many of those who have already played other MMORPGs on PC would know, these games have a very specific control scheme, most of which involve the use of the WASD keys to move around while using the mouse cursor to target enemies and, in some cases, activate skills. Some MMORPGs even feature combat systems that users refer to as “tab targeting,” which involve using the Tab key to target the nearest enemy target and engage them, and then using the aforementioned key to target the next enemy, and so on.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

This type of control scheme creates a smooth gameplay experience where the player can move around the world, use the camera, and even engage multiple foes in combat seamlessly and comfortably. However, since World of Kings is designed to be played on phones, players have to suffer through awkward touchscreen controls that are, to a degree, counterintuitive and hard to master.

Luckily, BlueStacks allows you to enjoy the authentic PC experience in World of Kings in more ways than one: Not only does the game look quite stunning but, thanks to the Keymapping Tool it also plays like a typical PC MMORPG. From the way you move your character, the freedom of controlling the camera by holding down right-click, to stringing your combos together using the number keys, playing World of Kings on PC is definitely the best way to enjoy everything it has to offer.

The Classes in World of Kings

For many players, including us, one of the best parts of playing an MMORPG is the sheer replayability that comes from trying out all the different classes. While you can choose from six different races in World of Kings, these don’t change much aside from numerous story elements—which can be interesting to some. However, the true variety comes from the ten classes, all of which feature unique abilities and skills that, in turn, allow them to fulfill vastly different roles within a group setting.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

World of Kings follows the standard “holy trinity” that is common in many MMORPGs, in which classes are divided into three roles: Healer, Tank, and DPS. And while most classes have tools to defeat monsters and are quite fun to play outside of a group, they will fulfill a very different function while in dungeons and in group content.

In this sense, tanks are expected to stand in the frontlines capturing the attention fo the enemy and soaking up the damage that would affect the group otherwise. DPS classes are focused on dealing the highest amount of damage in as little time as possible. Meanwhile, healers are there to buff, support, and keep the group healthy at all times, and also to help deal damage during downtime from healing.

During group content, these roles come together and interact in ways that are quite fun and interesting. And while some roles are seemingly more important than others at a glance, they each have a function when it comes to challenging the toughest content in the game. Case in point, without tanks, the group would be exposed to strong attacks and would get overwhelmed by rampaging monsters. Without healers, the tanks and DPS would eventually get whittled down and defeated. And without DPS, the group would be locked in an eternal struggle since enemies would simply take too long to defeat.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

Keep in mind, however, that while your classes will determine the base role you’ll fulfill in group content, they can awaken at level 40 and, at times, switch to different roles. Below you’ll find the list of classes that are currently available in World of Kings, along with the roles that they can fill in parties.

  • Warrior (Tank, Melee DPS)
  • Fighter (Melee DPS, Healer)
  • Rogue (Melee DPS)
  • Wizard (Ranged DPS)
  • Mage (Ranged DPS, Tank)
  • Dark Sage (Healer, Ranged DPS)
  • Cleric (Healer)
  • Paladin (Tank, Melee DPS)
  • Archer (Ranged DPS, Healer)
  • Earthen Walker (Melee DPS)

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

The first role that we listed beside each class is their primary function. However, once they reach level 40, they can awaken to either develop further in their base role or to transition to an entirely new one. However, pure classes like the Cleric (Healer), Rogue (Melee DPS), and Wizard (Ranged DPS), are usually the best at what they do. Regardless, don’t let these nuances deter you; the best class in World of Kings is always the one you enjoy the most.

Is World of Kings Pay to Win?

In closing, we wanted to address a question that is prevalent in the community. Namely, is World of Kings pay to win?

There are many cosmetic items in the game, as well as other awesome features such as mounts and treasures, some of which can be purchased with real money. However, all of the things that you can buy in this game can also be acquired for free by simply playing the game every day. In other words, if you enjoy World of Kings, you’ll slowly grind your way towards unlocking its best aspects, without ever having to whip out your wallet.

World of Kings - Conquer This RPG With Guides on Gameplay, Classes, Combat and More

Guides, Tips, and Resources for World of Kings

There’s quite a lot to take in when you first enter the vast expanses of World of Kings, so much so that it’s easy to lose your way if you wander around too much. Luckily, we have prepared several guides in our blog that will help to guide your efforts from the very moment you set foot in the game:

  • Getting Started: A guide with all the basic info necessary for starting off on the right foot in World of Kings.
  • BlueStacks Settings: How to use BlueStacks to achieve the best graphics and performance in this MMORPG.
  • Class Guide: An introduction to all the classes in the game, with the exception of the new Earthen Walker.
  • How to Run Tough Content: A guide that teaches how to clear the tougher group content in the game, which usually can’t be automated.

Truth be told, World of Kings is just one of those MMORPGs that you simply need to jump into to experience all the greatness that it has to offer. Luckily, with BlueStacks, you can enjoy everything it has to offer, without worrying about performance issues nor struggling with subpar controls.