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Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

The higher your level in an MMO, the more aspects of the game you can enjoy and, ultimately, the more fun you can have. It only makes sense to gradually introduce players to more complex mechanics of the game as they become fully acquainted with the playstyle. However, if you’re like us and you find yourself constantly wasting your time with activities that give little experience, you’ll most likely feel that getting to a higher level takes forever.

Every MMORPG has a learning curve. In our beginner’s guide, we covered the basics of what we thought new players of needed to know to get a good start in Talion. After several days’ worth of play, we decided to lend another helping hand to fellow beginners by giving them a heads up in terms of the fastest way to level up. After all, if you’re level is not high enough, how are you going to enjoy those crazy Realm vs. Realm battles?

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

Quests and Levelling to 20

Until main quests start pitting you against monsters that are 3-4 levels higher than your character, you should do them religiously. They’re basically your main source of levelling as a newbie. For instance, we are level 31 now and we need to defeat level 34 Kikis for the 8-1 Lost Keystone task. Given how much time it takes to defeat just one mob, it’s no longer feasible to proceed with the main storyline.

From this point onwards, your everyday login routine should start with the daily quests until the main ones are closer to your level. The former give the most experience, gold, and other goodies for the least amount of spent in-game.

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

Because Talion is mostly auto-play in PvE, everything you have to do to complete a quest is to accept it and then make sure your character is on their way to doing the next task. Once you’re finished with your dailies, you can select your highest level repeat quest and make your character auto-battle those mobs. Since they usually ask for 1,000 mobs to be killed, this is a good way for your avatar to kill time in a productive manner.

In less than one hour of gameplay, you should be able to easily hit level 20. Don’t forget to use a Growth Scroll at all times, because this will maximize the amount of bonus experience you can receive throughout the 8-hour duration.

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

Sub-quest rewards can also be substantial and, at times, even comparable to those of the main quest line. These can scale up quite fast, so make sure to stop your character before they head out to kill mobs that are 10 levels higher than their own.

Clearing Dungeons Rich in XP

Your next priority after dailies should be the dungeons. You find them in the Menu, under Adventure and Dungeon. There are 6 types in total, although the Elite and the Tower of Tribulations are unlocked a bit later on. If they are greyed out, it means that you need to complete a step of the main questline in order to access it. For instance, the Tower requires you finish the 8-2 Keystone Materials task. These dungeons are accessible via special tickets, which you can also buy in the shop. We advise you against it, though, since the tickets reset on a daily basis.

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

Play TALION on BlueStacks 4

Regardless of your class, clearing these dungeons should be a breeze on the easy and normal difficulties, especially since most of them inform you on the recommended level and combat power when you select them. One essential thing to remember is that the Cave of Ordeals gives immense amounts of XP, much more than the Vault or the Golem Facility. Just take a look at the 40k stack that we got from a couple of minutes in CoD on normal difficulty. In addition, with each level you successfully complete in the tower challenge, the amount of experience you get also increases.

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

At the End of the Day, Some Farming

Finally, there’s the farming. Since killing mobs with no other purpose in mind gives you the least amount of experience, this should be done only after you’ve completed everything else. Even at low levels, the gain is marginal, so it should only be done as a last resort or if you want to leave your BlueStacks running in the background while you work. Our advice is to only start farming once you have the ability to level up your passives, which can be done as soon as you’ve hit level 30.

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

If you pay close attention to your passive skills tree, there’s an ability that gives you a flat 20% XP gain bonus if you have the whole line unlocked. Since all of these abilities were useful for PvE combat, we went ahead and selected each and every one, as well as the Secrets from the first line. We can’t pass up on bonus attack, can we?

As a rule of thumb for farming mobs, you should always select a group that is 2 levels under your characters’. This will ensure you can easily farm big stacks of them, while also gaining the most experience you can.

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

Levelling Up with BlueStacks

As you will have undoubtedly noticed, playing Talion on BlueStacks is much easier than on a mobile device. Aside from the significantly improved controls, the sheer performance you can get out of this emulator guarantees a smooth play experience. Nobody wants to spend all of their playtime stuck on a loading screen, stuttering through mobs, or having to deal with frequent disconnects.

Talion: All You Need to Know to Level Quickly

Since Talion has just launched in the EU and NA regions, you can get a head start on everyone else by following this simple guide to levelling. We made all the noob mistakes just so that you don’t have to. Now, in less than a couple of hours of playtime, you can easily hit level 30. From there on, you can join and have a fair shot in the multiple Real vs. Realm types of battles where you’re pitted against the opposing alliance.

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