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Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC – How to Increase Your Production

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Starting out in any war strategy game like Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is often the toughest part. You have to create a foothold for yourself while also establishing a decent resource production. On top of all that, you also need to defend your town against attackers. What a burden!

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

However, at the very beginning, your worst enemies aren’t the other players, or the monsters roaming on the world map, but the lack of resources. That’s right, not having enough resources for anything is the main antagonist for newcomers in Game of Kings. Luckily, we’ve prepared this guide with 5 handy tips that you can use to maximize your resource production early in the game and, hopefully, have enough materials to ensure the smooth development of your town.

Do the Missions (And Don’t Forget to Claim Your Rewards!)

We mentioned this in our starter tips for Game of Kings, but we failed to stress the importance of these missions for your early-game resource production. The truth is, the vast majority of the materials you’ll need for building your initial production will come from these missions, as you start with very limited resources yourself.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

By completing the tasks from the missions list—the ones that are about constructing specific buildings and upgrades, as well as researching technologies—you will be able to claim many rewards in the form of additional resources. However, unlike other games where you can click on the mission list in the lower-left corner to receive your rewards, you must manually enter the mission menu and claim them yourself.

A Macro for opening the quest menu, and subsequently accessing the mission list will help you to save time for this purpose. Moreover, by adding a keyboard shortcut to the mission on the top of the list, you can easily claim all your rewards by spamming a single button on your keyboard, as the list automatically scrolls up as you receive your completion prizes.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

Keep in mind, however, that these missions not only include the standard list of building and research tasks, but also the daily and alliance missions that are on a timer. To complete these tasks, all you have to do is simply start the timer, wait for it to expire, and then claim your reward. Initially, you’ll only have access to your daily quests. However, if you join an alliance, you’ll also have access to the alliance quests, which grant additional prizes upon completion.

Sending Out Troops to Gather

A staple of war strategy games like Game of Kings is that your troops are useful for more than just conquering your foes. You can send your armies out at any time to gather resources from specific spots on the map, after which they’ll bring them back home so you can use them however you see fit.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

In other games, you can usually just exit to the world map and use a search function to scout for resource gathering points. However, we can’t seem to find the same option in Game of Kings. Regardless, it’s easy enough to find these spots by manually panning through the map. Once you spot your objective, you can just click on it, choose the “occupy” option, and send out your troops. Your troops will then march towards the objective, load up on resources, and come back home once finished. The time this task takes will vary according to the army size since larger armies take longer to load up.

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On a related note, you can also send your hero out to battle monsters, which costs stamina but also rewards you with resources and other goodies. Even if you don’t kill the monster completely in one run, you’ll still receive rewards for the attempt.

Spend Some Time on Researching Production Tech

The Academy is where you go to research all the technologies in your city. These techs are divided into several categories including Economy, Combat, Traps, and Hero, among others. The economy tree, in particular, focuses on improving your construction speeds and resource production, and will undoubtedly be a great boon towards increasing your town’s effectiveness.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

However, these upgrades are costly and usually take a lot of time to research, so don’t stress out if you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like here. Moreover, the initial levels of any technology usually give very little increases, but they’ll improve exponentially as you continue researching.

Invest Your Skill Points Correctly

In the same vein as your Academy, your avatar in Game of Kings can also level up and learn passive abilities to improve several aspects of your town. These upgrades are divided into two categories this time around: Hero, and Hunting. However, each category uses its own type of skill points so you really don’t have to focus on just one.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

Nevertheless, the Hero tree has several skills that you can learn in order to upgrade the production of your town. However, it actually might be better to stick with combat upgrades in this particular category since they’ll be much more useful in the endgame. Still, if you really want to max out your production, make sure to invest points in these production and construction passives.

Build Absolutely Everything

From the very beginning, you have access to 25 rural plots to establish your very own production chain. Luckily, the best way to increase your passive production of resources, other than by researching the corresponding technologies in the Academy, is by simply building production structures. Sure, it might take a bit of time, especially since you’ll also want to upgrade each building to the maximum level, but after you’re done, you’ll have a nice hourly influx of resources.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

To speed things up here, we suggest adding a few shortcuts on your screen using the Keymapping Tool. These shortcuts should be placed on the “Level Up” buttons in the building menu, and another one should be positioned on the button for speeding up constructions once their timer drops under 5 minutes. This might not help to save you much time since all you need to do is click on them, but it’ll definitely streamline the process, especially when you need to perform several upgrades back to back.

Keep in mind, however, that your resource layout is not set in stone. As your resource requirements will vary as you progress in Game of Kings, you should always adapt your production buildings to the task at hand. As a general rule of thumb, since you’ll want to start building an army early on, you should focus more on building farms than any other structure. Later on, when your army is large enough, you can demolish farms to make room for other buildings, and have your army earn their food by gathering it from the map or pillaging other players.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - How to Increase Your Production

And that’s all you need to do to maximize your resource production in Game of Kings: The Blood Throne, at least at the very beginning. As you progress, you’ll unlock more features and larger armies that will allow you to diversify your sources of income. What are your best tips for starting off in Game of Kings? Make sure to leave a comment with your suggestions in the section below!

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