It’s no surprise that AFK Arena releases new heroes almost every month. However, this time, Lilith Games announced two new heroes at the same time from two different factions, the Wilders and the Lightbearers. If you want to know more about the nature-loving Wilders and the servants of Dura the Lightbearers, check out our previous blog.

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks

The last hero we had was the Lightbearer hero Eluard, the protector of souls. You can read more about how you can utilize Eluard in-combat from our last blog post here.

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks

Let us now get to know our two new heroes, Raku and Peggy.


If you actually combine these two together, they would have resembled a certain MOBA game’s pairing of a little girl and a bear.

However, we will discuss their appearances individually.

Raku looks like a giant raccoon. He carries his weapon of choice, a slingshot. Strapped across his body are two bowls: the one on his left contains toast while the one on his right contains tiny fishes.

Raku also wears a distinctive leaf on top of his head so he is pretty hard to miss.

Meanwhile, Peggy is your typical lonesome princess. If we were to like her to a pop culture character, she looks close to the Powerpuff Girls’ Princess with the twin tails and the crown. She also wears this proud look on her face.

Peggy comes with a pair of guards that would protect her at all costs.

Peggy is basically a ranger Lightbearer while Raku is also a ranger of the Wilders faction.


So why did Lilith Games released two heroes at the same time in the first place? Well, their lore stories are actually intertwined with each other!

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks

Let’s start with Raku’s. Raku is described as a “mischievous child” among the Wilders faction. No one really wanted to play with him except for Pippa, the little mage. When Pippa left the forest, Raku became lonesome so he set out of his forest to find his best friend.

Raku’s feet brought him around the city where he saw “see-through cages” (which are actually fish bowls) trapping little fishes. He felt sorry for the creatures which is why he took the fish bowls with him and set the little ones free. As for the bowls, Raku took them with him, filled them with water, and permanently made them his “cleaning bags.”

After following the delicious whiff of toast, Raku stumbled upon princess Peggy, and the two immediately became friends. Raku and Peggy became playmates for a long time until the former had to leave since he was originally on a quest to search for Pippa, who apparently returned to the forest as reported by Peggy’s soldiers. The two separated their ways for a while but got reunited together again in Peggy’s lore.

So let’s talk about Peggy.

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks

We know that all she ever wanted was for her father, the King of Lightbearers, to play with her. However, the man is too busy which is why Raku accidentally came to the rescue and became Peggy’s playmate.

Moving on to Peggy’s story, her father actually set her up on an arranged marriage with Rowan. Her lore story is pretty much one big hallucination after eating some mushrooms from the forest around Raku’s place. It just shows us how close the two have gotten to a point where they would both play and explore around the castle grounds even at night.



  • Acorn Cannon – Raku shoots at the most injured enemy target, dealing 330% damage to them. The attack also deals additional damage worth 5 5% of the health which the target has already lost, and stuns them for 4 seconds. Value of the additional damage cannot exceed 900% of Raku’s Attack Rating. If this ability successfully kills the target, it will be cast again. Raku is immune to control effects while using this ability.
  • Entangling shot – Raku deals 220% damage to the enemy target with the highest Attack Rating, also imprisoning them for 4 seconds.
  • Peckish – Raku eats a snack that makes him immune to control abilities and raises his Attack Rating by 30%, and Haste by 30 points for 8 seconds.
  • Raku’s Mark – Whenever an enemy target is under the effects of a control ability, Raku will additionally target them with his Normal Attack over the next 4 seconds. Passive: Damage dealt to any enemies under the effects of a control ability is increased by 35%.


  • Duty Bound

Passive: Peggy is accompanied by two guards, that each possess 80% of her own attributes. If an enemy is beside Peggy, her guards will return to protect her. Peggy’s movements will always prioritize the rear-center allied side of the battlefield. If Peggy is killed, her guards will leave the battlefield.

Active: Using the Ultimate ability increases the guards’ Haste by 5 points and Defense Rating by 100% for 12 seconds. If there are no guards present on the battlefield when this ability is used, Peggy will call forward a guard, which uses his shield to knock back any enemies in his path, sending them hurtling into the air, dealing damage equal to 350% of the guard’s Attack Rating, also stunning them for 3 seconds.

  • Royal Scroll – Peggy uses a magic scroll that heals her guards and 1 non-summoned ally for 220% worth of Peggy’s Attack Rating.
  • Royal Guards – Peggy’s guard creates a shield around himself and the nearest non-summoned ally, which has a value equal to 20% of the guard’s own health, that exists for 8 seconds.
  • Royal Marksmen – Peggy calls forth 5 marksmen that fire a salvo at the enemy which is closest to Peggy. Each marksman deals 70% damage to the target, subsequently reducing the target’s Accuracy by 10 points and their Haste by 1O points for 7 seconds. If the enemy target is on the enemy side of the battlefield, the marksmen have a chance to miss their shots. The farther an enemy is from the marksmen increases their chances of missing, with the maximum chance to miss a shot being 30%.

Tips for using Peggy and Raku

Now that you are familiar with their abilities, here are some tips to get you started with Peggy and Raku.


  • Since Peggy summons two guards at her command, she is pretty good at helping the team tank damage against enemy opponents.
  • Take advantage of Peggy’s stun! It lasts for 3.1s.


  • Go ahead and build Raku 3/9 to make him immune all the time. You will also get additional buffs like 50% Attack Rating and 50% Haste.
  • Aim for Raku’s Furniture Skill at 9/9 which will give you a second chance at casting his ultimate ability, Raku’s Mark. Once you have done this, Raku will be an overall pretty tough hero to beat.

Heroes that can synergize with Peggy and Raku

While they may be released at the same time, they do not exactly pair well together. Here are some of the heroes that go well with these two individually:


  • Flora – Peggy seems to be an ideal addition to stalling compositions like Flora.
  • Elijah and Lailah – Peggy is already a decent support hero, and if you paid her up with the twins then your team will have a pair of supports to back up your whole lineup.

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks


  • Tasi – Right off the bat, Raku’s abilities sound insane already. He can be a good fit for teams who are into hard control with heroes like Tasi.

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks

Gwyneth – the Lightbearer hero Gwyneth can stun the backline and then Raku targets them to deal increased damage.

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks

  • Lyca – as soon as Lyca casts her buff, Raku can just swoop in and melt the enemy team.

Guide to AFK Arena's Raku and Peggy on BlueStacks

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