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Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

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  1. The Godfather: Family Dynasty
  2. City Fighter vs. Street Gang
  3. Gangstar Vegas
  4. The Grand Mafia
  5. Mafioso: Mafia
  6. Grand Theft Auto Series
  7. Gangfort
  8. Mafia City
  9. Vegas Gangster City
  10. Idle Mafia

Gangsters and mafia have always been charismatic to a set of audiences, giving the gaming industry a genre to explore. This gave rise to many gangster games, which were loved by the community. These games gave the players the freedom to rule over a city by becoming virtual mafias and establishing their authority. It was recently when these games made their entry into the mobile gaming community and gave the players a treat to play. Some of the renowned names are Grand Theft Auto and Mafia City, which became fan favorites and established their authority in the industry. We bring you a list of must-play mafia and gangster Android games, which will ensure that you get the best taste of becoming a ruler of a criminal cartel. Download and play them on BlueStacks to get the best experience.

1. The Godfather: Family Dynasty (Free To Play)

Do you have what it takes to operate a cartel in New York? If yes, then get ready for a fun-filled ride when you manage the crimes in the city of skyscrapers. You are now a part of the renowned Corleone family and the right-hand man of the charismatic and infamous Don Vito. Being in an important position brings in greater responsibilities, and therefore, you need to get your hands dirty in the business to get your business going in New York. 

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

The game allows you to build your authority throughout the game by buying buildings and new territories throughout the game and leveling up your character to fight the rival families and protect your family’s honor. Earn money in The Godfather: Family Dynasty by completing specific tasks as nothing can thrive without cash. Watch out for the tasks provided by Don Vito as they pay up a little extra when completed. You need to use your wits and knowledge to progress in the game with a tinge of violence, as violence can not be avoided in the world of mafia. Download The Godfather: Family Dynasty on your PC and play it using BlueStacks.

2. City Fighter vs. Street Gang (Free To Play)

We don’t know what happened with the City Fighter that he became so furious with the world that he is kicking everyone who is coming in his way. Yes, you heard it right. Everyone is sure to get a beatdown by this merciless antihero in City Fighter Vs. Street Gang. Be it men, women, elderlies, or even kids, they are going to be pummeled with our character’s kicks and punches. But beware, your enemies won’t be accepting the beating by laying down but would deliver equally stiff blows back to you (You deserved it, you kid beater, lol).

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

The gameplay is quite simple, but that does not mean it is easy. As you progress forward in the game, you will come across more furious residents, and beating them becomes difficult. The control present is on the right side of your screen and is easy to use. The game is entertaining and gives you a fun-filled experience if you are bored. Play this Android City Fighter Vs. Street Gang on your PC using BlueStacks and get the best experience of the game with its graphics at their best resolutions.

3. Gangstar Vegas (Free To Play)

Welcome to Sin City. Your adventure starts here. Gangstar Vegas is an open-world game similar to Watch Dogs or Grand Theft Auto series. You are here in Vegas to make your name by climbing up the mafia ranks. As mentioned, the game is an open-world experience, and therefore, you could do pretty much anything you want in the game. Move across the streets of the city and give a beat down to passers-by or steal cars using different weapons. But be cautious of the police as they might not think twice before shooting you down if they see you commit a crime.

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

The graphics are a treat for a person looking to play another open-world game. The map is also pretty large, giving you more options to experience in the game. The game has many missions as compared to the previous games of the series. The only caveat about this Android Mafia game is that it requires a lot of free space. Therefore, playing Gangstar Vegas on your PC with the help of BlueStacks makes sense.

4. The Grand Mafia (Free To Play)

The Grand Mafia puts you in the shoes of a mob boss who is on a path of redemption to regain his lost territory and take control over the city using his strategy skills and wits. If you are a fan of the mafia genre, you would love to play the game. The game is a bit similar to Mafia City but holds its uniqueness with the storyline and freedom you enjoy in the game.

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

Build your cartel and take down opponents with their help. The game connects to the internet, and therefore, you will play it with thousands of other players all around the world. The game also provides you with many tournaments and events that you would love to join. The game gives you the vibes of famous movies such as Goodfellas and The Godfather. Play The Grand Mafia with your friends and become a master of crime city. 

5. Mafioso: Mafia & Clan Wars In Gangster Paradise (Free To Play)

If you are looking to enjoy a mafia Android game on your PC, then Mafioso: Mafia and Clan Wars In Gangster Paradise is one of the best games you could play. The game is brimmed with fun. Your strategy skills will be tested at every moment in this game as many Mafiosos are looking to settle the matters of the business for once and all. This will lead you to exciting turn-based battles. Unlock the characters to help you win in these battles and progress further in the game. 

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

The graphics of the game give a nice feeling which, coupled with the in-game audio, will give you a great experience. The controls are pretty easy to get accustomed to and are suitable to play using the in-game attack cards. Form a team of your favorite mafias and beat the crap out of your enemies. What gave us a great experience was the dialogues used by the Mafiosos during the battles, giving you a sense of visual novel playing in front of you. Play this Mafioso: Mafia and Clan Wars In Gangster Paradise if you like a game with aesthetic visuals and funky gameplay.

Psst! Do you need some inside news about Mafioso? If yes, then do check out our guides on the game. 

6. Grand Theft Auto Series (Play for 1.99$ to 6.99 $)

Here comes the big player! Who wouldn’t have heard about Grand Theft Auto? The game is every boy’s childhood. Developed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto or GTA brings the best in the genre. From the first-ever GTA released in 1997 in the 16-bit era to the world acclaimed GTA V, which is loved by almost every gamer (When the hell will they release GTA VI, it has been seven years.) It is an open-world game and has a long pedigree in the series. 

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

The game is set out in fictional cities, which are a parody or inspiration of real-life American cities. You have to climb up the ladder of criminals and spread your influence throughout the city. You can progress in the game by completing the missions. You could also enjoy doing whatever you want, be it stealing cars, looting banks, or send people flying using your fists, or making them a beehive using your guns. The game is downright addictive and would give you an experience like never before, making it one of the best Android mafia or gangster games present today. Play Grand Theft Auto on your PC with the best graphics and audio using BlueStacks as your emulator.

7. Gangfort (Free To Play)

The game will bring back memories with its pixelated graphics, resembling the games of the 90s. You aim to survive in the game and experience your criminal life to the fullest. You have to move forward in the game by choosing one out of nine characters present in the game. It would help if you ran through the streets or on the roofs, killing your enemies either by shooting them or blowing them into pieces using bombs and jumping over obstacles. In a nutshell, in Gangfort do whatever is required to stay alive and win the given round. 

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

You could play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode and with the help of internet connectivity and give your opponents the beating they deserve. As mentioned, the graphics are a delicacy for players who love retro-themed games. Live your life of crime inside out in this Gangfort on your PC with the help of BlueStacks.

8. Mafia City (Free To Play)

Mafia City has everything for a fantastic gaming experience, an incredible soundtrack, nice visuals, and good gameplay. It is a strategy-based game in which you need to protect your territory and expand it using your intellect and criminal prowess. You need to become a big mafia boss all around the city. To do that, you need to increase your skills, and build various kinds of buildings throughout the city and kill your opponents.

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

However, unlike the other strategy-based games, it is more fun because of the battles it incorporates into the game. To earn points and complete missions, you need to fight your way through. The game presents you with different weapons and vehicles as a resource to your mafia military. Everything depends upon the number of resources you have in the game. The game is a perfect blend of strategy and management, using the genre of the game to its maximum potential. Play Mafia City Android game and live a life of a mafia.

9. Vegas Gangster City (Free To Play)

You are a small-time criminal in this virtual city of Vegas. You have to roam through the streets of Vegas and move up the ranks of the criminal pedigree. The game is excellent with its rich 3D graphics and soundtrack. Vegas Gangster City gives you a great experience if you want to try out games from the genre. The game also provides you with missions to play and complete to progress further. Some missions include stealing cars, escaping the clutches of cops, robbing crooked people in business, and kicking your opponent’s butt.

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

The game gives you all the freedom you need. Unlock the different maps of the game and play them to gain extra resources and progress faster. The game serves as a grand tour of Sin City and would give you the freedom to play Vegas Gangster City to your heart’s content.

10. Idle Mafia (Free To Play)

You are the head of a criminal family looking to achieve your big goal of ruling the city. Establishing your criminal empire is one of the many steps you should take to make that dream come true. Idle Mafia brings the genre into a different light with its cartoon-like graphic. The supposedly grim genre becomes quite bright when you play this game. Earn more money by buying various estates, which in turn will mint money for you and help you gain control, as money means power.

Best Mafia and Gangster Android Games

Go and expand your criminal cartel and influence the city with your power. Besides gaining non-stop money, you also have to solve the turf wars by showing your power like a boss. Continue growing your power until none is left to challenge your rulership. The game is perfect if you are looking for a fun-filled ride in this grim genre. 

These were some of the best mafia or gangster Android games that you can play with your friends and rule over a city with your cartel. These games are the closest you can get to becoming a gangster or a mob boss (Don’t even get close to becoming one in real life, we highly condemn it). Use BlueStacks as an emulator to get the best graphics and audio for a better experience. Download and Play this Idle Mafia on pc with BlueStacks.

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