Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG has had a successful launch as the successor to the original Brown Dust. Players globally are enjoying the real-time RPG that boasts a unique grid-based combat system. The character models look beautiful to watch and the story is captivating enough to get immersed into. Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Let’s check out all the new stuff coming to the game with the latest update.

New Story Pack 9

Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG is finally getting a new chapter in their Story mode section with the addition of Story Pack 9. Scheduled to be a sequel to Story Pack 8, the events of the new chapter will be carried forward 1 year post the disaster that took place on the continent of Justia in Story Pack 8.

The new story pack see’s the protagonists of the game stuck in a unforgiving position, with hordes of Warlocks against them on one side, and a failing kingdom on the other. Stay tuned for the release!

Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG Gets Story Pack 9, Anastasia Costume, and Evil Castle PvP Game Mode

Anastasia Costume

2 new beautiful attires for the beloved mage hero Anastasia can be picked up right after the update, provided you purchase the packs! The skins, known as Fire Graffiti Anastasia, and Gentle Maid Anastasia are being added to the game with the latest update. Along with the skins, players will also be able to get their hands on Anastasia’s exclusive equipment M.A.I.D.C through a special pick-up recruitment event. The event starts from 31st August, 2023 and ends on 14th September.

Gold Boost Event

A huge event is also running along side the new update that will help new & existing players get massive progression on their accounts by simply doing their usual power-up on their heroes and equipment. The Gold Boost event is a unique event that provides a 50% discount on any gold-consuming activity. This calls for massive progression, and the community is all for it! Keep in mind the event ends on 14th September, so make sure to maximize the usage before that date.

Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG Gets Story Pack 9, Anastasia Costume, and Evil Castle PvP Game Mode

Evil Castle and PvP Season

The PvP seasonal update for Mirror Wars see’s players challenging on stronger foes, including formidable enemies presented by the Evil Castle in the new trials. Devise new strategies to beat them, and showcase your prowess over the game in tactical grid-based battles.

Players can enjoy Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!