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July 12, 2018
4.6/5 ( 166691 )
Play Hitman Sniper on PC 17

New targets were appointed. And they’re yours to take down!

Prepare your aim and cold blood in order to step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper. There are new targets to take down and it’s your task to do so. Orchestrate the ultimate assassination strategies and release all your skill in this compelling sniper experience with more than 150 missions followed by different contracts. Master 16 unique sniper rifles and eliminate targets in improbable and sophisticate situations, collect weapon parts and unlock even more powerful guns. Play Hitman Sniper on PC and MAC with BlueStacks, compete against your friends for the top in the leaderboards and boost your score through the ladder of contract killers to become the most wanted silent assassin. Take part on an extra journey as a zombie hunter in the Death Valley and test your agility and finest abilities in this exclusive and definitive sniper experience. There are only a few hit men who are handy enough to complete their mission without been noticed. Are you on of them? Download Hitman Sniper on PC with BlueStacks right now and prove it in this definitive and challenging sniper game!

In order not to be seen, show yourself in real time streaming!

While in Hitman Sniper discretion is one of the most important skills you must have, when you play it with BlueStacks, you get the chance to show the whole world all your abilities and gameplay tactics and strategies as a silent assassin. Now you can broadcast your performance in Hitman Sniper to other players with just one click. Make them envy of how handy you’ve come as you take down important targets in real time streaming vai Twitter, Facebook Live or any other social media you prefer. Create your own legion of personal fans share with the world your progress as a hit man. Play Hitman Sniper on PC and MAC with BlueStacks!