Having trouble playing Billionaire Casino Slots 777? It’s time to read some more tips and tricks that help players develop a few good habits when playing their favorite Android casino game on BlueStacks. Even though there’s very little that players can do to change the outcome of the slots when playing, you can still change the way you play the game so that you don’t end up becoming too salty when you hit a terrible losing streak or can’t maximize the outcome from a huge win.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Billionaire Casino Slots 777

Players should keep in mind that all casino games depend heavily on the luck factor rather than player skill. While good gameplay definitely affects how successful a player is in-game, there’s no way you can manipulate the amount of luck that you have. In the end, the only thing that you can do is either find a slot machine where even the unluckiest person can still win, or try to come up with a strategy that minimizes your losses. Here are some tips and tricks to help you do so:

Control Your Bet

The size of a payout depends on the amount that a player bets whenever they spin the machine. Players can adjust the amount of bet that they input before rolling, so choosing the right amount is a key piece of knowledge that they’ll need to learn about. As the player’s account level goes up, so too does the player’s maximum bet – the amount one can place every time they roll. This can successfully tempt some people to place the max bet every time they spin for a better chance to get a huge win.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Billionaire Casino Slots 777

Controlling the amount of bet should be a key strategy when playing Billionaire Casino Slots 777. The likelihood of losing chips compared to winning is extremely high, so you don’t want to zero out just after a few losses. If you do zero out, you can check our Free Chips Guide. Players also don’t want to set their bets too low because their winnings will also be very miniscule. A good way to set your bet is somewhere between 3-5% of your current total chips, updating after every 20 spins.

Choosing the Right Machine

We mentioned in the Billionaire Casino Slots 777 Beginner’s Guide that there are a lot of machines in Billionaire Casino Slots 777. Each slot machine not only features a different aesthetic theme but also has different ways to win more chips as a reward. Needless to say, some machines have a higher chance of giving you payout than some so those are the slots that players should be trying to farm. Sticking to one machine for too long doesn’t only get boring but it might also yield more losses than wins.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Billionaire Casino Slots 777

To choose the right machine, players should try using all of the machines and play at least 10-20 rolls on each one. If you get multiple huge wins on one of those machines during your initial 10-20 rolls, that is most likely the place where you should start farming for a long time. Of course, staying in one place for too long and winning a lot can mean that you’ll start losing. Change to another machine once you think that you’re losing a little too much so that you don’t end up bankrupt.

Never Hit Bankrupt

Speaking of hitting bankruptcy, you should never try to hit a point where you can’t roll at least 10 times on the minimum bet amount of a machine. Once you go below that point, it’s difficult to bounce back and you’ll be forced to farm chips in other ways. Once you reach the point of bankruptcy, that’s when you start losing motivation to play the game so it might be better to quit while you’re ahead or at least let yourself cool off for a while before logging back in to start again.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Billionaire Casino Slots 777

Players can get very emotional once they go on a losing streak, going through the 7 stages of grief as they slowly run out of chips. Mastering your emotions is key to playing a lot of luck-based games and learning to stay numb despite all the bad luck can help you not only in this game but also many others that you might play in the future. Don’t let yourself drown in the salt so that you can think more clearly.

Be Active in Your Club

Club activities are really enjoyable and really help you progress in the game. By joining a club, you automatically qualify to compete in the Billionaire League which is the game’s primary competitive game mode that challenges clubs and their members to complete missions in the game or participate in other game modes to earn League Points. Depending on the ranking at the end of the tournament period, all club members gain specific rewards that will really help them out.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Billionaire Casino Slots 777

Being active in your club is only one thing but if you aren’t in a club that have other active members, you won’t be able to reap the fruits of your labor because you won’t gain enough points to carry your club to the top. If you plan to be an active club player, you should try looking for clubs that are also active. 

Play For the Jackpot

Most machines have a jackpot prize that is indicated by the rapidly increasing value counter at the top of the machine’s icon. You can only participate in a jackpot when you go above the minimum bet amount required. This can often go beyond the 6-digit value so obviously, not everyone will be able to join because they don’t have enough chips to participate in the first place.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Play Billionaire Casino Slots 777

Before you participate in the Jackpot, saving up for a ton of chips will help you achieve this goal a lot easier. Since jackpots all have equally low chances of appearing in any machine, you might as well choose one that has a very high amount accumulated. Be patient when trying to win the jackpot because it was intentionally made so that players won’t be able to get it easily without putting in the time and the effort.