Mobile Legends has secured a spot as one of the best MOBA games for your phone and with good reason! MLBB is among some of the few titles for mobile devices that offers authentic PC MOBA experience but in a portable format. Games like League of Legends or Dota 2 on PC have set the bar for what can be achieved within this genre. Similarly, games like Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor are exemplary when it comes to playing a good MOBA on your phone.

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However, our favorite phone MOBA just got a significant update. The newest patch for Mobile Legends, titled “MLBB 2.0” brings a wide slew of upgrades to the game we’ve grown to know and love. The largest improvements in this patch, by far, are the visual upgrades to the map, as well as the performance upgrades, which we’ll talk about in the following paragraphs. 

Here is a list of some of the most noteworthy changes that the MLBB 2.0 patch is bringing:

Improved UI and Performance

Starting off strong with the highlight of patch MLBB 2.0, the visual upgrades to the UI. And not only visual upgrades as the new UI is also smoother, faster, and generally easier to use. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; let’s break this down and see what the new UI has to offer.

The main UI redesign centers around the color blue and its different shades which, according to the developers, is meant to create a clean and smooth appearance, while also enhancing the sensation of depth and providing a sense of calm and comfort. We don’t know about any of that, but the new design looks absolutely smashing. It’s definitely a much cleaner appearance, especially when playing on your PC with BlueStacks, with a much larger monitor than your cramped phone screen. 

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In the Moonton Epicon 2019, the devs explained that, while functional, the previous UI had simply too much content on the main screen, which made it look busy and crowded. However, after 3 years of operation, they identified the most important parts of the interface and pruned the other aspects to create a more spacious appearance.

Along with the UI overhaul, this patch also brings a variety of auditory and visual feedback upgrades. There are over 30 new interface sounds that play under different scenarios such as clicking buttons and navigating through menus. This change was implemented to create a sense of consistency between the visual and auditory elements.

Enhanced Character Models and Map Visuals

The standard maps were massively overhauled with many new details and effects to create a more vivid and realistic appearance. Some old elements were meticulously redesigned to make them more lifelike, and most of these details were painstakingly hand-placed. From springs and rivers, to the rocks and foliage; the maps now look truly representative of a game with the caliber of Mobile Legends.

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Upgraded Servers to Fix Latency Issues

A small, yet significant change. While most of the noteworthy upgrades are in the UI and map visuals, the folks at Moonton are also working hard on their infrastructure, as well as coordinating with the datacenters where their servers are located to improve the latency issues that have been plaguing some players. With the launch of MLBB 2.0, players should also see a great improvement in latency and enjoy a much smoother experience on the battlefield.

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In our case, when we tried it out, we had only 60ms in-game, which is near-instantaneous latency. With ping this low, we can land skill shots, dodge enemy attacks, and snag those multi-kills for our team. Furthermore, while not as important as in-game latency, we had

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Tons of Hero Adjustments and a New Hero

Regular MLBB players will be delighted to know that a brand new hero’s making her debut on November 26. The character in question is called Wan Wan: The Agile Tiger, and will have a cost of 599 diamonds, or 32,000 BP, which is standard for most new releases. Those who elect to purchase her with diamonds, however, will receive a 30% discount during the hero’s launch week.

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Wan Wan appears to be a Fighter/Assassin hybrid with an ability to dispel all CC from herself, as well as to punish those who wander too close to her. She can stun, deal massive damage with both basic attacks and skills, and her ultimate has plenty of potential to wipe the entire enemy team if used properly. Furthermore, she seems to be an anti-tank character as her passive, Tiger Pace, deals true damage with every regular attack based on the target’s max HP. In other words, she seems like a very mobile, very quick, and a very deadly hero with some ability to tank CC effects and come out on top even when ambushed. OP much?

Additionally, as is usual with certain patches in these types of games, you can expect many rebalance updates to address OP characters, or to buff the older, underused heroes, and patch 2.0 is no exception. While the list of adjustments is far too long to list in detail, here’s a short summary of some heroes that were altered, and if they either got buffed, nerfed, or simply adjusted:

  • Masha: Mostly nerfed.
  • Baxia: Adjusted.
  • Tigreal: Adjusted, slightly buffed.
  • Gord: Nerfed.
  • Kadita: Buffed.

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These are only 5 out of the 20+ heroes that were adjusted in MLBB 2.0. Keep in mind that, while we list them as nerfs or buffs, this doesn’t mean that, with some exceptions, the characters were altered significantly. If anything, these changes could alter the meta, in general, and lead to much greater changes down the line. Only time will tell. You can find the full changelog of character adjustments in Mobile Legends’ Discord server.

Other small changes to heroes include animation and sound upgrades, as well as optimizations on the effects of certain skills. Characters like Chang’e, Estes, Roger, Franco, Tigreal, and Karina, among others, not only sound better but also move and look better.

Several New Events

Aside from all the improvements we mentioned above, those who regularly play Mobile Legends will also find a ton of events to participate in after the MLBB 2.0 update. These events grant players the opportunity to score awesome prizes, provided you’re high enough level to actually access them.

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The only event  that is currently active at the time of writing is Empire Reborn, which runs through November 16 to December 14, and offers players the opportunity to earn Starlight Member Cards, Starlight Points, and other prizes. Players can pre-register in the event from November 16 to November 22 to receive many rewards for the hero Dyrroth by logging in at certain dates. These rewards include:

  • November 23: Scalebore skin for Dyrroth.
  • November 30: Exclusive battle emote for Dyrroth.
  • December 7: Free Dyrroth avatar border.
  • December 14: Free Mysterious Hero Card, which you can exchange for one hero after December 17.

There are also upcoming events for Starlight Members, including a chance to get an exclusive Starlight Edition skin for Gord, as well as an emote and an avatar border from the 2019 Starlight Edition Lucky Draw. These rewards are only obtainable through this method, but will be sold from the store for a limited time. Afterward, there will be no other ways to unlock these prizes.

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Patch 2.0 for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang just went live and we’re thrilled to see all of its changes in action. We’re already blown away by the new visuals and UI which, in our opinion, wasn’t strictly necessary, but is a welcome addition nonetheless. What do you think about MLBB 2.0? Did it live up to the hype when it was announced a few months ago? Leave us your thoughts on the comments section below!

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