BK57 is an assault rifle that is not that popular in its kind. The BK57 has good damage and an average fire rate. It also features a bigger base magazine than most assault rifles in the game. The accuracy of this weapon is very good, and the recoil can easily be controlled. However, you may find it problematic at long ranges due to the sudden horizontal recoil. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The BK57 Goes Beyond Average

The BK57 originally appeared in Call of Duty Online as the AKBP. Noted for its medium-range and medium damage, the performance of BK57 was quite average, so it was not on any top pick lists. The BK57 is a well-rounded weapon. It’s a highly versatile weapon that can respond to various battle situations. The performance of default BK57 is not that outstanding, compared to other popular assault rifles. However, with the right build, it can still become a viable weapon in different ways.

BK57 Stats

Now, let’s see the weapon stats first. BK57 has an average fire rate with good accuracy. By default, it has 35 bullets in the magazine with a fire rate of 660 rounds per minute. The default mag size is good enough for an AR. Nowadays, most of the popular weapons in CoD Mobile are suffering from insufficient mag capacity issues. The quick reload time of the weapon is 2 seconds, and the full reload time is 2.9 seconds. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The BK57 Goes Beyond Average

Its ADS speed is only 284 milliseconds, which is about average for an assault rifle. The mobility of BK57 is around the average as well. The movement speed is at 6.5 meters/second, and the ADS movement speed is around 2.1 meters/second. The base weapon stats indicate BK57 is a very average weapon in all aspects. Being an average assault rifle, can its damage range stand out among others?

Damage and Range

Now let’s take a look at the damage and range of this weapon, to know how it performs in terms of time to kill in different ranges. BK57 is a very average assault rifle with a fairly good damage range. It can 4-shot kill in close to mid-range, like most assault rifles, but the damage drops dramatically in the longer range. It deals 27 damage up to 15 meters, 22 damage from 16 to 35 meters, and 19 damage from 36 meters above. The weapon has 2 body multipliers, a headshot deals 1.2 times normal damage, and the head multiplier will be increased to 1.3 with the equipment of the large caliber ammo.

In MP, it’s time to kill figures is about the average of assault rifles in close to mid-range. However, in BR it’s a different story. Due to the damage reduction from the vest, weapon damage is not consistent in BR, it has 1 floating damage in all ranges. As a result, the BK57 isn’t a competitive weapon in terms of time to kill figures, comparing to other popular BR weapons, like AK-47 or Man-O-War. However, the good accuracy, and easy-to-control recoil make BK57 an alternative weapon to use in BR. It might be not the first weapon you would pick, but it is definitely not a bad weapon that will cause you trouble. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The BK57 Goes Beyond Average

Practically, BK57 is one of those average weapons in MP that can do a good job. It deals decent damage in close to mid-range, which can 4 shots kill up to 15 meters, and 5 shots kill up to 35 meters. The main strength of BK57 is really depending on its good accuracy and low recoil in close to mid-range gunfights. Other than that, the weapon is well-rounded but quite average in all aspects.

BK57 MP Loadout

In MP games, weapon mobility is most important; it determines how fast you can kill. The goal of this build is to maximize the weapon mobility of BK57, especially the ADS speed. Use the light barrel and combat stock to boost weapon mobility. These two attachments can increase ADS speed by 24%, at the cost of the weapon’s accuracy. Then use the granulated grip tape and the tactical laser to redeem the loss of weapon accuracy. To finish up the build, add the large caliber ammo, which can make the weapon more efficient for headshots. Even though it reduces weapon mobility a little bit, it is still the one and the only attachment that is recommended for every build of this weapon. This is a max mobility build, and it performed well against the default BK57.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The BK57 Goes Beyond Average

First of all, let’s test the ADS speed. The default ADS speed is 17 frames which is 284 milliseconds. With this MP build, the ADS time is reduced to 12 frames, which is as fast as most SMGs. This gives a huge advantage in the fast pace MP games. Next, let’s compare the recoil patterns. The bullet spread accuracy of the default BK57 is quite good. However, the recoil pattern of this weapon is kind of unique. It has a jiggly horizontal recoil in the middle of the recoil pattern. The bullet spread accuracy is improved a little bit with this build, but the shaky recoil is the real issue of this weapon. The first 10 bullets are very accurate with only vertical recoil. The next 10 bullets are causing trouble for this weapon. Unless you use all attachments to improve horizontal recoil, it will be difficult to control the horizontal recoil of this weapon. So the right way to use BK57, is to spray the first 10 bullets and stop, then start shooting again. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The BK57 Goes Beyond Average

This will reset the weapon recoil, making the BK57 a very accurate weapon in any range.  To sum up, this is a max mobility MP build, that provides the best mobility, better accuracy, and better damage. It is still the average assault rifle in MP, and can be very accurate and efficient if you can use it properly.

BK57 BR Loadout

Now let’s move on to the BR build. In BR games, the weapon damage range should always be your first concern. The default range of BK57 was pretty good. To make it even better, use a monolithic suppressor and the ranger barrel, which can increase the damage range by 45%. The default BK57 allows you to kill an enemy within 35 meters in a second. With this BR build, effective range is extended to 50 meters, which is almost the farthest range of an assault rifle.

Next, use the skeleton stock to improve weapon accuracy and flinch stability. It helps in horizontal recoil as well. Again, the tactical laser is used in this build. Last but not least, add the large caliber ammo as well to boost headshot damage. This is a maximum range BR build, and it performed well against the default BK57. First of all, the ADS speed. In this build, you will sacrifice some mobility for better range, so ADS speed is 4 frames slower than the default.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The BK57 Goes Beyond Average

However, don’t worry too much about the ADS speed, if you’re using this weapon mainly for a longer range. Next, the recoil patterns. Even though the bullet spread accuracy is improved, the horizontal recoil is still the problem here. The horizontal recoil is slightly improved with this BR build, but it’s still recommended not to spray the whole mag of this weapon. Use it correctly and wisely, it will become one of the most accurate weapons in this game.

The BK57 is available as Rare and Epic blueprints in BR. The customized blueprint can be found in Airdrops. To sum up, this is a build with the best range and good accuracy, specially designed for BR. It is a powerful weapon that can eliminate the enemy at all ranges. Its advantage is the good accuracy of the first 10 bullets, in mid to long-range. Overall, the BK57 is a jack of all trades, but master of none. It deals better damage, and has a better damage range than popular SMGs, such as QQ9 or Fennec. It has a higher fire rate, and better mobility than popular ARs, such as Man-O-War or ASM 10. But it’s not the best of any kind.