So many choices! When was the last time a mobile MMORPG  gave you so many classes to choose from when creating your character? World of Kings not only offers you 4 races but also 9 different playable classes. While the former affects your backstory and introductory tutorial, the latter will determine your playstyle throughout the entire game. In this sense, choosing the right class is paramount for enjoying this game. Speaking of which, check out our World of Kings review if you want to learn more about this awesome title.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings

However, with so many classes to choose from, how do you know which is the right one for you? If you’re asking yourself this question, then look no further than this guide. In the following paragraphs, we will give an overview of every class in World of Kings. Keep in mind that, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll only be talking about base classes, and not awakened jobs.

Rage Users

Rage is represented by a red bar below the health gauge , and is used to power the skills of both the the warrior and the fighter classes. This resource generates with every auto-attack, as well as through the use of certain skills.


A class that relies on a keen mind and sharp wits to incapacitate the enemy and keep hordes of foes under control. But don’t be fooled, this class is not only about brains, as it also thrives when surrounded by throngs of enemies in the heat of battle. With sword and massive shield in hand, the warrior charges into battle cleaving several foes at a time, and keeping the mob under control. Warriors can absorb tons of damage, functioning as the tanks of the group. Furthermore, they have many skills to draw enemies in, stun them, and slow them down.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings


This class forgoes the defense of its counterpart and, instead, focuses on dealing massive damage to his enemy using his massive greataxe. The Fighter specializes in dealing with multiple foes, just like the fighter, but instead of defending himself, he relies on self-heals to keep himself alive on the battlefield. Fighters are awesome for PvP since they have many skills to cripple their foes, as well as a skill to close the distance. Furthermore, his burst damage potential is complemented with his “Pummel” skill, which interrupts spellcasting and is ideal for dealing with pesky mages.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings

Energy Users

Energy is represented by a yellow bar under the character’s health. Unlike other resources, energy is spent almost entirely with only a few skills. However, it also regenerates almost as fast as you can spend it. In this sense, playing with energy users is about stringing skills and, in the case of the rogue, doing sustained damage with skills while occasionally unleashing burst damage with certain combo finishers.


The tricky rogue is a master of stealth and subterfuge, with skills to make himself invisible while out of combat and to increase his evasion and speed while engaged in the battlefield. This class excels at jumping around the field, making life impossible for casters and other players. Their speed makes it difficult to keep track of them, even when they’re simply circling you while also poking you with their knives. With some skills, the rogue gains malice, a resource exclusive to them. They can then use their malice to empower other special skills called “finishers”. For every point of malice spent, the skill is significantly improved.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings


This class is relatively simple to use as it has many skills to harm one or several enemies from a distance. Their kit relies on abilities to maintain the distance between their foes and themselves, and features next to no complexity in terms of their skills. However, the challenge of properly using this class comes from knowing how to distance yourself, and keep your foes crippled with status effects such as sleep and slow. Furthermore, their AOE potential is considerable as they have many attacks that affect wide areas.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings

MP Users

This resource is present in many, many MMORPGs out there, usually represented by a blue bar. It works just as you’d expect: You use it to perform skills and it regenerates slowly over time. That’s all there is to it.

Wizard and Mage

Due to the similarity of their playstyles, we’re grouping both mages and wizards into a single entry. These classes are pure spellcasters that weave the elements to create many different effects—mostly just to obliterate their enemies. Wizards revolve more around AOE spells with few single-target skills. As such, he’s proficient in a raid setting where the group needs to deal with multiple mobs at once. Mages, on the other hand, are like the rogues of spellcasters. They have mostly single-target spells that accrue Arcane Power. They can then use their gathered Arcane Power to improve the effects of several skills, dealing massive damage to individual foes.

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An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings

Dark Sage

This class functions as a support DPS, capable of dealing damage to crowds of foes and keeping the group alive, but at the expense of his own life. Dark Sages can inflict status effects on many enemies, and then use these status effects to further incapacitate their foes using their “Ghost Hands” skill. They can also channel the damage they inflict on their foes to heal their entire group, making them a vital asset in a raid environment. Furthermore, they can bring defeated allies back to life with their “Raise Dead” skill.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings


These men and women of the Cloth are specialized healers with some damage skills. They can restore the health of nearby allies with many spells, as well as protect them from harm with their “Shield of Devotion”. Furthermore, they can revive multiple fallen allies with their “Mass Resurrection” skill. Lastly, their healing skills can also buff their allies, increasing their haste and damage.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings


These holy warriors are simple to use and focus almost entirely on tanking hordes of foes and keeping their allies safe. They have many skills to taunt and incapacitate their enemies, and also to increase their own defense and heal themselves. They are very resilient and tough to beat and are almost always the tanks of choice in a raid environment because of this.

An Overview of the Different Classes in World of Kings

There are many classes to choose from in World of Kings. Which one is your favorite? Leave us your comments in the section below!

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