PUBG Mobile is one of the highest-rated battle-royale games for Android and iOS devices. Their upcoming collaboration with the K-Pop sensation, Blackpink, will lead to a virtual performance as part of their newest Version 2.1 update. Blackpink is confirmed to release a Special Track and music video regarding PUBG Mobile by the end of this month. The update will also include a brand-new game mode known as Ancient Secret: Arise and content for Cycle 3 Season 7 and Royale Pass Month 13.

Blackpink will release a unique track and music video as part of the collaboration 

The famous K-Pop idols have previously worked with PUBG Mobile and are said to return by appearing for the first-ever in-game concert featured in the title. Both fans of Blackpink and PUBG Mobile are excited about the collaboration.

PUBG Mobile Announces Blackpink Collaboration; to Hold In-Game Concert and More!

Fans across the globe will get two chances to watch and immerse themselves in the virtual concert featuring some of the best tunes created by the K-Pop sensation. The event will occur between July 22nd and 23rd, and July 29th and 30th in North and South America respectively. For the rest of the world, the event will take place between the 23rd/24th and the 30th/31st of July.

PUBG Mobile and Blackpink worked together in 2020 to celebrate the release of the record The Album. As we can see from their latest collaboration, things have stepped up quite massively. PUBG Mobile players will truly experience Blackpink by purchasing the performance costumes the K-Pop group will wear during their performance. Players will be able to buy the fantastic attire that Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa will be wearing from July 23rd till August 31st.

From July 15th, 2022, players can claim their complimentary tickets in-game and preload the Event Resource Pack on the following day necessary for attending the concert.

Introduction of Ancient Secret: Arise, a new game mode in the 2.1 update

PUBG Mobile Announces Blackpink Collaboration; to Hold In-Game Concert and More!

There is more stuff to be excited about regarding the Version 2.1 update of PUBG Mobile, except the collaboration with Blackpink. The update will introduce a new game mode named Ancient Secret: Arise, where players can experience the vicious Sandstorm Zone that blows randomly at the start of every match in the ranked mode in the following maps – Erangel, Miramar, and Livik. Scarab Charms will be rewarded to the players who dare to enter this area.

Players can uncover the Pharaoh’s riches by entering through the Quicksand Path and removing the Sand Giant. Inside this area, players can loot or fight an old adversary to obtain the Primordial Water, which allows players to regain their health and energy.

Introduction of Cycle 3 Season 7 and Royale Pass Month 13

The Version 2.1 update also features Cycle 3 Season 7 adding a new set of Legendary goods, a Rating Protection Card, and a Bonus Point Card. Players can complete story tasks in Ancient Secret: Arise to obtain exclusive titles. Through the Royale Pass Month 13, named Exo-Genesisplayers will be rewarded with additional content such as new skin finishes for the M762 and Mini14. The Royale Pass will begin on July 19th.

PUBG Mobile Announces Blackpink Collaboration; to Hold In-Game Concert and More!

Additionally, players can complete tasks to get RP points at discounted rates. If players reach RP Rank 50, they will receive a 60 UC Voucher for free during the month of the new Royale Pass. The update also includes miscellaneous stuff such as UI changes, aesthetic updates, etc. What do you think about the Blackpink collaboration and other updates in PUBG Mobile through the 2.1 version? Let us know in the comments below.