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RAID: Shadow Legends – Learn Everything About Champions, Gear, Farming and Combat

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  1. RSL on BlueStacks
  2. Getting Ahead as a Beginner
  3. Best Early-Game Champs
  4. Champion Tier List
  5. Farm Silver, XP & Resources 
  6. Game Guides and Tips for RSL

RAID: Shadow Legends is one of the most extensive gacha games that we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. This game is chock-full of content such as many different levels, over 450 unlockable champions each with their detailed 3D models, a wide variety of game modes, and lots of farming and grinding that will keep you glued to the screen as you progressively get stronger as you continue to play. With all of the content and features that this game has to offer, it’s no wonder that it’s become one of the best RPGs for Android, with over 10-million downloads and a whopping 865-thousand user reviews on the Play Store.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

The general gameplay in Plarium’s awesome RAID: Shadow Legends is a combination of numerous turn-based battles, optimizing your teams with the variety of different champions in the game, and constantly farming to keep your team powered up at all times. While it takes some time to summon the best characters in the game, they’re utterly useless until you actually upgrade them and unlock their full potential.

There’s quite a lot to take in when it comes to getting good at this game. Luckily, there are lots of good guides floating around on the internet that can help you to get your bearings—we even have several of them on our blog!

On this occasion, however, we want to bring you a comprehensive list of some of the best tips for RAID: Shadow Legends. This article is divided into sections that cover the game’s most basic aspects, as well as some of its advanced features. Interspersed throughout these sections, you will find useful links that will take you to other pages with more information on the corresponding topic. Feel free to click on them if you want to learn more.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

These guides are filled to the brim with some of the best tips for RAID. Whether you’re a beginner, or a veteran returning from a long hiatus, odds are that you will find something useful for improving your performance in this game.

1. Enjoying RAID: Shadow Legends on BlueStacks

This game is available to download completely for free in our BlueStacks App Center. All it takes to install it is searching for it on your BlueStacks client and installing it with a few clicks. Once that’s done, all that’s left is to enjoy the game! Keep in mind however that you should always use official clients downloaded from legitimate platforms, such as the Play Store, for example. If you install a client from another source, such as a modded or hacked APK, you could have your device permanently banned by Plarium, not to mention that you also run the risk of infecting your PC with malware.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

While Plarium has already made it possible for users to enjoy RAID: Shadow Legends on PC through their Plarium Play platform, there are quite a few benefits of playing RAID on BlueStacks, including the wide variety of tools at your disposal. Features such as the Keymapping Tool that allows you to freely customize your controls, and the Macro Recorder through which you can automate some of the most tedious aspects of the game, are just a couple of advantages that you will enjoy when playing on our Android emulator.

Imagine farming and grinding some of the stages in the game after running out of Multi-Battle attempts—the process is quite tedious since you either have to manually monitor your game at all times or simply shut it down until the next day when your allowances are replenished. With BlueStacks, however, you can continue farming automatically by using a simple macro that you can record by yourself.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

2. Getting Ahead as a Beginner in RAID: Shadow Legends

If you’re already a vet with plenty of achievements under your belt, then feel free to skip to the next section. However, for those who are just getting started, here’s a quick rundown of RAID’s standard gameplay loop.

Despite its stunning visual quality and awesome character models, RAID, at its core, is another gacha game where the objective is to collect the best heroes in the game and power them up so you can become the strongest player in your server. The method through which you can farm the materials and resources for unlocking and upgrading champions are through fighting in the various scenarios and modes using the game’s turn-based combat system.

Plarium did a great job at designing the combat in this game as it’s very approachable for beginners but also has a learning curve that they will need to master as they progress through RAID’s combat scenarios and levels. As you make your way through the different stages, you will unlock powerful champions with increasingly-complex abilities that change the way you approach each battle, giving the game much variety when it comes to the actual combat.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

If you’re a beginner in RAID: Shadow Legends, however, a good tip would be to focus on beating the first chapter, which is quite easy and only requires upgrading your characters a little bit. Moreover, there are quite a few freebies that you can claim as a new player, including the aptly-named New Player Rewards, as well as the various prizes you can obtain from the Daily Login and Progression rewards.

It’s important to always claim your free stuff in RAID: Shadow Legends as these frequently result in awesome prizes for the most diligent players. The Progression Rewards even top out with a Sacred Shard at level 60, which you can use for summoning a guaranteed Epic or Legendary champion.

3. The Best Starter and Early-Game Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends

One of the first decisions that you’ll have to make before starting in RAID is settling upon a starter champion. This game has over 450 unlockable characters, but your initial decision is limited to four starter champions: Elhain, Kael, Galek, and Athel. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique roles and playstyles. Nevertheless, they’re all capable of carrying you through the initial stages, especially once you start upgrading them.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

The best starter champions in RAID: Shadow Legends are the ones that can assist you far after you finish the early game content. In this regard, Elhain is one of the best choices as, despite starting quite slow, she scales very well as you upgrade her. Kael is somewhat on par with her in terms of longevity, and some players might prefer him as a good pick for starter champion. Both Galek and Athel don’t scale quite well in the late game and will likely have to be replaced when you unlock better alternatives.

Play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

After you choose your starter champion and begin your journey, your main source of new characters in RAID will be from summoning using shards. However, some rare characters can be unlocked by farming them from specific stages. Some of these are definitely worth grinding for since their unique selection of abilities will come in handy either in PvP or PvE or, in some cases, both.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

Spirithost is found in the Durham Forest. This support champion is an amazing addition to any starter team as she can not only remove and prevent debuffs on your entire team, but she can also buff their speed and attack damage considerably, granting them more opportunities to deal massive damage to the enemy. It’s definitely worth going out of your way to farm this awesome champion.

Rocktooth is another one of the best champions in RAID for the early game, who is found in Felwin’s Gate and has an attack that can reduce enemy healing, which is useful both for the Arena, as well as for PvE matchups where the enemy has a dedicated healer.

Valerie is one of the most useful defensive characters for beginners in the game, especially since she can be found in the very first chapter, Kaerok Castle. Her ability to decrease the duration of debuffs on allies while buffing their attack, as well as shielding and healing her companions will be invaluable for those first stages where enemies can deal lots of damage to your team.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

Lastly, the Conquerer is also an awesome beginner’s champion since, like Valerie, he can be farmed in the Kaerok Castle chapter. He’s a well-rounded attack champion with the ability to remove buffs from enemies, as well as permanently kill his opponent with his Purge skill, preventing them from being revived by any means.

4. Champion Tier List

Once you’ve cleared the campaign and are looking to create specialized teams for every occasion, you’ll want to start summoning the best champions in the game, according to the tier list in the current meta. Luckily, there’s quite a lot of variety to be had in RAID: Shadow Legends, especially due to the fact that its champions are quite balanced and shine in specific circumstances. While some characters can fit into many compositions, most of them can be customized by equipping them with artifacts and powerful gear that will make them better suited for specific situations.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

Considering what we mentioned above, creating a tier list for RAID’s champions is quite complicated, especially when we also consider that the meta is constantly shifting as new characters are added to the game. Nevertheless, the tier lists with some of the most powerful and useful champions in this game, as of April 2020, include the following:

  • Lord Champfort (Legendary, Banner-Lords, HP)
  • Black Knight (Legendary, Banner-Lords, HP)
  • Shirimani (Legendary, High Elves, Support)
  • Royal Huntsman (Legendary, High Elves, Attack)
  • Tayrel (Epic, High Elves, Defense)
  • Arbiter (Legendary, High Elves, Support)
  • Martyr (Legendary, Sacred Order, Defense)
  • Venus (Legendary, Sacred Order, Support)
  • Turvold (Legendary, Barbarians, Attack)
  • Hakkorhn Smashlord (Legendary, Skinwalkers, HP)
  • Warlords (Legendary, Orcs, Support)
  • Drexthar Bloodtwin (Legendary, Demonspawn, Defense)
  • Bad-el-Kazar (Legendary, Undead Hordes, Support)
  • Kael (Rare, Dark Elves, Attack)

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

Your choice for best champions in RAID Shadow Legends will depend heavily on your playstyle and supporting characters. The champions we mentioned above are a good starting for anyone as they are all considered to be some of the strongest in the current tier lists.

5. How to Farm Silver, XP, and Other Resources in RAID: Shadow Legends

A considerable amount of your time in this game will be spent working towards summoning the best characters for your team. However, another important aspect of the game is actually farming for the resources necessary for performing the said summonings, as well as for upgrading your existing roster of characters. After all, tier lists don’t really matter if you don’t power up your champions.

There are four main elements used for upgrading your characters in RAID, including XP, Potions, Mastery Scrolls, and Silver. The first is used simply for leveling up your characters, while potions are used for ascending them and increasing their stats. Mastery scrolls, on the other hand, are for unlocking mastery skills to further specialize your characters. Lastly, silver is used mainly for upgrading artifacts.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips

Your gear is another important part of upgrading your characters as you can dramatically increase their stats by equipping them with the right pieces of equipment. While they’re not technically a resource in this game, they’re still things you’ll need to farm, especially when looking for specific armor sets.

Every type of resource in RAID: Shadow Legends can be farmed in different game modes. Here’s a quick rundown on where you can farm in this game:

  • Silver: By repeatedly completing the toughest campaign missions that you can handle. This will give you the most silver for your energy investment.
  • XP: Similar to the Silver farming, but this time you have to look for the toughest level that you can beat using auto-battle to streamline the process. If possible, you can bring a carry hero that can solo the stage, along with two other “food” heroes that, once leveled up, can be sacrificed for powering up other characters. Food heroes are often the weaker characters of green and blue rarities.
  • Potions, Gear, and Mastery Scrolls: All of these items are farmed from Dungeons. While gear can be obtained from the Dragon’s Lair, Ice Golem’s Peak, and Spider’s Den dungeons, Mastery Scrolls are farmed exclusively from the Minotaur’s Labyrinth dungeon. Meanwhile, Potions are farmed from the Arcane Keep, Spirit Keep, Force Keep, and Void Keep dungeons.

Like with most things in life, getting good at RAID: Shadow Legends is a matter of practicing. While unlocking and upgrading the best characters in the game according to the current tier lists is an important part of your success, being able to effectively command your units with the knowledge for outsmarting your enemies is also crucial for this purpose. Luckily, our blog is chock-full of different guides with tips, tricks, and all sorts of useful info for improving your performance in this game.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Compilation of the Best Guides and Tips


6. Guides and Tips for RAID: Shadow Legends

To close this comprehensive guide on all things RAID: Shadow Legends, we want to recap the most important topics we talked about above and link to their respective guides:

  • Combat Guide: This article explains the basics of the combat in RAID, along with some tips on how to use a good composition to defeat enemies that are stronger than you.
  • Gearing Guide: Here you will learn everything about the gear in this game, including the importance of stats and set bonuses, among other aspects.
  • Farming Guide: Gathering resources is a crucial aspect in RAID. This guide explains how to go about farming the different resources in the game.
  • Guide on Acquiring Shards: In order to summon characters, you will need to acquire the corresponding shards. This guide details how best to farm shards in RAID.

If you still have any questions that weren’t mentioned here or in the guides we linked throughout the text, feel free to swing by our FAQ article where we talk about miscellaneous info that could answer any further questions. Alternatively, leave us a comment in the section below and we’ll get to you ASAP.

Good luck!

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