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Free Fire LMG Guide, Spary Down Targets with Bullets

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When it comes to the guns in Free Fire, the one category that has always been neglected is the LMGs. Players tend to focus a lot more on guns like the M1887, AK, or MP40 but never on an LMG. In Clash Squad games players have to play in very close range fights, so they tend to pick the M1887 or an SMG. Even for long-range fights in the battle royale games, players will still prefer using a marksman sniper or a sniper rifle. 

Free Fire LMG Guide, Spary Down Targets with Bullets

So the gun category that gets overlooked is LMG and that is a shame. These guns are some of the most versatile weapons in the game and can do serious damage in the fight. This Free Fire guide is going to teach you how to use LMGs in the game to have maximum impact. You need to understand what purpose these guns serve and where do they fall short. LMGs are machine guns that have massive magazine sizes, fast rate of fire, and are very heavy for movement. In Free Fire, there are three LMGs: Kord, M249, and M60. 

Machine Gun Mode

In Free Fire LMGs come with a mode called Machine Gun mode. To activate this mode you need to be in the crouch position with an LMG in your hand. When this mode is active your LMG will shoot more accurately and will show its true potential. This machine gun mode does make your LMG shoot much better but at a very high cost. Crouching maybe be fine in a middle of a fight, but it is not ideal to do every time you use your gun. If you use your LMG in the standing position it would still kill the target, but the accuracy will be a bit off. 

Free Fire LMG Guide, Spary Down Targets with Bullets

Machine gun mode is best used when you have to take long-range shots at a target. Many players don’t know this but LMGs are good in long-range fights. So when you do have to use the gun in machine gun mode, always find cover first. Crouching is a very vulnerable position to be since most players normally aim at the torso. When you’re in the crouch position, your head is at your torso’s level which makes it easy for players with bad crosshair placement to take a headshot. Using a cover to hide your body while you are in the crouch position will make sure that you don’t take any damage. Aim in a way that your red dot can view the target, but your body is behind a cover. 

Close Range Combat

Many players are under a misconception that LMGs are not good in close combat. The complaint is not with the firepower of these guns but with the effect they have on movement. LMGs are heavy guns to carry in Free Fire and in close range fights the movement speed matters a lot. There is no character skill in the game active or passive to make carrying this gun easier. So you need to rely on the old fashioned weapon switch to negate the slow movement. The way to do it is to switch to the LMG when you are fighting the enemy in close range. 

Free Fire LMG Guide, Spary Down Targets with Bullets

Then switch to your melee weapon and move around quickly. It is imperative that you switch your gun. You can also use a secondary weapon that is an SMG like the MP40. SMGs are the opposite of LMGs when it comes to movement speed in Free Fire. SMGs don’t hamper movement speed too much, and you can use character skills to make yourself even faster. Also, one of the best parts of using LMGs in close range is that it can destroy gloo walls and Time Turner shield easily. The rate of fire is faster in an LMG which means that they are shooting more rounds than an assault rifle. 

Free Fire LMG Guide, Spary Down Targets with Bullets

Those rounds have almost the same level of damage as an assault rifle and with a faster rate of fire, these rounds reach the target faster. So they are able to do way more damage than any assault rifle. The same principle is applied to gloo walls and Timer Turner circle. By using an LMG you can destroy a gloo wall or max out the damage on a Time Turner. 

LMG Weaknesses

The one area where LMGs are very weak in Free Fire is in long-range. As with any assault rifle, LMGs also suffer from bullet drop. If you are unfamiliar with this game mechanic, basically as the distance increases a bullet loses its damage. Over really long ranges LMGs start becoming more of a problem than a solution. The only guns to offer negligible bullet drop over long distances are the sniper rifles and marksman rifles. However, if you do use LMGs in long-range, you have to spam it with a full spray. 

Free Fire LMG Guide, Spary Down Targets with Bullets

The only two ways to counter the bullet drop on an LMG is by using the fast rate of fire and Maro’s skill. This is a relatively new character in the game and the skill is called Falcon Fervor. This skill increases damage with distance by 5%. So the further your target is, the more damage you will get on your rounds. Plus, if you are using Moco or Shirou then your damage increases even further. When it comes to character skills in Free Fire, only Falcon Fervor has the ability to decrease the bullet drop effect. Another thing that has a big effect on an LMG is ADS-ing. 

Free Fire LMG Guide, Spary Down Targets with Bullets

Something players of Free Fire are accustomed to doing is quick scoping or ADS-ing for taking drag headshots. While that is something you can do with an LMG in the game but when you ADS your rate of fire will decrease. There is a significant level of difference between the two modes when firing. So a good rule of thumb when using an LMG is to avoid using ADS. Like all the other guns in the game, LMGs too have their strengths and weaknesses.

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