Have you ever wanted a unique, rare AFK Arena hero? Aside from the Ascended ones that you have been having a difficult time getting, Lilith Games is introducing a standout hero when it comes to appearance — introducing Titus, the Guardian of the Mountains.

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

Before we dive into the new AFK Arena hero, you might want to take a look at the other Celestial heroes in the game first while waiting for Titus to go live in the game. 

BlueStacks also has updated guides on the latest heroes like the Mauler Thali, the Dimensional Merlin, and the Lightborn hero Walker.

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

If you are just having a hard time overall farming for resources to level up your AFK Arena heroes, you can either read up our AFK Arena farming guide or play the game on PC via BlueStacks. BlueStacks’ Multi-Instance feature lets you perform multiple 10x summons using different accounts in just a few clicks. Talk about effortless multitasking!

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

Installing BlueStacks and playing AFK Arena on PC also enhances the game’s graphics by enabling the highest FPS. Now you can see every bit and detail of Titus in a better light.

Let us dive in more about Titus.


When Lilith Games first posted photos of Titus, fans had a hard time looking for the new hero. Titus straight out camouflaged into the background because of his appearance, which is basically a piece of building.

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

Titus is known as the Guardian of the Mountains, so he was made to look like a sturdy, mighty guardian in the form of Greek columns. 

His head looks like an upside-down white bucket with some intricate gold details and just below it is a winged star. Titus’ upper body is floating, his supposed “arms” attached to the pair of columns. 

His lower body has a piece of blue cloth dangling from it, similar to a wrestler’s costume. Titus’ whole look is quite an enigma — it is unfathomable on its own.

As you may have already guessed, Titus is a tank with a Strength intelligence type under the Celestial faction.


Titus’ lore has two chapters.

The first one introduces who he is and what his glorious purpose is in Esperia. 

Titus is basically the last of the temple guardians. He sits cross-legged on the stone steps of the Temple, protecting it from enemies especially the Hypogeans. 

One day, the creatures of the dark attacked the temple and despite his trusty lance and shield, Titus failed to defend the temple.

The second chapter is more about Titus’ second life, his dialogue with the Goddess, and his firm belief to stay true to his duty.

“Welcome back, Titus.” I hear him say, “… ‘This troubled world needs your protection.”


1. Temple Guardian – Passive: Titus is immune to control effects throughout battles and receives 35% less damage.

At the start of the battle, Titus enters a dormant state until his Ultimate ability is activated.

While in an active state, Titus expends 50 Energy Points per second, and his Energy Recovery is reduced by 60% and his Attack Rating is increased by 20%. Each Normal Attack expends 25 Energy Points and deals 150% AoE damage.

Once all of Titus’ Energy has been exhausted, he re-enters a dormant state.

Lvl 2: Once activated, Titus deals one attack to inflict 300% damage on all enemies, simultaneously stunning them for 2 seconds.

Lvl 3: Once activated, Titus deals one attack to inflict 350% damage on all enemies, simultaneously stunning them for 2 seconds.

2. Energy Absorption – Excluding Titus and summoned targets, whenever each target on the battlefield respectively receives damage (including damage received by shields) equal to 8% of their max health, the target will produce an Energy Orb which Titus absorbs, allowing him to recover 80 Energy Points. Each character may only produce an Energy Orb once every 1 second.

Lvl 2: After absorbing 4 Energy Orbs from Strength-Based Heroes, the percentage of damage that Titus receives is reduced by 15%.

Lvl 3: After absorbing 4 Energy Orbs from Agility Based Heroes, Titus’ Crit Rating is increased by 30%.

Lvl 4: After absorbing 4 Energy Orbs from Intelligence Based Heroes, Titus recovers 20% of his max health. This effect can only be triggered once.

3. Spiral – Titus continuously spins both arms in a spiral motion, dealing 170% damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies, also knocking them backward.

While spinning, Titus consumes an additional 75 Energy Points per second. Before Titus’ Energy is exhausted, he will spin for at least 2 seconds. Once Titus’ Energy drops below 400 Points, he will stop spinning.

Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 200%.

Lvl 3: Damage is increased to 220%.

Lvl 4: Damage is increased to 230%. (Unlock Lvl: Engraving Lvl 30)

4. Guardian’s Shield – At the start of battles, while in a dormant state, Titus deploys a defensive shield that exists for 7 seconds which is able to mitigate damage equal to 1200% of Titus’ own Attack Rating for himself and his allies, during which time Titus is unable to use his Ultimate ability.

Lvl 2: Mitigates damage equal to 1500% of Titus’ Attack Rating.

Lvl 3: Mitigates damage equal to 1800% of Titus’ Attack Rating.

Lvl 4: Damage up to 1900% of Titus’ Attack Rating can be mitigated. The duration of the defensive shield is extended to 8 seconds. (Unlock Lvl: Engraving Lvl 60)

Tips for using Titus

  • You and your whole team are going to be super tanky with Titus. His Guardian’s Shield at level 4 will provide up to 1,900% shield at the start of battles. Invest your AFK Arena resource materials on Titus and he should pay off in battles.
  • Titus’ Temple Guardian passive is looking pretty solid too with a shield at first and then a brief crowd control when maxed.
  • Because of his tankiness, Titus will pay off in the Player vs Player (PVP) environment rather than the Player vs Environment (PVE).

Heroes that can synergize with Titus

  • Satrana

Titus needs a powerful mage to pair up with, and we could not think of a more perfect hero than the Mauler Satrana. 

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

Satrana might be one of the most useful mages right now in the game because of her rework a few months ago. She can counter any heal AND at the same time evolve into a very powerful DPS unit with her burn damage. 

In fact, Satrana is included in our list of AFK Arena’s best Mauler heroes which you can read here.

  • Ezizh

Titus also fits an AFK Arena hero who can gather and pull enemies into one place, just like the Hypogean hero Ezizh.

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

Ezizh possesses a very powerful ability called Feeble Mind which disables a random enemy’s attacks. Aside from the disable, this ability is also very useful because it lures an enemy to walk in your direction, allowing you and your team to launch an all-out attack to deal further damage.

To top it all off, his ultimate ability, Fissure, can deal an AoE damage of up to a whopping 220% when maxed out.

If you want to know other strong Hypogean heroes, you can read our guide here.

  • Khasos

As we have mentioned earlier, Mauler heroes go perfectly well with Titus. Aside from Satrana, Khasos will be a good pair with the Celestial tank hero.

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

His passive ability Rabid Thirst is going to be a HUGE help to your team during the late game. At max, this global lifesteal ability will increase by 18 points. If you have a full Maulers team, you’ll receive a 28-point lifesteal increase.

The search for the best Mauler hero is over once you have unlocked Khasos’ signature item will also make him quite insane. At +30 Unlocks the Throwing Axe ability will have a flawless 100% catch rate where he will receive energy restoration and an increase in attack speed.

Are you excited to try out Titus? Along with his release, AFK Arena will also give all players a chance to test him out on a three-day trial. If you want to keep him forever, you need to accomplish and complete his Bountiful Trials.

AFK Arena: Guide to Titus by BlueStacks

Titus will go live on the AFK Arena server by patch 1.68, which drops on Tuesday July 20, 2021. His Bountiful Trials will be available a day later, Wednesday July 21 at 12:00 a.m. UTC.