A new month signifies another exciting update for Idle Heroes. This week’s patch introduces the new hero Andrea. Andrea will be bringing in more fun, chaos, and strategy to the game with his skills and abilities.

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Last month’s update showed the new transcended hero Jahra, now we are getting a brand new hero named Andrea.

New Hero Andrea

The developers want you to have the new Light priest hero Andrea, which is why you will have a higher chance of summoning him when you join the summon event.

Before you decided on pulling him, here are his skills:

  • Glorious Eulogy (Active skill) – Deals (600% of ATK) DMG to front-row enemies, reduces their Damage Reduction by 25% for 3 rounds, increases all allies Holy Damage by 25% for 3 rounds, restores the ally with the lowest HP equal to 800% of ATK, and releases all layers the lowest HP equal to 800% of ATK, and releases all layers of [Glorious Blessing]. Each layer of [Glorious Blessing] restores the ally with the lowest HP equal to 800% of ATK. After that, it rremoves all layers of [Glorious Blessing] from self.
  • Heart of Sage (Passive skill) – HP+50%, Damage Reduction +30%, Control Immunity +20%, and Heal effect +50%
  • Poem of Blessing (passive skill) – Basic attack grants self 1 layer of [Glorious Blessing], with a 100% chance to gain 1 extra layer of [Glorious Blessing]. Increases all allies Precision by 25% for 2 rounds
  • Holy Light Legacy (Passive skill) – When a battle starts, grant yourself 3 layers of [Glorious Blessing]. Whenever an ally is dead, restores all allies HP equal to 800 % of Attack, increases their Damage Reduction by 15% for 4 rounds, and restores the ally whose HP is lower than 50% equal to 800% of ATK. After that, grants self 3 layers of [Glorious Blessing]
  • Glorious Blessing – Enhances Andrea’s active skill effect.

Now, let’s move on to the new summon event.

New Summon Event

Every time you reach 100 attempts at getting Andrea, the summon odds will be raised. So at 200 attempts the odds will be tripled (x3), at 300 attempts the odds will be quadrupled (x4), and so on. Basically, here are all the odds:

  • 100 times – x2 odds
  • 200 times – x3 odds
  • 300 times – x4 odds
  • 400 times – x5 odds
  • 500 times – 100% odds

Note that if you already have 499 failed attempts at summoning Andrea at Heroic Summon, the 500th attempt will (finally) guarantee you this Light hero. The progress meter will reset or return to zero as soon as you get Andrea.

You can also participate in the Palace of Eternity event. This event will let you use any heroes from the Hero Lottery and replace it for the new hero.

The following heroes can replace Andrea:

  • Phorcys
  • Tussilago
  • Eloise
  • Fiona
  • Gloria

Replacing a hero will consume an Eternal Crystal. Note that ten Crystals can exchange one host hero. When the number of replaced heroes exceeds nine, the number of consuming Crystals will increase.

To make summoning more worthwhile and enjoyable, Idle Heroes is also offering prizes for your pulls. Complete a certain number of Heroic Summons to earn the flowing rewards from 50 points to 500 points.

Idle Heroes – New Hero Andrea, New Summon Event, And More!

As a bonus, you will receive 3x Heroic Summon Scrolls when you log during the event.