While Princess Connect! Re: Dive has been around for a while now, it’s only been available in certain regions of the world. However, that’s about the change when the game finally releases globally later this month. In this sense, if you’re interested in Priconne, the lore of its characters, and all its exciting gameplay, then you’ll need to know how to play it in order to blaze through its many levels and collect the best characters in the game.

In this guide, we wanted to introduce you to some of the most basic elements in Priconne that you’ll be interacting with frequently.

Team Formation and Battling

As a gacha RPG, you can probably guess that most of your time in Princess Connect will be spent either in a menu summoning and upgrading your characters, or in a battle, screen fighting against countless baddies, and when it comes to the latter, there are some things you need to consider if you want to defeat all your enemies.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Overview - Introduction to the Basic Gameplay

First off, the formation aspect.

Before every battle, you’ll be given the chance to choose the characters to deploy on the field, as well as how to arrange them in your formation. The reason your lineup is important isn’t just because you’ll obviously want the strongest characters in your team at all times, but also because their positioning will directly impact the results. Specifically, your formation will determine who gets targeted first, and who will be relatively safe and free to attack the enemy with their strongest skills.

The way this works is that your formation is divided into three sections: Front, middle, and back. The characters that are positioned in the rightmost positions in your formations are the ones who will usually be attacked first, and must therefore be tanks, or at least units with some defensive capabilities. Luckily, most tanks are often frontline characters so you won’t really have to think about it. However, there are some DPS units that can also be placed in the front of the group, and you’ll need to take care not to leave them too exposed to attacks.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Overview - Introduction to the Basic Gameplay

Keep in mind that you can only take a maximum of 5 characters into battle, so arranging them properly is essential to your success.

Now, once you’ve settled on a team and formation, we can start battling properly. This is the easiest aspect of the game as there is essentially no player input required, with the exception of using Union Burst skills when the characters’ TP meters are full. On every other occasion, your characters will attack, as well as use their special skills automatically. And in PvP, this automation is taken even further as characters use their UB automatically when their TP is full in this mode.

In this sense, Priconne is much more about managing and upgrading your team, rather than actually requiring precise execution and complex maneuvers in battle. And this brings us to our next point.

Leveling and Powering Up

Aside from arranging them properly on the battlefield, the other part of your team’s success is the individual levels and stats of your characters.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Overview - Introduction to the Basic Gameplay

Like in any other gacha RPG out there, your characters in Princess Connect! Re: Dive can level up as you continue completing challenging and clearing stages. However, in contrast to other titles, there’s another factor you need to consider in Priconne: Your account level.

In this game, your characters are limited by the level of your account. That is, their level can never be higher than your account level. In this sense, one of your main priorities as soon as you start in this game should be to complete daily missions and other challenges that reward player experience, so that you can level up your account and increase the potential of your characters.

Ascending, and Gearing and Ranking Up

When it comes to powering up your characters properly, however, there are several ways in which you can do so. 

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Overview - Introduction to the Basic Gameplay

The main method, aside from leveling up, is by equipping them with the best gear at your disposal. This is the fastest and most straightforward way of giving your heroines a quick stat boost. However, you can also boost them permanently by ranking them up, which is achieved when you complete the equipment list of any character and can consume these pieces to increase their rank and give them a permanent stat boost. Regardless, remember that you won’t get these pieces of gear back, so you need to make sure that the stat boosts are better than the ones granted by the pieces you’re sacrificing.

Keep in mind, however, that you can also refine pieces of gear to grant them additional stat boosts. In this sense, these pieces will often be superior to the others, so make sure you don’t consume them when ranking up. 

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Overview - Introduction to the Basic Gameplay

Lastly, another way to boost your character’s stats is by ascending them. This process consumes Memory Shards for the specific character in question which, depending on the heroine, can either be quick and easy to obtain or an absolute nightmare. You can get these shards from different sources, including purchasing them from stores with a different currency. And every time you ascend a character, they’ll have another star added to them and increase their potential.

Keep in mind, however, that you can use these Memory Shards to permanently unlock certain characters as well, so you’ll always want to decide how best to use them in your situation. Additionally, every time you receive a duplicate character from gacha summonings, they will automatically be transformed into Divine Amulets, which can be traded for Memory Shards of your choosing.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Overview - Introduction to the Basic Gameplay

With this in mind, you’re ready to get started in Princess Connect! Re: Dive once it releases globally. Let us know if you have any other important beginner tips everyone should know before jumping into the game!