Free Fire has added a new character in the game called Leon and he might change the way you fight. Over the updates, the game has been adding characters that have active and passive skills. These characters tend to have some bearing on the way your fights turn out, some more than others. If you have played the game for some time then you know how powerful some of these character skills can be. Wukong, Chrono, Skylar, Alok, and K are some of the more powerful active skill characters of Free Fire. Now, you probably are familiar with the difference between active skills and passive skills. If you are not, it basically is how the skill plays out in the game. 

Free Fire Character Skill Guide: Beat the Buzzer with Leon

The active skills in the game give the user abilities that have a more dynamic impact on the game. Chrono has an active skill called Time Turner that creates a blue sphere around the user upon activation. This blue sphere is capable of blocking out damage up to 600. Time Turner is an active skill as it makes changes in the game that is beyond the usual mechanics of movement or accuracy. Wukong also has an active skill called Camouflage which turns the user into a moving bush, going beyond the usual mechanics of the game. Passive skills are a bit different as these skills tend to amplify the usual mechanics of the game. Most of the passive skills will amplify your movement speed, accuracy, HP, or increase damage. 

All of those are just amplifications in the game mechanics. These boosts in stats can also be seen in the gun skins of Free Fire or in pets. Lastly, the game allows users to make their own skill combinations by combining four skills. However, only one skill slot is allotted for an active skill while the other three can only be used with passive skills. You can also make a skill combination with all four skill slots filled with passive skills. Now, that the basics of the game’s skill system are covered, let’s start with the guide on Leon.


There are a lot of characters in Free Fire that have very powerful passive skills. The most commonly used passive skill in the game is Kelly’s Dash which increases movement speed. Passive skills are more useful in the way your fights turn out than active skills as they carry the most weight in the engagements. The new character of Leon also has a passive skill called Buzzer Beater and it might change how you approach engagements. Buzzer Beater is a passive skill that will focus on the HP recovery and not on damage or movement. This skill will allow users to recover HP after surviving a fight. It may seem confusing but the Buzzer Beater skill is going to become one of the most used passive skills soon in the game. 

Free Fire Character Skill Guide: Beat the Buzzer with Leon

The way this skill works is by restoring HP after a player gets shot by the enemy. Basically, if you get shot by the enemy, the skill will restore HP once the shooting stops after a few seconds. That is why the skill mentions in the game that it will grant HP after the user survives combat. Even though the way this passive skill functions in the game is not complicated, it can make a massive difference in fights. Especially in fights when a player is facing multiple enemies and does not have enough time to use a medkit. At level 1 Leon’s Buzzer Beater skill will only grant 5 HP to the user but at level 6 it will grant 30 HP. That is a massive bump in HP recovery which will be an advantage in intense situations. However, there is no HP recovery when a Leon user shoots at the enemy. For the skill to work, a Leon skill user needs to be shot by the enemy. 

Leon in Clash Squads

Leon is one of those characters in Free Fire that will be mostly used in Clash Squad ranked games. The Buzzer Beater skill is perfect for this game mode as most of the time players are fighting in close range. Having time to use a medkit in this game mode may not be possible many times and a skill that can grant you 30 HP after a fight is going to come in handy. If you are wondering how to use Leon’s skill in Clash Squad to its full potential, you can start by focusing on the recovering HP part. Since Leon’s skill can only grant HP once the fight is over, you need to use another skill that will grant you HP in the fight as well. Doing that will grant you a continuous supply of HP in engagements which will make sure that you have at least 1 HP left at all times. 

Free Fire Character Skill Guide: Beat the Buzzer with Leon

The only other passive skill that can work with Leon’s Buzzer Beater is Jota’s Sustained Raids. Jota’s Sustained Raids skill recovers HP for the user when they are shooting the enemy and knocking an enemy will recover 20% of your maximum HP at level 6. Both of these skills can work in tandem and stop your HP bar from reaching zero. To give these two skills some firepower use D-bee’s passive skill Bullet Beats. Bullet Beats skill increases accuracy and movement speed when the user is moving while firing. The bump that this skill gives to movement and accuracy is very significant. At level 6 this skill can increase your movement speed by 15% and your accuracy by 35%.

Free Fire Character Skill Guide: Beat the Buzzer with Leon

Since Jota’s Sustained Raids can only recover HP when your shots connect with the enemy, having increased accuracy will help with that. For the active skill slot, use Skylar’s Riptide Rhythm which is dominating in Clash Squads games. Skylar’s active skill does two things at once and both will help you with this skill combination. With Riptide Rhythm a user can destroy five gloo walls of a single direction up to 100 meters. Since gloo walls are used so much in Clash Squad games and usually the range is less than 100 meters, Skylar’s Riptide Rhythm can tear through all of them. Another thing that this skill can do is recover 9 HP for every gloo wall used. With the HP recovery from gloo walls, Skylar’s addition makes this skill combination complete. If you use this skill combination in your Clash Squad games, you will recover HP during the fights, after the fights, and by using gloo walls. Use it smartly and you will be playing with essentially unlimited HP which is a massive advantage in ranked games. 

Leon in Battle Royale

The core aspect of this character will remain the same in the battle royale mode for Free Fire as it was in Clash Squads. So it will still be useful only for players who have a more aggressive playstyle and tend to drop in dangerous places. If you are a player who tends to play passive then this character skill will not be useful for you. However, this is a perfect character skill to have for players who play solo games or just play solo against duos and squads. Buzzer Beater skill recovers HP when the enemy who has shot you stops shooting, which is when the fight is over. You can use that as a player who is facing multiple enemies to take down a squad. Potentially, Leon’s skill can recover you 120 HP if you kill a whole squad. 

Free Fire Character Skill Guide: Beat the Buzzer with Leon

However, this passive skill is more suited for when the fight is over and not for when it is happening. As battle royale games are longer and there is enough time between engagements for the player to use a medkit, HP recovery will not be the focus here. For BR games the focus should be to increase your chances in a fight. Use Hayato’s Bushido skill along with Leon’s Buzzer Beater. Bushido is one of the more popular passive skills in the game and a powerful one too. This skill increases armor penetration of its user bullets as their Max HP is decreased by 10%. In a fight where you are going to get shot by enemies and deplete your HP, Bushido will increase your firepower. And once the fight is over, Leon’s skill will grant you 30 HP so you can go and fight another enemy. 

Taking down teams in duo games will become more manageable with just these two skills. Since movement is also a big part of moving around the map, using Kelly’s Dash will be a good choice here. It is not necessary that you use Kelly here but since there is no character skill that is amplifying movement speed, the Dash skill becomes necessary. Lastly, for the active skill slot, you should use Wukong’s Camouflage. This skill will work well for players who tend to seek fights. Kelly will increase your movement speed which will help you find enemies faster. Then Wukong will help you turn into a bush that cannot get shot at easily from even close range. This will give you small protection from the initial enemy fire and once the fight starts, the Bushido will kick in. 

Free Fire Character Skill Guide: Beat the Buzzer with Leon

When you are in the middle of an intense fight, you will start receiving damage and your HP will decrease making Bushido activate. Bushido will increase your armor penetration, making it easier to kill enemies in close ranges. Lastly, once the fight is over, Leon’s Buzzer Beater will grant you 30 HP to stay alive for another fight.