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Running Tough Content in World of Kings

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Those of us who have been gaming for the longest of times will know the differences between playing on a PC or console and playing on a phone. Not only are the games on the former more graphically impressive but they also feature better, more intricate gameplay mechanics. In this sense, playing on a PC feels somewhat more like the “real thing” while phone gaming is more of a way to pass the time. However, the most recent mobile games aim to change this by offering gameplay aspects to rival that of their console counterparts.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Games like Durango Wild Lands come to mind which, with its awesome crafting and survival mechanics, leave little to be desired when it comes to having fun. However, while Durango is a beast (pun intended) of its own when it comes to survival MMOs, the fantasy MMORPG genre had been lacking a title to rival the quality of its competitors on other platforms. That is, until World of Kings released and swept us away with its magnificent graphics and gameplay mechanics.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Simply put, World of Kings is a World of Warcraft clone for mobile devices. In this regard, it’s by no means the first of its kind. However, the many copycats that have surfaced throughout the years, both in PC and in other platforms, don’t quite capture the essence of the original and end up not only being underplayed, but crashing and burning shortly after launch. On the other hand, World of Kings looks like it has the potential to grab the niche tight and never let go. It has production values through the roof, coupled with a stellar soundtrack and many challenging and rewarding gameplay mechanics. Feel free to read our review if you wish to learn more.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

However, as a game that far surpasses its peers in the genre, it’s understandable that it’d have a different scope, especially when it comes to progression and tackling content. If you’re in the same boat as us, and want to get good at World of Kings, then look no further than this guide. In here, you will find several tips and tricks to improve at this game and to progress through its many challenges.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Use the Auto Battle, But Beware of Tough Fights

We’re going to come out and say it: World of Kings is a mobile game. As such, you’re likely to play it not only at home when you have time to kill but also at work or when you’re out and about and have a few minutes to spare. In this sense, it’s expected that it would offer several features to automate gameplay to an extent.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Specifically, this game offers both auto-quest and auto-battle features. The latter, however, must be used with care as this game is much more punishing when failing to perform mechanics. This is true for many game modes—especially in dungeons—, where one wrong move can kill you, or worse, wipe your entire party. For this reason, we recommend only using the auto-battle when you’re certain that you’ll be up against weak enemies. Avoid tackling dungeons with this feature unless you’re overleveled and equipped with the best gear. If you die, not only do you make matters tougher on yourself but for your group as well.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Respect the Group Roles

This game has around 9 different starting classes, all of which have their own set of skills and talents. However, while these skills help to diversify gameplay, it also separates the classes into one of three roles: tanks, healers, and DPS. In other words, some classes are meant to absorb most of the damage in the raid, others are supposed to heal and keep the party alive, while the rest wreak havoc among the enemy lines.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

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Similarly, when it comes to fighting bosses, there is a certain unspoken etiquette when it comes  to positioning. Tanks are supposed to take the boss and turn it away from the party to avoid accidental cleaving from some of its attacks. DPS, on the other hand, usually stand in the rear hitting the boss with all their strength. Meanwhile healers and support classes should stand either with the DPS or somewhere nearby pelting the enemy from a distance but ready to assist their allies at a whim.

Your Gear Matters, But Your Performance is More Important

A mix of bad gear with even worse skills make for vile concoction of mediocrity when it comes to fighting bosses. Just take a look at the image below to see the results of our poor skills coupled with our starter gear:

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Hey, go easy on us, we’re just starting off in this game still! However, we’ve played enough to learn that this game throws some tough battles at you from the very beginning, requiring you to dodge AOEs and to use your class properly. Make sure to equip new pieces of gear as soon as you receive them from quests or other sources. Also, if you’re not sure how to use your class, we recommend reading our guide on the different classes in World of Kings to learn a bit more about this aspect.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Remember to Run Dungeons Frequently

Cross-server matchmaking is a godsent. This is a feature present in most MMORPGs including World of Kings. It allows you to automatically get paired with other players running the same dungeon. The fact that you’re getting paired not only with people in your server but people in other worlds as well means that your wait time will seldom be long. However, if you hate waiting and would like to face these challenges on your own, then our next entry is for you.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Use the Instance Manager, Skip the Waiting Times

Our Android Gaming platform, BlueStacks, has many tools that you can use to improve your experience with any mobile game. The Instance Manager is only one of these features and allows you to access a game with multiple accounts simultaneously. By creating multiple BlueStacks instances, you can control several characters at one time, and even use them to group up and tackle dungeons and other content by yourself. Sounds cool, right? If you want to learn more, please read our Instance Manager setup guide to get started!

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

Just Enjoy the Game

World of Kings is hardly like any other mobile MMORPG on the market. This game is beautifully-made, with a rich and detailed world crafted with love and dedication. While technically a clone of another popular game, this title is ambitious in its scope to the point where we can say that we’ve never seen anything like it. These factors alone make it worth actually putting some time into exploring every nook and cranny instead of mindlessly relying on the auto-quest and auto-battle features.

Running Tough Content in World of Kings

What’s your favorite part of World of Kings? Is it the battles? Or is it perhaps the lush environments? Let us know in the section below!

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