Something rosey is coming to My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero this week — we’re talking about Ashido Mina, another student at the U.A. High School.

Before Mina, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero added Hawks’ recruit pool in its last update. Hawks or Takami Keigo owns a quirk that lets him manipulate each feather on his wings using his very own will.

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Pinky joins My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Prepare to melt as Ashido Mina, also known as Pinky, joins My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.

Pinky is Now Available in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Pinky gets her nickname from her quirk, Acid. Acid enables her to naturally produce acids, causing her skin and hair to be all pink. She is a cheerful and a positive girl, and a very athletic one at that.

Here are her abilities in My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero:

  • Acid Current – Ashido stores a large amount of acid in her hands and swings it forward, spreading acid over a wide area.
  • Acid Bomb – Ashido covers herself in acid with high solubility and jumps toward the enemy. Is acid cannon ball even allowed?!
  • Acid Tornado – Ashido lowers her body and uses her left hand as a support to make a sweeping attack while firing off acid.
  • Acid Surf – Ashido utilizes her acid and decreases the friction with the ground and rushes toward an enemy with a somersault.
  • Acid Flare – Ashido merges breakdance into her attacks, hitting everyone around with a fabulous display of the flare!
  • Acid Combo – Ashido attacks and secretes acid at the same time, causing more damage to the enemies.
  • Dodge – Ashido dodges enemies’ attacks with ease thanks to her dancing experience. She can dodge every single laser Aoyama fires at her with ease even on a field with no obstacles!
  • Acid Bullet – Ashido focuses her acid and fires a small but strong shot of acid.
  • Acid Strike – Ashido slides on the ground and applies acid to enemies too close.
  • Acid Counter – Ashudo will shoot a stream of acid toward the enemy after dodging.
  • Rapid Secretion – Ashido speeds up her metabolism in a short period of time and secretes a large amount of acid, creating a small pool of acid on the ground.
  • Liquid Gear – Even though Ashido doesn’t have a weapon, being covered in acid is already pretty hard to deal with.
  • ph=0 – Ashido’s acid is very acidic… Well, what do you expect? It is acid after all.
  • Quick Feet – Ashido can increase the solubility of her acid thanks to the intense Quirk training.
  • Equipment Breaker – Ashido aims at combat gear when she fires her acid, destroying it in the process.
  • Optimism – Ashido is always cheerful and positive even during a battle. You can say she’s even happier when fighting since she’s basically practicing her dance moves!
  • Watch out! – Ashido is very careful with her acid. She will inform anyone she works with and let them know how to handle it on the fly.

You can get Mina Ashido from August 18 to September 14.

All Might recruit pool

The number one pro hero is back in the game as the developers return All Might’s recruit pool. All Might is a ranged hero packed with multiple rounds of damage.

Pinky is Now Available in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

All Might’s recruit pool will run from August 18 to August 31.

Welcome back, agents

Additionally, the new update will dedicate a special event for all returning agents. Complete all the event missions to win all the rewards.

Note that this event is only valid for agents who have reached level 30 and who have been offline for over 15 days.

This maintenance will give out 250x Hero coins, 50,000 credits, and 50x Stamina. Note that the compensation is only available to players who created their accounts before August 3 at  6:00 a.m. CEST.