If battle royale games like Garena Free Fire or Fortnite are known for something, it’s that they usually reward passive play in the form of camping and avoiding combat. In fact, many PUBG  and CoD Mobile experts claim that the best way to play these games is by camping until the very last minute, and then picking off the few remaining stragglers. However, while these tactics might be effective in low-level play, you’ll get absolutely demolished by the more experienced players.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

Aside from looking silly sitting in a corner for 5 to 10 minutes, camping is one of the most boring things you can do in Free Fire. With so many weapons to use, and numerous players running around, imagine just sitting by and listening to them kill each other. We’d rather go into a firefight and die in 3 minutes than spend an entire match without doing anything!

However, while it’s definitely riskier to play offensively in these games, it’s by no means impossible, especially if you’re enjoying the awesome controls and performance that BlueStacks provides. Nevertheless, even the best tools are wasted in the wrong hands, which is why you need to know how to move and stay alive on the map. In this guide, we’re going to talk about just that.

If you want to score some kills and consistently get to the top 10 in Free Fire (and possibly take the win), then keep these tips in mind.

As Soon as You Land, Pick Up a Weapon

This basically goes without saying but, considering that you always land unarmed in Free Fire, your utmost priority is to pick up a weapon as soon as you touch down. Some players often dawdle behind walking through the greeneries, looking for a large compound or city to loot and wasting precious time in the process. This is always a bad idea as you’ll often encounter enemies that landed before you and are already armed to the teeth.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

Even if you land near some of those isolated houses, it’s much better to loot those buildings and come out with something—anything—than to run into an enemy while unarmed. In fact, one good strategy for snagging some early kills is to land in one of those isolated buildings on the outskirts of a big compound, arming up with any weapon, and running into the said compound to ambush players that are already locked in combat against other foes.

Go For Armor First

If you absolutely want to make sure that you’re ready for combat before engaging the enemy, then your highest priority would be to find armor. Most players in Free Fire often rely on the auto-aim, which automatically locks onto the enemy’s center of mass; the chest. Since bullets in this game are hitscan, it’s very likely that, even if you significantly outmatch your opponent, you’ll absorb at least one or two shots to the body. In this sense, armor is the most important piece of equipment for surviving an encounter with the enemy, even more so than helmets.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

If you’re searching for loot, it’s worth going out of your way to pick up some armor as this will dramatically increase your odds of survival.

Activate Full Control Aim

A common beginner’s trap in Free Fire is using the aforementioned aim assist to help you land easier shots on the enemy. While this definitely can help your odds of surviving in combat, it also decreases your odds of scoring headshots to 0 since your aim will automatically snap to the enemy’s body.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

While it’ll make things much tougher for you in the beginning, you should turn off the aim assist and get used to the free aim. Before long, and thanks to our smart and improved controls, you’ll be scoring headshots left and right. There are few things in Free Fire more satisfying than blowing someone away with a sniper shot between the eyes.

Use Heights to Your Advantage

An important part of any firefight in Free Fire is the terrain as good positioning will often make the difference between life or death. And we’re not only talking about cover here. Though you’ll always want to shoot at enemies from behind cover, your height is also a crucial factor in staying safe. Specifically, when you shoot from above the enemy, you’ll always have a clear view of the target, while they’ll have a hard time shooting back since they can’t see your entire body due to the height difference.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

If possible, always move to a nearby hill or the top floor of a building before opening fire. As the great Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, it’s all over for your enemy once you have the high ground!

Don’t be Afraid to Melee

If you’re playing on BlueStacks, then you have the inherent benefit of improved controls via the Keymapping Tool. This feature increases your mobility and precision in Free Fire by allowing you to seamlessly use your mouse and keyboard to control your character. On some occasions where you run out of ammo, it’s sometimes better to take out your pan and make a beeline towards the enemy instead of running away, especially if you’re fighting in an open field with no cover.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

If you manage to get to the enemy without them hitting you, then it’s much easier (and funnier) to simply bonk him a few times with the pan and take the melee kill than to reload your weapon. Just make sure to record your funny pan kills and share them with us so we can have a few laughs too!

Play Free Fire on PC

Keep in mind that this is always a last resort. You should never rush your enemy with a melee weapon if you have cover nearby so you can safely reload. Nevertheless, since you’re playing Free Fire on PC, it’s much easier to run in zig-zag to avoid the enemy shots than on other platforms, like on your phone.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

Rushing Enemy Snipers

And speaking of zig-zagging, strafing is a great way to stay alive for when you’re severely outgunned by an enemy sniper. When there’s nowhere to take cover, and all you can do is engage the enemy, you’ll want to get in range before shooting. If your enemy is using a sniper rifle, a good idea would be to strafe and counter-strafe towards him, and only run in a straight line after every shot since he needs to chamber another round before firing again.

Remember that sniper rifles have the longest range in the entire game, which puts you at a severe disadvantage in a 1v1. However, these weapons are also the slowest, which gives you plenty of time to close the distance between shots, as well as to stay mobile with a smaller weapon

Always. Stay. Moving

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in these games is to stay immobile. Maybe you came across a mushroom in a field, or maybe you killed a player and are going to loot their box. Whatever the case, you should NEVER stay more than a couple of seconds in the same place since this will get camping snipers the perfect opportunity to blow your helmet off, your head included.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

Even if you’re locked in combat with another enemy, your best bet is to stay moving and keep him guessing. If you’re peeking out a window or from a corner, limit yourself to a few shots and change your cover to keep your enemy on his toes. Odds are that he will stay behind waiting for you to peek again, so you can simply change spots, aim towards him, and snag an easy kill the next time he rears his ugly mug. Booyah!

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

Flushing Out Campers

As we mentioned above, one of the best ways to play Free Fire and other battle royale games is by camping and waiting until the circle shrinks considerably before ambushing your foes. Because of this, it’s likely that you’ll run into your fair share of campers yourself. Dealing with these foes can be a bit tough, which is why you always need a strategy to do so, and this is where grenades and other throwables come into play.

The truth is, as long as the enemy is behind the safety of cover, there’s little that you can do with your weapons. Luckily, all it takes to flush out a camper is a well-placed grenade or flashbang. For the former, the panic of a grenade landing near them will almost always send them running from their hiding spot, after which you can pick them off. For the latter, you can easily rush into their cover while they’re blinded and snag an easy kill on the stunned camper.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

While playing defensively will most likely always take you to the top 10, it does nothing for you when it’s time for the fateful 1v1 in the last circle. It’s much better to throw yourself in combat (dying many times) and hone your skills so you can become a better player in the long run. In fact, most good clans ask for a certain win rate and kill ratio. However, there’s a difference between being brave and being foolhardy. Sometimes, the rewards are not worth the risk of the maneuvers. Use your best judgment to determine when it’s worth fighting and when you’re better off staying in cover.

Garena Free Fire - Tips To Eliminate Your Enemies and Stay on the Offensive

Nevertheless, if you want to roll with the best, then you need to be the best. Luckily, with BlueStacks and the tips we shared in this guide, you’re ready to take the fight to the enemy, and snag many kills and Booyahs!

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