Despite State of Survival being a relatively old mobile strategy game, there is still a constant influx of new players looking to try their hands at surviving in the post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. These players are the ones who will be at the mercy of the veterans, especially when you consider how competitive this game can get. As such, if you’re a newcomer to State of Survival, and want to get a good start in your journey for survival, then these tips and tricks are definitely for you.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find several helpful tips and tricks for both newcomers to State of Survival, as well as for veterans who are looking to get a refresher on the basics. Here are a few useful tidbits of information to keep in mind if you’re just starting out in State of Survival:

The Different Troop Types and Matchups

There are a few different ways to play State of Survival, one of which revolves around open warfare on the world map. This is one of the most common types of combat in the late game when your army is strong enough to actually go toe to toe against other players. However, even before you get to this point, it’s important to know about the different troop types in State of Survival, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

Troops in State of Survival are produced in three different buildings, which are unlocked as you progress through the game: 

  • Barracks: Produces Infantry troops. These are defensive units that can, depending on their type, guard better against a specific type of enemy. They are divided into two subcategories:
  • Shields: Effective against Bow units.
  • Shotguns: Effective against Riders.
  • Range: Produces Hunter troops. These units can attack from long ranges and, depending on their type, can deal additional damage to specific units. They are divided into two subcategories:
  • Bows: Effective against Infantry units.
  • Snipers: Effective against Riders.
  • Garage: Produces Rider troops. These mounted troops excel at flanking, and are divided into two subcategories:
  • ATVs: Mounted on their quad bikes, these units are strong against Infantry.
  • Bikers: These mounted troops are effective against Hunters.

Though you’ll almost always develop your army with a balance among all three troop types, you’ll want to choose your hero leaders depending on your most common unit type, as heroes can often provide passive benefits to specific unit types. Check out our guide on the best heroes in State of Survival to read more about this topic.

How to Increase Your Battle Power

In games like State of Survival, you often have a metric to get a rough impression of your combat power and overall progression through the game. In this case, this metric corresponds to Battle Power, or BP, for short. Basically, everything you do contributes to this number, though there are some actions that can specifically contribute to your BP and accelerate your progression in this game.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

Some of these methods include the following:

  • By upgrading and outfitting your chief with the best gear at your disposal.
  • By upgrading your troops in their respective buildings.
  • By constructing and upgrading the highest possible level of each building
  • By researching new technology.
  • By unlocking and upgrading hero characters.

Check out our BP increase guide to get a better explanation of each of these categories.

Use the Best Heroes for the Task

In State of Survival, you can unlock a wide variety of hero characters, each with their own stats and skills for the Explorer Trail mode, as well as with their own passive buffs for when they’re leading your armies in regular overworld combat. And when it comes to the former, there are a lot of different things you need to consider, such as how the three heroes in your squad interact with each other, and whether or not they have positive synergy in order to defeat the hordes of the undead on every stage.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

Outside the Explorer Trail, however, things are much simpler, as heroes tend to give bonuses to specific types of troops. As such, if your army leans heavily towards one troop type, choosing heroes that favor these units will yield better results. Similarly, you could also choose heroes that benefit multiple unit types in order to spread your passive bonuses across a wider number of troops.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

Last but not least, if you’re not looking to fight, but rather to gather resources from the world map, there are also specific heroes that provide passive buffs to the gathering speed, as well as load capacity, of your troops. Keep an eye out for heroes like Rusty, Nanami, Mike, and Chef, among others, whenever you’re looking to assemble a gathering squad.

Prioritize Your HQ Above All Other Buildings

Like in other strategy games, your HQ  is the heart of your operations in State of Survival. This building not only determines the maximum level of every other structure in your base, as no other building can ever be of a higher level than your HQ, but upgrading it also unlocks new features and structures for your town, making it the single most important building in the game.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

And as if that wasn’t enough, upgrading your HQ also increases your maximum march capacity, which will let you send out larger armies either to fight against the enemy, or to gather resources from the map. In this sense, whether you’re a pacifist or someone that loves PvP, you will benefit tremendously from upgrading your HQ.

Raise Multiple Farm Accounts to Increase Your Resource Generation

In games like State of Survival, your progression is often limited by the amount of resources at your disposal. After all, if your main goal is to expand your base, construct more buildings, and upgrade the ones that are already in place, then you’ll need a ton of resources to keep your workers busy at all times. However, if you’re relying only on the passive production of your farms and other production buildings, then you’ll be stuck waiting for ages between every upgrade. This is why gathering resources from the world map is such an important task, though it also requires constant vigilance and monitoring to maintain full gathering uptime.

Alternatively, you could also create multiple farm accounts and place them close to your main city. In this sense, whenever you need a few extra resources, you can send them from your farm accounts or, if you’re in a hurry, you can simply attack your farm towns with your main, and plunder the resources that you need. After all, if you’re attacking yourself, then there’s no fear of repercussion at all.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

For best results when using farm accounts, don’t log into them for 3 to 7 days at a time, and when you come back, you might have a ton of freebies and resource packs waiting for you. Also, for your convenience when it comes to playing on multiple accounts at the same time, we strongly suggest playing State of Survival on PC with BlueStacks, which brings us to our next tip.

Play State of Survival on PC With BlueStacks to get the Best Experience

Despite being designed to be played on mobile devices, the best way to enjoy this strategy game is by playing State of Survival on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android App player has a ton of useful tools and features to enhance your gameplay far beyond what you could achieve with even the most expensive phones on the market.

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

Case in point, aside from giving you the very best performance and graphics, and even letting you play on your large computer monitor, BlueStacks also gives you access to the Instance Manager, a feature that lets you create multiple instances of BlueStacks, and then to access the same game on multiple accounts at the same time. In this manner, you won’t ever have to manually switch accounts in order to manage your farm towns; with BlueStacks, you can keep all your towns open on the same screen, and at the same time.

Check out our BlueStacks usage guide for State of Survival to learn more about how to get started.

Work Through the Main and Side Missions

In the beginning, you’ll be mostly aimless and left to fend for yourself. Luckily, you’ll always have the main story missions to guide you along the way. These not only consist of tasks that should be appropriate for your level at any part of the game, but they’ll also guide you on the things that you should be focusing on the most. And this is without mentioning that they also give great rewards upon completion. 

The Best State of Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Updated for July 2022)

Whenever you’re not sure what to do, just hop on over to the main missions on the bottom left and get to work—and the same goes for the daily tasks once you unlock them.