Commanders, it is now the perfect time to get all sporty and competitive as YoStar Games brings back the Microlayer Medley event.

The last Azur Lane patch gave us three new events namely the Maritime Escort, Juju Wrangler, and Sengoku War-Band. 

Now we are going to have an event rerun for the Microlayer Medley.

Microlayer Medley Rerun

During this event, you can sortie to event stages to earn PT and exchange them for exciting rewards. A and B will give out triple PT for the first clear each day while C and D will reward double PT. The EX stage will be unlocked after finishing the SP stage.

Some of the rewards you can get are the limited characters Bremerton and Bluegill.

Bremerton is a Super Rare Heavy Cruiser from the Eagle Union while Bluegill is a submarine from the same faction.

Commanders can also earn two Rental Outfit Vouchers by logging in during the event. The following skins can be rented:

  • Ingraham – Fixin’ for a Mixin’
  • Nautilus – Afternoon Stretches
  • Abercrombie – Mischief on the Rocks (L2D)

Under the Mist Rerun Phase II

In this event, you can fully limit break characters to complete special missions and earn training points. The following characters can be used in this event rerun:

  • San Diego
  • Saratoga
  • Memphis
  • Helena

The ultimate reward for this event is the limited portrait frame “Wings of Lightning.”

Available characters

The following characters will be available for this patch.

Azur Lane August Update: The Microlayer Medley Event Returns


  • Ingraham (rate up in event construction pool)
  • Nautilus (rate up in event construction pool)


  • Intrepid (rate up in event construction pool)
  • Reno (rate up in event construction pool)
  • Cooper (rate up in event construction pool)
  • Marblehead (rate up in event construction pool)
  • Bremerton (available in construction pool)

Available skins

Aside from the Microlayer Medley skins, the following rerun skins can be purchased:

  • Z46 – Girls’ Relay (L2D)
  • Cooper – Blazing Tennis Battle (L2D)
  • Cygnet – Royal Fanfare
  • Minneapolis – eXtreme Games
  • Bremerton – Scorching-Hot Training
  • Baltimore – Black Ace
  • Intrepid – One Intrepid Pitch
  • Reno – Biggest Little Cheerleader
  • Bluegill – Up-And-Coming Infielder
  • Marblehead – Boxing Girl!
  • Casablanca – Cheer Squad on Break
  • Bache – Showy Sports Star

New items

Commanders, stock up on the latest in-game items in Azur Lane! The following will be available until September 1:

  • Microlayer Medley Lucky Box (1 purchase limited)
  • Limited Build Supplies (1 purchase limited)
  • Limited Strategic Supplies (5 purchase limited)
  • Decor Tokens Pack (2 purchase limited)
  • Cognitive Chip Pack  (2 purchase limited)

If you want to know how to find the perfect ship in this game, check out our previous blog posts. Additionally, you can also play Azur Lane on PC using BlueStacks. BlueStacks lets you do the things that your average smartphone device cannot do.