1. Tetris
  2. Super Mario Run
  3. Two Dots
  4. The Witcher: Monster Slayer
  5. Rock Mania
  7. Geometry Dash SubZero
  8. Fire Emblem- Heroes
  9. Neko Atsume
  10. Alto’s Adventure
  11. Final Fantasy XV
  12. Monument Valley

Mobile gaming has levelled up in every field, be it animations, gameplay or audio. Smartphone games are now focusing on good soundtracks to give gamers an immersive experience, which was a not so prominent feature in the earlier games. However, the audio and visuals of video games have improved significantly, giving players a fun ride while playing these games. If you are one of those who are looking to play Android games with good soundtracks on PC, then search no further, we bring you a list of the best Android Games with amazing soundtracks or audios which will turn out to be a treat for your ears. Download and play them using BlueStacks as your emulator for an amazing experience.

Tetris (Free to Play)

Tetris, without a doubt, is a classic that people love to this date. The mind-blowing puzzle game that was once limited to Nintendo and other consoles can now be easily found on Android. If anything has changed in the game during these years, it is the addition of vibrant colors and quirky sound effects, making the game even better. Tetris is among those games which would be incomplete without its soundtrack. We would recommend you to play this game at full volume and feel the nostalgia hit you hard as you try to score higher.

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The game has evolved for the better and now has multiple game modes. This would include the battle royale, where you can play head-to-head with 100 players from all around the world and try to beat them all. The other modes include the classic single-player and the multiplayer mode, but the most interesting one so far is the custom mode. You can personalize your game by choosing from the available themes. Download the game today on your PC and compete with players all around the world, showing off your Tetris skills with the help of BlueStacks.

Super Mario Run (Free to Play)

Everyone would agree on the fact that the backbone of Super Mario has always been its soundtrack. Even now, with the Android games all over the internet, Super Mario Run, the Android counterpart of the game, things haven’t changed a bit. The background music is still catchy, and the developers have once again used the iconic sound that can be heard whenever Mario jumps. 

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The main idea of the game remains the same. Mario is on a mission to rescue Princess Peach (When will she stop getting kidnapped?) and on his way to save her, and as usual, there are tons of obstacles in your path. You will have to help Mario jump, and if you succeed in timing your jumps perfectly, Mario would even perform flips. Other game modes have been added to make the game on PC more enjoyable, including the Toad Rally mode, where you can compete with friends and strangers. The Kingdom Builder mode has become a favorite for players because all of the coins that Mario collects in this mode can be used to build their very own kingdom. The game is a complete package and would not only keep you intrigued for hours but also bring back memories of your childhood. 

Two Dots (Free to Play)

If puzzles are your genre, then Two Dots is the perfect game for you. The objective of the game is to connect dots that have the same color. Each level has a set of dots that you will have to match to clear the level. The difficulty of the game keeps increasing as you keep clearing the levels and move ahead in the game. The game is divided into various worlds with their unique themes, and each world has a certain number of levels. Currently, the game has around 3300 levels, making the game very challenging.

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The essential part that makes Two Dots so attractive is the simplicity that it brings with itself. From its graphics to its soundtrack, things have been kept simple, giving you a warm and comfortable feeling. It is a game that you can enjoy in your free time, and we believe that there would be no point in the game where you would get bored playing it. Each level in the game has a unique layout and can challenge you to an extent where you will be compelled to spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out how to clear the level. Download Two Dots on your PC and play it with the help of BlueStacks and give your brain the mental exercise it needs.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer (Free to Play)

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a treat for all the fans of the Witcher series from Netflix. This Role Playing Game would allow you to be the Witcher and slay the monsters present in the game. The Witcher: Monster Slayer is yet to be released on BlueStacks, but the pre-registrations are going on. Register now to be amongst the few to play the game first. The game won’t be any different from the previous games in the series in terms of fun. It would be your responsibility to follow the tracks of the monsters and kill them in combat, saving the kingdom. To make things even better, some of the most famous characters can be seen in the game, even as NPCs.

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The gameplay will be intense as the graphics would be much better than that of the previous games. The game is already in the testing phase in most countries, and from what we know, the makers have left no stone unturned in making the soundtrack of the game a memorable one. The roar of the monsters, as well as the clinging of the swords, are all kept realistic to give the fans of Witcher an experience that they desire. The game would be made available for download very soon, and once it drops, you can go on your hunt to kill those blood-thirsty monsters.

Rock Mania (Free to Play)

Bring out the musician in you with Rock Mania. A game made for all those who have always dreamt of becoming a rock star in their childhood. This rhythm-filled game has more than 30 preloaded songs that you can choose to play. All you have to do is click on the colored blocks, and as long as you time your taps, the music would play, so don’t mess up. Who would have thought that you can play perfect notes on your PC without any musical instrument? However, Rock Mania makes this possible.

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There are many games in this genre but what makes Rock Mania stand out is the fact that you can use your music in the game and play it. The best part about the game is that the sound quality of the music is maintained throughout, which makes the game a treat to the ears. The slight sound effects that have been sprinkled all around the game are very catchy and responsible for enhancing the overall experience of the game. Play this one in your free time or jam with your friends the next time you meet. Rock Mania is surely a true paradise for all the music lovers in the world. Play it on BlueStacks on your PC and show the world your musical genius.

VVVVVV (Play for 2.99$)

VVVVVV hosts a very simple art style, thereby making it very simple to understand for the players. The gameplay starts with a spaceship that has to be evacuated by the captain as well as the crew following an accident in the teleporter. You play as the captain of the spaceship and need to find every member of your crew on board and exit the ship before it gets destroyed. Being in a spaceship, the game also gives the captain the ability to go anti-gravity, adding a cherry on top to the already amazing design of the game. 

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The developers of the game have made it a bit difficult than games of the same genre, however, but the checkpoint system helps you relax a bit. The game also possesses one of the most addictive soundtracks that has been used in any game. With the upgrade in 2017, the game became much better with the graphics, and the multiplayer mode was also introduced in the game, making the game much more attractive to the players. The game is a little short in length but has many challenges and bonus levels in store. Download and play VVVVVV on your PC and get a taste of a space mission with your friends.

Geometry Dash SubZero (Free to Play)

Released in 2017, Geometry Dash SubZero houses one of the best challenge courses for people who love arcade games. The game presents an endless number of hurdles that keep the user motivated to go up to the endpoint of the game. The hip music present in the game also keeps the user latched on. The game comes with excellent graphics and simple gameplay that is easy to understand. 

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The game is simple, but it requires the player to have perfect timing to come out victorious. There are many characters to choose from in the game. Choose the character you like the most and dive into the amazing adventures the game offers. The game offers two modes to choose from that are Normal Mode and Practice Mode. After choosing the mode, you need to select from the three maps given in the game according to your practice and expertise levels. This is not for the people who do not love to test their capabilities, as the game provides you with challenge after challenge that you need to cross to become victorious. The difficulty and pace of the levels increase as you progress further, which is why the game promise to keep you hooked on to itself. The game has undoubtedly one of the best soundtracks in Android games. Play this game in your free time and enjoy Geometry Dash SubZero on your PC with the help of BlueStacks as your emulator.

Fire Emblem- Heroes (Free to Play)

Fire Emblem Heroes was originally released for Nintendo and turned out to be a great success, especially in countries like Japan and United States. The Fire Emblem- Heroes is an RPG hosting a strategic war-type situation with the opponent and the player on a single screen. The layout and gameplay of the game are quite simplistic and easy to understand, making players hooked onto the game. The game’s success became evident as it became one of the top-grossing games in 2017. 

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The gameplay involves four characters who are fighting on each side with different powers and weapons. The powers of the enemy characters tend to become much higher as the levels of the game increases. Apply your best strategies and come out victorious in the game. Choose your army, and slide it near the enemy’s territory, and fight them until you defeat them all and become victorious. The game hosts many great characters, all with different powers that will compel gamers to make different strategies by mixing and matching different characters to come out victorious. The war music in the game adds to the excitement of the players, making it one of the games with the best soundtracks.

Neko Atsume (Free to Play)

People became obsessed with the cuteness of Neko Atsume when it was released back in 2014. As the name suggests, the game is all about cats (Neko = cats in Japanese). The game starts with laying food and toys all over the yard, attracting all the stray cats in your area. The cat lovers were hooked to it ever since the game was released. Everything happens after the game is running in the background. Every time you open the game, you find something exciting happening. You see cats sleeping, playing, and eating all over your yard. 

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Different types of cats are attracted by different types of toys, food, and furniture so ensure to get them all. After the cats leave, they leave behind fishes as tokens of joy in return for your love. The official currencies of Neko Atsume- “Fishes,” come in Silver and Gold. You can refill the cat food with the help of fishes. The more expensive the food is, the more cats will show up in your place. Also, look out for rare species of cats that might give you a visit, as they leave better rewards. You can use the fishes to buy goodies (the more extensive and more expensive goodies are always better in the game). Upgrade your yard to collect more and more cats. The game is a cat lover’s paradise, leaving everyone that plays in awe of the overloaded cuteness. This is surely a game with the best soundtrack, which makes it a humble and soothing experience that you would surely love to enjoy.

Alto’s Adventure (Free to Play)

Alto’s Adventure is a simple game that keeps the player hooked to the game. The game is a snowboarding adventure game that also houses some jumping and back flips stunts. The soundtracks in the game are super precise as they help the users feel the real joy of snowboarding in the mountains, giving you an extra boost in the game. The music composer duo Todd Baker and Torin Borrowdale, popular for giving music to many great games, have given music here, making it even more exciting. 

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Alto’s Adventure is an endless snowboarding adventure that makes people wonder what might be at the end of this snowboarding trail. Just put on some headphones, and the game will transport you directly to the endless downhill adventure. The game also hosts different weathers, terrains, great lighting, and atmospheres. You pass by various villages while sliding down the mountain and see paper lanterns floating in the night sky. The attention to the little details adds more fun to the game. The game also hosts a “Zen Mode” that enables users to experience the beautiful mountains and the wonderful nature. The developers have added this feature to help the gamers experience the game first hand without the fears of scores or game over. Enjoy this serene trip to the mountains with the help of BlueStacks when you play it on your PC.

Final Fantasy XV (Free to Play)

Final Fantasy XV is a battlefield featured game with effective strategy-making skills consisting of several maps. It is one of the easy-to-access and interactive battle games that can be run on many platforms. It is well known for its visuals, innovation, and musical tracks, such as the annex of Full-Motion Videos (FMVs). In this series of games, the names of the character are frequently derived from world history, using several languages, different pop-culture, and gold ores of cultures of the world. The game involves a high-quality animation and resolution of your favorite Final Fantasy Series. The soundtrack used in the game is top-notch, giving you an immersive experience.

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The Final Fantasy XV on PC is easy to play. All you need to do is click on the screen to attack your enemy, also combine mystical abilities with different tactics to know how to overpower your opponents. The ultimate aim is to search elements in the field and complete the dungeons. To achieve that, you have to move the characters through fields and search for items of dungeons or hidden paths, and discover new routes to find or achieve your destinations. The basic tip is to talk to the people in towns who may help to receive quests to progress faster. Accomplish them all to get items, Gil, and even rare items. Make your battles with other players and get to the peak of the table and achieve great perks and prizes. 

Monument Valley (Play for 3.99$)

Monument Valley, a real challenging puzzle game with a mind-bending design that fully focuses on your thinking skills, compelling you to think outside the box. In this game, you will manipulate preposterous architecture and guide a hushed princess, Lda, through a stunningly beautiful world. In Monument Valley, the character is a princess with the name LDA, has to complete her journey through a sacred geometry designed in this game. An isometric form is presented to you throughout the game. Also, the player can interact with the environment to discover a hidden passage as the character progresses to exit the map of the game. After every tenth level, the game has a different central mechanic. The game has its ability to tell its own emotional story through its amazing soundtrack and animation.

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The entrancing soundtracks and instruments playing in the background are also very enjoyable, making your gaming more exciting and enjoyable. The player gets indirect cues throughout the game by design elements like color and directly cued by several crows, which block your character’s path.  It can be considered one of the best games that have the perfect blend of storytelling, puzzles, and an amazing soundtrack. Download Monument Valley on your PC with the help of BlueStacks and enjoy this game.

Play these Android games with amazing soundtracks on PC with the help of BlueStacks as your emulator and enjoy the full audio quality of the game. Don’t miss out on the immersive experience that your PC might provide with bigger screen and better speakers, so why wait? Download BlueStacks now.