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Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

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  1. MARVEL Future Revolution
  2. MARVEL Future Fight
  3. MARVEL Realm Of Champions
  4. MARVEL Battle Lines
  5. Marvel Contest Of Champions
  6. The Amazing Spiderman
  7. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  8. Marvel Pinball
  9. MARVEL Duel
  10. MARVEL Puzzle Quest
  11. MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG

Are you a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe and are enchanted by the jaw dropping action and thrilling movies the franchise delivers? Well, the world of MCU is not restricted to movie screens or comic book pages, now you can enjoy playing your favorite superhero with many MCU games available on the internet. Get ready to step in the shoes of your favourite superhero and kick some supervillain ass. We bring you some of the best Marvel Android games that you could play on your PC with the help of BlueStacks as your emulator and get an experience like never before. Download these games now and get ready to save the world from the clutches of supervillain and be the hero you always wanted to be.

1. MARVEL Future Revolution (Free to Play)

Marvel Future Revolution, the latest collaboration of Marvel Games and Netmarble announced in 2020 at PAX East, is surely a game you should look forward to if you are an MCU fan. The game allows gamers to explore the open world using one of the four most popular Marvel heroes, making the game the first open-world game from Marvel. 

The game is set up in a place called Primary Earth. Now, as the multiple universes are assembled in Primary Earth, it leads to the convergence of the superheroes to set up the Omega Flight. Coming to our heroes, we have Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Doctor Strange. All the heroes are playable and come with their respective strengths and superpowers. Each hero has their unique skill and combat style, which will change as you swap the characters you are playing with.

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

With superheroes come super villains into the game, and this game includes some of the most famous villains such as Green Goblin, Baron Mordo, Red Skull, Yellow Jacket, Red Goblin, and M.O.D.O.K, which make a difficult task to sail through the in-game tasks. The gameplay takes place in different surroundings such as The Great Desert of Sarkaar, The Futuristic Hub Cluster, and The Chosen Valley. It is also observed that Marvel Future Revolution has taken an incline towards the Spider-verse because of the various forms of Spideys available in the game. Download Marvel Future Revolution it on PC using BlueStacks if you want to get the taste of this MCU Android game to the fullest.

2. MARVEL Future Fight (Free to Play)

Marvel Future Fight is surely one of the best Android games presented by the best comic brand in the world, ‘Marvel,’ in collaboration with Netmarble Games. The game was released some years ago but has aged like Captain America in the market. This is one of the finest Android games available you could play on your PC with BlueStacks. The games provide the perfect blend of the best villains and superheroes together to give an action-packed experience to the gamers.

The story of the game is pretty engaging and has a score of 4.4 stars on Google Play. With the dimension splitting scenes in the game, it takes a new turn, threatening the entire reality. With over 200 Marvel characters in the game, the characters are divided into certain tiers which are unlocked as we level up through the game. 

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

Graphics of the game are as fine as Thor’s Mjolnir. Netmarble has been constantly refreshing the graphics to work in parallel with the new-age games. Smooth, lag-free gameplay and flashy animations are the results of constant upgrades. The game has a very basic system requirement that is iOS 9.0 or later and Android 4.1 or later. Marvel Future Fight is available for free on both the iOS and Android platforms providing the diverse Marvel fanbase the access to the awesome gameplay. Read the awesome guides on the official BlueStacks website to get some tips and tricks to progress faster in the game.

3. MARVEL Realm Of Champions (Free to Play)

Another fantasy game from Marvel and Kabam Games that has taken its inspiration from Marvel Secret stories, this game is based on the planet named Maelstrom in the future. Marvel Realm Of Champions is about the Marvel barons fighting for sovereignty over each other, these barons are the alternate universe versions of the famous Marvel supes. Maelstrom is divided into six war houses namely the House of Iron, Spider Guild, Gamma Horde, Temple of Vishanti, Kingdom of Wakanda, and Pyramid X.

There are two modes in the game The Strong Hold and The Arena Conquest. The Strong Hold allows you to fight the AI-controlled opponents, whereas In Arena conquest a team of three on each side fights and the opponents are generally B.O.D.O.K. (Baron Oracles Designed Only for Killing). Each B.O.D.O.K. is equipped with the most advanced defence and attack mechanisms.

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

Controls are smooth and convenient, unlike any other ordinary RPG game. Smooth animations and the lag-free gameplay elevates the in-game experience and separates it from other RPG mobile games. This effort by the Kabam games has given the MCU fans a clue of the upcoming events in the multiverse. The Marvel ROC is available for Android users, but we recommend you to play Marvel Realm Of Champions on PC using BlueStacks to enjoy the full potential of the game on a bigger screen and better audio.

4. MARVEL Battle Lines (Free to Play)

Marvel Battle Lines is a strategic turn-based card battle game offered by Marvel Games and Nexon with the iconic Marvel superheroes who fight against lethal bands of supervillains. Marvel Battle Lines is a simple game with a unique mechanism, it is like playing Marvel tic-tac-toe with a minor revamped grid. The extra row given in the game changes the whole approach while playing. 

The game has a complex yet addictive gameplay that will have you struggling to stay away from playing the game. Marvel Battle Lines come with the classic new Marvel plot including a Hydra attack, a mysterious portal to Asgard (Yeet to Thor’s homeland), and some cosmic powers. Battle Lines allows you to level up the character if you have duplicate cards of the same character increasing the defenses and attack stats of that character, giving you an edge over your enemies. 

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

Marvel Battle Lines comes with daily challenges, online play, seasonal events, trial simulations and much more, increasing the engagement for the gamers. Also, the daily rewards are given to the players which can help in upgrading the stats of the superheroes and villains to progress faster. In-game UI is really attractive and futuristic which almost feels like there is JARVIS present in it. Marvel Battle Lines is available free of cost on the android and iOS app stores.

5. Marvel Contest Of Champions (Free to Play)

Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the classic games from Marvel which came out in the year 2014 and has been successful in engaging the players throughout these years without fail. Creating your own civil war sounds fun to us when you have access to all the iconic Marvel supes. Marvel Contest Of Champions allows you to choose your favourite Marvel heroes to fight against some of the stealthiest characters in the MCU. 

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

Keeping the game controls dead-easy, the developers from Kabam have increased the accessibility of the game and made the gameplay a lot easy. Also, it is not necessary for the gamers to memorize the long sequence of controls, as tutorials always help you to move ahead. After a chain of attacks, you can perform a special attack on the opponent, which incurs greater damage. The in-game chapters allow you to have a certain reward on completion as the characters float through the game.

At the end of each clash, you’re rewarded with potions, ISO-8, gold, and sometimes crystals to replenish the character’s health and stats back to normal or provide an advancement. Event Quests and Versus Battles are two of the single-player modes within the game and a Battle Drums mode which allows gamers to form a team of three to combat the enemies. With some of the cool and realistic graphics, Marvel Contest Of Champions is available for Android game lovers to play on PC with the help of BlueStacks to enjoy the full potential the game delivers.  

6. The Amazing Spider-Man (Free to Play)

Are you ready to step into the role of Spiderman and save the day? Set in Manhattan post the events of the namesake movie, The Amazing Spider-Man is divided into chapters. Several cross-species experiments from the Oscorp lab have escaped into the city and are infecting the civilians. As Spiderman, you have the duty to save the city and its residents, as “With great power comes great responsibility.” Get help from Gwen Stacy, and Dr. Connors, who you helped break out of a psychiatric facility. You have to help Dr. Connors for making the antidote all the while battling the cross-species and the anti-heroes.

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

You can access all of the superhuman abilities of Spiderman like shooting the web and crawling on the wall. Your spider suit is designed to take a certain amount of damage and it can be repaired when you go back to the safe house. Different styles of the spider suit can be unlocked when you cross levels or complete certain tasks. Several side missions give you points like preventing petty crimes, car chases and gunfights, relocating infected patients to quarantine zones. Spiderman can also use his phone to take pictures or make videos of the evidence against Oscorp Inc. Play through the whole story to discover who are your actual friends and who are enemies disguised as friends.  

7. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Play for $4.99)

Be it a superhero or a supervillain everyone has a favorite Marvel character! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is an action-packed game is set in New York City with miniature versions of 180 characters of the Marvel Universe. You can control all of them and use their individual set of abilities. As Doctor Doom and Loki conspire to take over the world, you have to assemble your own team of superheroes to combat them and protect the world. Silver Surfer’s board has shattered into multiple Cosmic Bricks that Doctor Doom is using to build the Doom Ray of Doom.

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

While he is sending out his team of villains to gather the Cosmic Bricks, you have to protect them from falling into the wrong hands. The game’s storyline sees some heroes turning into villains and then everyone joining forces to prevent the destruction of the world. Both the heroes and villains come together to save the world from Loki and Galactus who is the main antagonist in the game. The creative team of the game also introduced Stan Lee as an additional character who has a combined set of abilities from several characters of the MCU. Play LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on pc and see if you are capable of saving the world?

8. Marvel Pinball (Play for $0.99)

Pinball has long been one of the most popular arcade games amongst the youth. Marvel Pinball introduces a virtual version of this physical game featuring tables that are based on Marvel Comics. If you enjoy the pinball machine you will certainly enjoy this virtual version of it too. Full of bright colors and animated characters from the Marvel Universe this game offers great value for the cost. Just like the traditional version you fire the ball using a plunger and guide the direction of the ball by the use of flippers. As the game moves forward the tables become more complex and new paths and opportunities open up for the player.

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

The game features four exciting table layouts based on the characters of Blade, Iron-man, Spiderman, and Wolverine. Since the launch of the game, several other tables have been introduced like the Ghost Rider, X-men, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, and Doctor Strange, etc. Filled with detailed visual effects and a bright pop of colors this game serves both the pinball fanatics and the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take on the challenge of Marvel Pinball and see if you are quick enough to advance through the levels and unlock all the themed tables.

9. MARVEL Duel (Free to Play)

Enter the Marvel Universe with familiar characters but a completely unexpected story in Marvel Duel! An evil force has changed the most iconic events of Marvel history. Experience Civil War, Infinity War, and other events with a lot of twists. In this strategy-based card game, you have to assemble and upgrade about 150 characters from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Develop your own tactics and plans to combat evil and save the universe. There are endless possibilities for you to mix and match between the deck of cards you have collected. There are no limitations and you can play with what you create.

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

Do you have the brains to plan the best strategies and save the whole universe? Test yourself with this game; engage in heroic combat at any time. Summon your favorite characters from the Marvel universe and save the Universe by battling the dark forces. The amazing visuals and graphics of this game make you immerse yourself completely in the epic showdowns between the heroes and the villains. The team mode of Marvel Duel doubles the fun by offering you the option to pair up with a friend and increase your chances of winning. Assemble your deck and go on to save the universe. Follow the guide of Marvel Duel on our official website to get the insides of the game and progress faster.

10. MARVEL Puzzle Quest (Free to Play)

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, the superheroes of Marvel need your help. Are you up for the challenge? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have lost a powerful resource called Iso-8. Norman Osborn has taken control of the agency and replaced it with H.A.M.M.E.R., an organization that wants to destroy the world. The power to stop him is now in your hands. You can form your dream team with superheroes and supervillains to defeat Norman Osborn and restore balance in the Marvel Universe. Marvel Puzzle Quest is a role-playing game with a match 3 puzzle. Through the puzzle, you can build up your characters’ abilities and upgrade them. 

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

Do you have what it takes to battle your way to victory? Assemble the most legendary group from over 230 characters including both superheroes and villains. Recruit Spider-man, Black Widow, Venom, Thanos, Scarlet Witch, Loki, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, etc. The puzzle lets you build up and harness the abilities of your character to destroy the opponent in battle. Earn rewards by playing daily challenges. Participate in weekly tournaments and earn exclusive rewards by coming out at the top. Collect comics and unlock more superheroes and let loose their powers. Upgrade your Super Squad and lead them to victory with your perfect strategy.

11. MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG (Free to Play)

MARVEL Strike Force is a superb game coming from the Marvel Franchise. The direct and addictive gameplay is only differentiated by the eye-catching graphics. The game is a perfect concoction of uptight characters and interesting storyline. MARVEL Strike Force is an RPG that is based on turns and plays from the life of a Marvel superhero controlled by you. You could become the goody two shoes hero, who is trying to save the world or join the forces of evil, like Crossbones or Lokey and fill this world with the terrors they were oblivious about. You could play as your favourite superhero from the marvel classics Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, or Dr. Strange.

Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Android Games to Play on your PC with BlueStacks in 2021

MARVEL Strike Force isn’t your average JRPG which is based on turns and events, but a life experience from a superhero perspective. Having said that, as usual, every superhero unloads his own best combo of attack, and your opponent is obliterated in seconds. Anytime you are bored streaming online combat, you can quickly change your action settings to make your fight faster or change the definition to auto-mode to progress faster. Enjoy this MCU game for Android from the Marvel Universe with your friends on your PC with BlueStacks as your emulator.

These were some of the best Marvel Android games to play on PC that would give you an unmatched experience and get the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Play these games on your PC with the help of BlueStacks which is one of the best emulators for Android and iOS games. Download it now. 

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