Just when you thought the Overlord crossover was going to be the collaboration of the year for AFK Arena, Lilith Games announces a new crossover featuring Atlus’ role-playing game Persona 5!

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

As revealed just a few days ago, two of Persona 5’s main protagonists, Joker and Queen, are coming to AFK Arena as playable characters following Alna’s release. This pair will belong under the Dimensionals faction. Joker and Queen are the last heroes AFK Arena will be releasing for 2020.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into Joker, the Leader of Few Words.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

In AFK Arena, Joker belongs under the Dimensional faction along with other crossover characters like Overlord’s Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo. He is an Agility-type hero under the Ranger class. AFK Arena’s Joker is voiced by Xander Mobus.


Following his outfit from the original game, Joker’s AFK Arena look shows him off as a very refined, young man in a sleek dress coat, slacks, and boots to pair with. He wears a pair of red gloves, something very noticeable whenever he wields his gun and dagger. To complete the classic color palette, Joker sports his iconic white eye mask from time to time.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

His Persona, Arsène, also looks exactly like his version in Person 5 with his black top hat, white cravat, and red cropped open suit. Arsène looks very intimidating too, standing beside Joker whenever he is summoned because of his pair of large, black wings.


Staying true to his title as a “Leader of Few Words,” Joker’s lore is a one-pager containing a very brief description to keep his identity a mystery (and spoiler-free) for those who have not yet played Persona 5 yet.

Persona 5’s Joker has a lot of names, but commonfolk just address him as the protagonist. In the Persona 5 animated series, he is addressed as Ren Amamiya while in the manga he is known as Akira Kurusu. In AFK Arena, we will simply address him by his official code name — Joker.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

Joker is a student at the Shujin Academy by day and the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts by night. Just like Joker, the Phantom Thieves is a group of Persona users who are dedicated to making society better by “stealing” the hearts of deceitful individuals. The group consists of 12 members, including the other AFK Arena x Persona 5 collaborative character Queen.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

The Phantom Thieves’ iconic calling card can also be seen on both Joker and Queen’s lore pages with the exact words:


Esperia is no exception!

We shall take your heart!

In ways never seen before!

Phantom Thieves


  • Maeigaon (ultimate skill) – Summons Arsène who deals 260% damage to all enemies.
  • Adverse Reaction – Joker chooses the enemy that is positioned directly opposite himself at the start of battles as his Combat Target. If Joker’s Combat Target belongs to a non-Dimensional faction, he will temporarily change factions in order to gain a factional damage bonus against the Combat Target but will also suffer from the adverse effects of other factions’ bonuses. When Joker’s abilities deal damage to an enemy against which he has a factional advantage, the enemy will be knocked to the ground for 2 seconds and then weakened. Weakened enemies are dealt an additional 30% damage over a duration of 5 seconds. Knock-down and weakening effects may only be used once every 7 seconds against the same target. If the Combat Target is slain, Joker will choose the enemy with the highest Combat Rating as his next Combat Target.
  • Concentrated Fire – Each time Joker has used his Normal Attack 4 times, he will use his gun to deal 180% damage to his combat target.
  • All-Out Attack – When 3 or more enemies, or all enemies are controlled, All-Out Attack is triggered, dealing 300% damage to all enemies. This ability can only be used when there are surviving allies on the battlefield. This ability can be triggered once every 7 seconds and can be used up to a maximum of 3 times per battle. The damage caused by this ability will not trigger the effects of “Adverse Reaction”

Tips for using Joker

  • Joker works best against a team with single faction composition because of his Adverse Reaction ability where he gains a brief crowd control against the Combat Target. Having a factional advantage also weakens the enemy and enables Joker to deal more damage for a short period of time.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

  • Surprisingly enough, Joker’s fourth ability, All-Out Attack, is more powerful than his ultimate ability, Maeigaon. Be sure to take a controlling hero on your team to utilize this skill.

Heroes that can synergize with Joker

  • Khazard – Since crowd control is very important to trigger his core damage, All-Out Attack, you might want to bring a very CC-heavy hero on your team such as Khazard. 
  • Ferael – At max, his Terrorize ability can stun three enemies which is just what All-Out Attack needs to trigger and activate.
  • Izold – You can also take Izold and make use of his AoE ability Noxious Blast where he stuns nearby enemies.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

Check out our other faction guides to find out which heroes would be good to go with Joker’s current kit. Note that Dimensionals are not affected by any factional advantages or disadvantages.

How to get AFK Arena’s Joker

There are two ways to add Joker to your AFK Arena team. The first one is the fastest one, which is to buy him in the store. Simply go to Merchants, click on Heroic Ship, and pick Joker. You will get a huge discount for the first Persona 5 hero you will purchase whether you go for Joker or Queen in the end.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Joker, the Leader of Few Words

The second way requires a lot of grinding, but you can get Joker on AFK Arena for FREE. Go to the Dimensionals tab, click on the Exchange option, and you will see the number of resources you need in order to get Joker in AFK Arena. You will need 4,000 hero coins, 4,000 guild coins, 4,000 Labyrinth tokens, or 13,333 Gladiator coins to get one copy of Joker.

If you’re going for option number two then you’re in luck because BlueStacks is here to make your grinding sessions easier! With BlueStacks, you can use the Multi-Instance feature to collect more resources in a very efficient manner. With BlueStacks’ Multi-Instance feature, you can open multiple instances and play the same game from different accounts.

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