When it comes to marksman rifles, Free Fire has three of them. There are the old SVD and the  SKS that have been in the game for a very long time, then there is the recently added Woodpecker which has been rising in popularity because of its lesser range. Over the updates, Free Fire has received many new guns and with those guns, the older models have been left behind. There was a time when SVD was considered one of the most powerful weapons you could carry in the game. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide for SKS and SVD: Taking Headshots Becomes Easier

That changed with the AWM becoming the preferred sniper to use in Clash Squad games. So in this Free Fire guide, you will be learning how to use the SVD and SKS again. Both of these guns, especially the SVD, have the potential of becoming the new headshot king in Free Fire. This guide will be teaching you how to use these guns to their full potential and some tips along with solutions to mistakes players tend to make with them. 

How to Give One Tap Headshots SVD/SKS:

The thing about taking headshots in Free Fire is that there is a whole technique to it and aiming is just a part of it. The way taking headshots works, it has a lot to do with your sensitivity settings, your hand reflexes, and the understanding of game mechanics. When you’re using guns like the SVD and SKS you need to be at some distance from your target to get their full potential. Both of these guns are sniper rifles made for mid to long-range shots. It will be easier to take headshots with them when your target is 30 meters or more away from you. That covers the range aspect of using these guns. Then there is the firing delay aspect and how to use it to make headshots happen. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide for SKS and SVD: Taking Headshots Becomes Easier

In Free Fire when you press the fire button to the moment firing happens in the game, there is a delay. That is called firing delay and it is something that is present in all multiplayer games. Couple that firing delay with the firing rate of these guns and there is enough time that you can drag the fire button upwards. By doing this in Free Fire you will change the direction of the bullet to the head of your enemy. The rest of the work will be done by aim assist in the game. Now, something very important you need to learn about doing this drag firing is target distance. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide for SKS and SVD: Taking Headshots Becomes Easier

A general rule of thumb when playing this game is that you will need to drag the fire button higher when the target is closer to you. So as close as the target is, the more you will need to drag the fire button. With the SKS and SVD since most of your targets will be at a distance, you won’t need to drag the fire button too much. 

When Headshots Don’t Connect: 

Something that can happen in the game is that even if you follow what’s mentioned above. you still don’t get any headshots. The reason why this happens a lot to many players is because they don’t understand how aim lock works in this game. In Free Fire when your crosshair moves towards the target it will turn red. That red means your aim assist is now working and you can then drag your fire button to get a headshot. What players usually do is fire even before the crosshair goes red. When you’re using the SVD or SKS, you need to understand that even one misfire can get you punished. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide for SKS and SVD: Taking Headshots Becomes Easier

These guns have a slower rate of fire and there is a time window before each shot. The slower rate of fire is because of the high recoil they have. To remedy that you can use Dasha’s ability that reduces both maximum and buildup recoil. Another mistake that players make is having low sensitivity in settings. The lower your sensitivity settings are, the less effect those drag shots will have because lower sensitivity means that even after dragging the fire button the movement of the crosshair in the game will be slower. So instead of dragging the crosshair to the head, you will just drag it to the upper body. So keep your sensitivity high at all times in all the scopes. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide for SKS and SVD: Taking Headshots Becomes Easier

Movement is also an important part of getting more headshots with the SKS and SVD. Starting with the first mistake players make in this regard, that is combining movement with shooting. Please understand that taking headshots is also about aim and crosshair placement. When you’re moving around very quickly or jumping and shooting then your crosshair goes for a toss. Even if you have good movement you still won’t be needing too much of it with SVD and SKS. These guns are sniper rifles and can shoot enemies at good distances. When you move around a lot then many of your shots miss the target and leave you open to fire while your crosshair resets. Make sure that you connect as many shots as you can on the enemy.

Practice Drills:

When it comes to consistency with getting headshots in Free Fire, the shooting range is a good place to start. Taking headshots requires time and learning about the distance to target ratio. As mentioned above, the closer your target is to you, the more you need to drag the fire button to get a headshot. The opposite is done when the target is away from you. 

Knowing how much you need to drag the fire button needs to become muscle memory for you to actually get some results. To learn that you need to go to the shooting range and start shooting at the useless standing Adam from different angles. By doing this you will get a sense of what dragging the fire button involves at different ranges. 

Gun Skins:

Now, one gigantic mistake players tend to make in Free Fire with the SVD and SKS is with gun skins. Both of these guns have a slow rate of fire for a reason and that is recoil. The SVD and SKS have a very heavy kick to them when you start using them as automatic guns. Even one tapping continuously will make you realize what recoil looks like. So the one thing you should not be doing with them is using skins that increase the rate of fire. A higher rate of fire will mean more recoil to deal with. Instead, choose the gun skins that increase the damage and accuracy of these guns.